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posted by iDxG101
Total Drama fantasy

Alejandro;The Chameleon
Bridgette;The Vampire
Courtney;The Fairy
Dj;The Genie-in the lamp-
Duncan;The Werewolf
Geoff;The Warlock
Gwen;The Dragon
Heather;The Mermaid
Izzy;The Centaur
Leshawna;The Witch
Lindsay;The Unicorn
Trent;The Elf
Tyler;The Pegasus


Leshawna:*Glares at Geoff*
Geoff:*Wearing wizard hat*What?

Gwen:*Munch Munch*
Duncan:*About to eat hotdog*
Gwen:*Burps out fire*
Hotdog:*Burns into aches*
Duncan:*Glares at Gwen*
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This is something I drew on a piece a paper but I'm just gonna write it here,NO PICTURES!!!!!!

Leshawna:She's a vampire Geoff...*tear falls down on cheek*she has to die in order to break the curse

Geoff:Bridgette *bends down on one knee*
Bridgette:Oh Geoff...
Geoff:I'm sorry...
Geoff:*Stabs Bridgette in the stomach* I'm Sorry
Bridgette:*Falls to the ground*

Gwen:Why don't te just get it yourself?
Trent:Cause your...
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 "Oh I wanna be a dinosaur too"Lindsay detto gleefully.
"Oh I wanna be a dinosaur too"Lindsay said gleefully.
Once they appeared in fantasy Island, everyone was confused,"What is this place and what happened with our t-shirts?"Tyler questioned."Oh my head," Courtney ached."Hello fellow islanders,this is a recording message,this place is called fantasy Island where the most Unbelievable things happen, the t-shirts te were wearing will be the mythical creature that te will change into"
"Your everyday challenges won't be the ones I choose, but to survive in this island to reach the 18 million dollars,these are your missions islanders.Each and everyone of te have some type of power o spell, te are...
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 Courtney and Heather Leggere their index cards
Courtney and Heather reading their index cards
Today was the giorno for the Total Drama Award Ceremony. Everyone was so excited, the girls in beautiful dresses and the boys in their handsome tuxedos.They all got their suitcases ready since they would go to a luxury hotal after the ceremony. Chris got up on the podium to say a few words,"Welcome and thank te for coming to the Total Drama Award Ceremony! Many of te are very excited that this is the end to Total Drama, and some are sad, but lets just enjoy what we have right now."Applause came from all over the room."Leshawna, Alejandro, Tyler, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen,Heather, Duncan, Courtney,...
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posted by iDxG101
 Reptile eyes.
Reptile eyes.
Duncan:You don't need the leash...
Courtney:You're right,I don't,but te do!
Courtney:*Flying around forest*Hello?
Gwen:(Covered with bruises,cuts and blood) *Coughs*
Duncan:(In Werewolf form)*makes sad cucciolo eyes,then transforms to human*GWEN!
Courtney:*Lets go of leash*
Duncan:*Runs to Gwen*
Gwen:I Amore you...
Duncan:*In tears*I Amore te too!
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