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la scelta dei fan: Buddy with a bloody hatchet/meat cleaver
Buddy with a bloody...
la scelta dei fan: 2-3
2- 3
Just one
la scelta dei fan: David
la scelta dei fan: Veronica Forsythe, a chill, sarcastic girl with a Amore for singing.
Veronica Forsythe, a chill,...
Ri Young Kim, a trendy,...
la scelta dei fan: YES MINE(put description)
yes but not mine
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abbygrace detto …
Cool club postato ·5 mesi fa
ninjacupcake88 detto …
Every now and then I visit this club and it's like a nostalgic cringe trip.

But like, honestly kinda miss those days? postato ·6 mesi fa
colecutegirl commentato…
idk if youll ever see this but honestly same?? what a whole mess but what a fun mess haha, i miss a lot of the people tbh </3 ·6 mesi fa
GWENxTRENT detto …
Fuck I cannot believe I gave my life to this website for HOURS after school and rp with my Friends here and make dumb fanfics cuore is so full of nostalgia for simpler times lmao postato ·11 mesi fa