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Last chapter. I'm sad. *Starts to cry* Well all good things have to come to an end. This one is going to be hysterical though. Let's begin....
"Well.," Mike stuttered. "What Mike is trying to say is that," Zoey looked over at Mike and told him," Wow. This is hard,". Mike just nodded. "Come on. Spit it out. te have to tell me now," Uncle Sam detto in interest. Mike finally decided to speak up. He sighed and explained what happened today. The rain, Duncan, even the kiss. "We're dating," Mike finished. He turned to Zoey. She nodded in approval. "I did not see that coming, but that is sweet. Well, I'll leave te two Amore birds alone," Uncle S. finished. "Oh, uncle," Mike replied blushing. Zoey giggle behind him, when he turned around she stopped as if she did

Immediately after Uncle Sam left the room, Zoey spoke up. "So, how we gonna get back at Duncan. te know.... for cheating on me,". Mike was shocked at what Zoey was saying. He's known her for a long time and she never wanted to hurt o even get revenge on someone. "Zoey. Are te ok?" Mike asked. "Yeah. I'm fine. Why?" Zoey replied. "No reason. Any way, How should we get back at Duncan?" Mike asked. The two thought long and hard, but nothing came to them. Until............ "I got it!" Zoey exclaimed joyously. "What?! What do te have?!" Mike exclaimed in wonder. Zoey whispered in his ear. When she was done telling Mike the plan, he was in shock. "Not only are te extremely pretty and sweet, but te also freakin' devious! I think I Amore te più that I did in the past 5 years," Mike detto still in shock. Zoey blushed to where her cheeks were rose red.

It was around 5 in the afternoon on Saturday when Zoey left. She was going to cena with Duncan. When he picked her up. He was dressed extremely well, but not as well as Zoey. She was wearing a blue dress that went down to her shins and heels that made her at least 2 inches taller. Her look made Duncan's jaw drop. "Wow, Zoey. te look astonishing,". "Thanks, Duncan. Your a sweet heart," she finished.

They drove over to the restaurant and were seated at their table. That's when everything started to come into play.

About 15 minuti of talking and waiting, Mike walked up to them, surprised to see them. "Hey guys. I'm surprised to see te here," Mike said, "Yeah. Us too. What are te doing here?" asked Zoey, winking at Mike. He winked back. "Well, I'm here with a couple of friends. Actually, that reminds me. Zoey I need to talk to te for a sec. te left your giacca in my car the other day," Mike told her. "Oh. ok. I'll get it now, " she turned to Duncan," I'll be right back. Ok?". "Ok. I'll be here," Duncan replied. The two of them walked outside. Mike then pulled out a walkie talkie he was hiding and turned it on. He then began to meow like a cat. Zoey couldn't help but laugh when he did.

Back inside

"Man. Where's Zoey? She's taking a while," Duncan thought out loud," Maybe I'll go and check on her,". Duncan got up from his tavolo and started at the door. That's when he bumped into Gwen. "Gwen! What are te doing here?!" Duncan exclaimed nervously. "I came to eat here.......... alone,". Duncan suddenly got a text from Zoey.

To: Duncan
From: Zoey
Hey. I have to go. Mike hurt himself, so I'm taking him home.

In relief, Duncan said, "Why don't te unisciti me for dinner?". "Ok," Gwen agreed. They walked over to their tavolo and talked for a while. Then, disaster hit. Zoey suddenly walked in with Mike, who was completely fine. Zoey acted surprised and angered. She "stormed" over to them, trying not to break character. "What is wrong with you, Duncan!" Zoey yelled in his face. "Zoey, it's not what it looks like," Duncan tried to explain. "Your right. Duncan. I'm breaking up with you," Zoey detto calmly. "Oh! Can I break up with him too?" Gwen detto excitedly. "It would be my honor,". Gwen turned to Duncan. "We're breaking up, Duncan," Gwen told him.

"Wait! Did te three plan this?!" Duncan exclaimed. "Oh, no. Just Mike and I planned something. Gwen was a total surprise," Zoey explained. "Then what did te guys plan and how did te know this?" Duncan detto worried. "Well, first of all, the only reason I know you've been cheating on me is because of a picture Mike showed me. We planned to beat you, then I got to yell at you, then we got to beat te some more," Zoey explained again. Duncan was full of rage at Mike. He went in for a punch, but he ducked and Manitoba appeared. A fight broke out in the middle of the restaurant. Everyone was staring at the two boys in fear. Manitoba plunged onto Duncan and did some sort of wrestling sposta on him. "UNCLE! UNCLE!" Duncan cried. Manitoba stood up. Duncan slowly followed, trying not to fall over, then dashed out of the restaurant.

"Hey. Thanks for mostrare me that Duncan is stupid and I should never trust him," Gwen told them. "Your welcome," Zoey replied as she gave her a hug. Gwen left and Mike and Zoey were alone, other than all the other people there, still staring at them. "We might want to leave. I did break a few plates and glasses," Mike whispered to Zoey. "Very true," Zoey said. They scurried out of the restaurant.

They finally got back to Zoey's house. Mike walked her up to the front door. "Mike. Thank te so much, for every thing," detto Zoey. "It was no problem," Mike told her blushing. "I have something for you, Mike. Close your eyes and hold out your hands,". Mike did as he was told. For a while he didn't feel anything in his hand, then he felt something cold and soft. He didn't open his eyes though, because that when Zoey kissed him. Mike opened his eyes and looked down at his hands and saw Zoey's hands being in clasped da his. For a while the two stared deeply into each other's dark brown eyes. They were both sparkling like the midnight sky. Eventually, their gaze broke. Zoey freed her hands from Mike's and said," I Amore you, Mike,". "I Amore te too, Zoey" Mike echoed. Zoey walked inside and Mike could only think of the amazing things that could happen in the future as he ran home.

"My life is complete and Zoey loves me. Now, what about college?" Mike asked himself.
WOOO!!!!! I'm done!!! I'm done!!! *Starts to dance*.Sorry I got exited again, but I am a little sad that this is over, oh well. Anyway, I'll be Scrivere a Halloween story and it will be postato on that day. Also, College? What did Mike mean da college? Hmm.....
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Mal whirled around, and he saw a five year-old version of himself emerging from the hallway. Mal gasped, when he saw himself as a kid. "That- that's me." Mal detto in shock. The young looking Mal looked at the festive scenery and smiled. "Mikey! Come here!" The five year-old Mal exclaimed. Suddenly, a five year-old Mike appeared right successivo to him. Mal's eyes widen, as he saw Mike. "Is that Mike?" Mal asked.

"Yes. It is." The Ghost of Natale Past said.

"Mal. It's beautiful!" 5-year-old Mike detto in awestruck.

"Yea. Come on. Let's open our gifts before Chester wakes up." 5-year-old Mal said. Mike...
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All right guys we've got our 14 All-Stars(love em o hate em) what kinds of new friendships between the originals and newbies do te want to see o most likely going to happen? Same goes for conflicts.Anything is possible and we have only 13 episodes to see some real drama. For me I could see a Cameron/Zoey/Sierra friendship (which was already hinted in the secondo recording session) and I could see a Duncan/Scott o Alejandro/Scott friendship o conflict. Maybe Heather/Jo conflict? The possibilities are endless..
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thought this was pretty cool
I know its already uploaded.... but this one is just one part
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Alright,so here it goes.

Mal and Al (haha) are trying to eliminate each other, Al thinks he is a big threat, while Mal doesn't want his cover blown. Mike found Svetlana, who Mal did use to beat up Al on the "Snapping Bars". I think Courtney, Scott, and Gwen are all ok for now after arguing over Courtney and Cameron kissing. Scourtney did in fact get back together.

In the end, Mal stopped Al from winning invincibility and instead, Zoey rode to victory! And yes, Alejandro took the flush, with a vote count of 5-1.

I thought this episode was kind of rushed, with Mike being seen again and Mal finding out Mike is trying to stop him.

Finally, Zoey is on to Mal! She says she'll be keeping a close eye on him for now, so let's hope she can figure out Mal and try to help Mike.

Eliminated: Alejandro
Winner: Zoey
Boney Island: Gwen (for refusing to stay with Chris in the spa hotel)

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Okay guys, te all voted, and here are the final results for the episodes of Total Drama All Stars:

13. Sundae Muddy Sundae - Can't say I'm shocked to see this at the bottom. It received a lot of the voti and was the first eliminated. I would explain why this sucked, but then I would ranting on and this is not a rant article.

12. Saving Private Leechball - te know, I was very surprised to see this episode kicked off so early. I didn't think it was horrible, but sure enough it received 50% of the vote.

11. The Bold and the Booty-ful - Although a great response to Sundae Muddy Sundae, it wasn't...
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total drama all stars
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Total Drama All Stars brings back the prettiest girl in the camp Lindsey, ultimate jock Lightning, take-no-prisoners Jo, sweetheart gamer Sam, conniving Queen bee Heather, obsessive uber-fan Sierra, delinquent heartthrob Duncan, Cameron the bubble boy, certified C.I.T. Courtney, troublemaker in a tank superiore, in alto Scott, soulful loner Gwen, small town girl Zoey and all of Mike’s multiple personalities! WHEN I READ THIS PART SAYS THE FIRST ELIMINATED LINDSAY AND THEN THE OTHERS ELIMINATES da FAR IS REAL ABOUT THE FINAL 2 MIKE AND ZOEY o IS FAKE?

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Okay, I like many other people did not like the turn out of this season because it was just well, too predictable because Mike won! I mean, the whole season centered around him and his multiple personalities going on an adventure to stop this all new personality Mal who just conveniently showed this season so why not have a girl win again and not another guy. da the way don't te find it funny that his evil personality was just destroyed when the finale was almost finished? Why couldn't Zoey win and not mike who had kind've cheated because he was manipulative and scary Mal not loving weak Mike? I'm gonna leave te with that and hopefully te guys will tell me who te thought shouldv'e won! see ya later!
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This season did not make me incredibly happy because the people who made this season found many ways to make the actual mostra shorter da spending about six minuti going into mikes mind trying to defeat this new personality "Mal" plus the numerous commercials so yeah also it was freaking' stupid in the secondo o third episode when Alejandro is reveled and sounds like a stupid girl no soothing and manly voice but a squeaky annoying one. he's not as manipulative, sly o manly like he was in the last episode. Lawshawna was highly needed in this season to promote più drama And to superiore, in alto it all off this season was just short! only having oh, 14 players and all so cartoon network needs to up their game! i give this season three stars because Alejandro and heather finally got together go team ale-heather!
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