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Why dont ghoul investigators also use masks? Because aren't some ghouls organized and have noledge about investatorsators so they can target ghoul investigator's family, right ?

 KuroNeko_113 posted ·3 mesi fa
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applebear123 said:
It's not really something a user can answer since it's the decision the writer made ....

But maybe I'll guess like if both investigators and ghouls wear mask, there will be a lot of confusion..... Investigators might kill each other thinking that they are ghouls.... And also the ghouls will easily act like investigators and can escape........
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posted ·3 mesi fa 
But don't investigators wear uniforms ? And won't they notice if someone is using a quinque o kagune ?
KuroNeko_113 posted ·2 mesi fa
Well yeah te have a point there! 😅
applebear123 posted ·2 mesi fa
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