Nathaniel sat on the divano watching Miraculous Ladybug alone.

“Man Antibug has a really awkward laughter” detto Nathaniel as he saw Antibug holding a big Zweihänder on her hands. Nathaniel kept looking at the mostra and behind him Lila came out with her head looking at Nathaniel. She jumped at the divano successivo to him, scaring him.

“Whoa!” Shouted Nathaniel. “Oh sorry” detto Nathaniel and lied his back to the divano again. Lila embraced Nathaniel and rolled her eyes up at him. He turned his head and looked at the girl, smiling.

“You alright?” Asked Nathaniel and Lila ribbed with her head under his chin, shrieking him a bit.

“Uh hum” Responded Lila positive and kept that stature under him, then Nathaniel rolled his eyes smiling at the girl and kept watching the show.