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It seems to me that Winx has really Lost its magic touch. I honestly feel like I've been growing away from the show. I Amore the first 3 seasons but the latest 3 just don't even seem like the same mostra anymore. Honestly I hate these 3 seasons, I really I do. Again, I don't even feel like I'm watching the same show; it's like watching a new mostra but the characters have all the same names as the characters from the other mostra and are drawn similar.
All this detto I'm going to explain why I feel this way.

For one all the girls seem to look the same and dress the same. They used to have originality....
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It's freaking 2 in the morning! te know what that means!

Fair warning, this one has an image of Miley's VMA performance.

Perfect. Everything was going right in Icy’s life for once—she had the dragon fire, she was about to take over the universe, and there was free wi-fi. Everything is better with wi-fi.
Wi-fi is love. Wi-fi is life.

Icy promised Darcy and Stormy that she wouldn’t get distracted da the wi-fi during the final battle. She knew she was lying. I mean come on? What was più important than checking her buttbook status o her notsoinstantgram and she had to make sure...
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Here I am again with più opinions to report. ;) This time I decided to give my input on the ever famous Bloom vs Icy debate.

Over on the most recente (as of 6/6/14) Bloom vs Icy sondaggio I ended up leaving an articolo long commento backing my choice. I decided to retype that here and add even più opinions. Enjoy. And no I am not trying to offend Bloom fans

The only reason I think Bloom wins any fight is because she as 1.) autore bias on her side and 2.) The 'the main character always wins' rule on her side. If she were any other character--particularly a villain, her fighting skills would be a big...
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