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posted by zelaz0
As of now toby and gabe are little kids (both aprroximitly 4)

Mombuscus: "Toby, Gabe come in the kitchin. cena time!"
They run into the kitchin and dadbuscus is already sitting down enjoying his nugget in a biscuit
Dadbuscus: "So gaybuscus how'ya doin".
Gabe: "Its GABE-uscus! Theres a pause"
Toby: "calm down princess, dont be a noodle"
At this time toby and gabe are already sitting down enjoying their NIAB as mombuscus would call it. da time they finished eating they wanted to play the video game "bilbo baggins fights the darkness redness whiteness monster"
Toby: te ever think that this game has a HUGE title
Gabe: no....
Toby: quite te peice of shooop!
Gabe: NOONE CALLS ME A CENSERD WORD mr.toe-buscuit
Toby: MOM! He called me toe-buscuit!!
Gabe: hes also a low-butt-loose!!
mombuscus: shhhhhh you're loud enough rageing at video games #WAY

Part 2 successivo Tuesday

posted by midnakitten
Light was shining in my eyes, making me wake up. I groaned and looked at my phone that ended up sleeping with me. Noon, Friday June 15. I pushed my head into my pillow. I have to get up. It’s Starbucks day. Every Friday I go to Starbucks. My mom started it with me when I still lived in Kansas with her. Now I’m in California doing it all da myself. But I’m not complaining, I like the time to think.

I rolled out of my letto and trudged to my small closet that was barely a foot away from my bed. I looked for my preferito red jeans and a black camicia with the Tri-Force on it. For my feet, I put...
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