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brotherbandit detto …
Hi guys a new chapter is up for my story, "To Amore Ru-Beyond Infinity" postato più di un anno fa
brotherbandit detto …
Hi Everyone, I'm Scrivere a To Amore Ru/StarTrek Crossover Fanfiction! Please go to my Wordpress site and check it out!
I'm also posting in Deviant art and
link postato più di un anno fa
starfirey232 detto …
well i guess i beat te to hehe and who Amore prev not me no girl loves prevs postato più di un anno fa
ginei_werewolf commentato…
one there are many perverted girls and to i am a guy who hate perverts lol più di un anno fa
starfirey232 commentato…
ok but no girl i know like prevs o are pprevs and i didnt know thair was guy who were not prevs my brother told me all guys were più di un anno fa