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Tom's songs

My cute little prince has a lot of Harry Potter songs!!!Does anybody knows any other song non Harry Potter songs???
 Katerinoooz posted più di un anno fa
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BellaCullen96 said:
Er, he doesn't sing any Harry Potter songs. Is it possible that te are thinking of the wizard rock band Draco and the Malfoys?

Here is a lista of Tom's songs:
Silhouettes in Sunsets
Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent Medley (with four of his songs)
Time Isn't Healing
If That's Alright With You
In My Arms
All I Need
If te Could Be Anywhere
Under Stars
I'll Be There
One of These Days
Right Place, Right Time
We Belong
Let's Take It Back
Father of Mine
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posted più di un anno fa 
Gosh, I could listen to him Canto all day, I'm sirius! ♥
BellaCullen96 posted più di un anno fa
I had absolutely no idea he could sing. I'm never gonna stop listening to him, geez.
legazy posted più di un anno fa
Yeah...Someone told me that he sings... I couldn't imagine that but it's true... and he sings very good xD
BleedingLove posted più di un anno fa
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