Total Drama Island Fancharacters This is totally another Highschool Rp

dxarmy423 posted on Aug 18, 2012 at 11:08PM
Just an average highschool with all the drama that goes with one


1. No god modding
2. Keep it Pg-13 or lower
3. No killing
4. No Magic or supernatural stuff
5. Please post in Script format
6. No more than 5 characters per player please
7. Have fun and more rules might be added later if needed

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più di un anno fa Zmidy313 said…
Can I join?
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
(Yeah everybody can join as long as you follow the rules)
più di un anno fa Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *walks to school*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*7:30 am, outside school*

Cole: *sitting against a wall, playing his gameboy*

Alice: *walks up* You're here already?

Cole: *still playing* yeah

Alice: Why are you here so early?

Cole: *still playing* I don't know, I didn't really sleep last night....walked early to school

Alice: oh

Cole: *still playing* Why are you here early?

Alice: I had an early morning track practice....

Cole: *still playing* you run track?

Alice: *sits down next to Cole* yeah, we've been together for like a year and you didn't know that

Cole: *still playing* Nope

Alice: so what are you playing?

Cole: *looks up at her* Pokemon silver....

Alice: wow old game
*On the sidewalk to school*

Claire: *walking, listening to her Ipod*

Chilly: *skateboarding down the sidewalk next to Claire*
più di un anno fa Courtneyfan214 said…
Kiara: *runs to school then bumps into claire*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Listening to iPod, walking to school, and eating a bagel*
Carter: *Scares her* Hey biyitch. C:
Katie: AGH! *Drops bagel and rips out earplugs* What the hell, Carter?! You scared me!
Carter: *Giggles and puts her arm around her* My bad. *Whispers* Guess what?
Katie: What? -_-
Carter: Guess. C:
Katie: You're high?
Carter: *Laughs* Yes.
Katie: Of course.
Carter: Hey! What is that supposed to mean? That I'm a pot head?
Katie: <.< Well...
Carter: Heheheh.... I know.
Katie: You really have to quit... You're gonna get kicked out of school.
Carter: So what? I hate school.
Katie: you're definitely gonna hate living in a cardboard box as well. -_-
Carter: When did you become all strict, mom?
Katie: I'm not strict. I'm just smart. You are too, you just fail to act like it.
Carter: Yeah yeah. Whatever. Where's Matt?
Katie: I don't know. He'd better be at school today if he's still gonna help crash the Valentine's day dance.
Carter: Ooh... So what are you gonna do? I want in!
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*7:45am* *On the sidewalk to school*

Claire: *takes our her ear phones* Hey! Watch were you're going!

Chilly: *jumps off his skateboard, puts it on his backpack* Wow claire bad mood or what?

Claire: yeah kind of, I'm supposed to be in charge of that big dance tonight

Chilly: Its tonight?

Claire: Yeah and the stupid student council made it so we have to decorate the gym like 3 hours before the dance

Chilly: so?

Claire: I have a social life! I have the mall and friends

Chilly: wow never pictured you as one of those snobby girls....

Claire: oh shut up!
*Outside school*

Alice: *to Cole* Can I play?

Cole: *still playing his gameboy* Sorry, I don't let other people play on my save file...

Alice: well *pouts*

Cole: *still playing* Sorry

Alice: lets just go get ready for this boring day of school *stands up and starts to walk away*

Cole: *still playing*

Alice: ugh lets go!

Cole: *stands up, still playing* *Follows Alice*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Shuts locker*
Matt: *Standing there*
Katie: *Jumps, startled* Don't either of you jerks believe in just saying hi?!
Matt: *Laughs* Hey. x)
Katie: Not funny! *Punches him*
Matt: Ow... My ribs. xD
Katie: *Sighs*
Matt: Guess what I got... C:
Katie: What?
Matt: *Jingles keys in her face* The keys to the student council's meeting room.
Katie: Whoa!
Matt: Yup. Let's stay after school.
Katie: I can't. My mom might need me to pick up my little brother today.
Matt: Make up an excuse. Can't you get a detention or something?
Katie: Maybe. Besides. All the teacher does in detention is sleep. -_-
Matt: Ah. So where's Carter?
Katie: In the courtyard taking a drag I guess.
Matt: Aha. She's a mess. She's our mess though.
Katie: *Faint chuckle* Yeah, I know.
Matt: See my new piercing?
*Football team walks by*
Random Football player: Hey, goth boy. You got any cocky jokes to crack?
Matt: I'm not goth. I'm emo, you ass wipe!
RFBP: *Pushes him into locker* What did you say, you faggot?
Katie: Hey, you'd better watch how you talk, Princess.
RFBP: Or what?
Katie: Hmm... *Knees him "Low"*
RFBP: *Falls to the ground*
Matt: O.o
Principal: McDawn and Rodgers (RFBP) ! My office now!
Katie: ^-^ Later Matt. See you after school in detention! *Follows Principal*
RFBP: *Gets up* (Matt) This isn't over. I'm gonna kick your ass!
Matt: That's if your legs are still functioning right by then. *Laughs*
RFBP: Grr... *Heads to principal's office*
Lance: *With the football players* It's hard to believe I used to be friends with her...
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*7:50am* *In the hall*

Claire: *sees what happened with Katie and the football player* wow whats with the freaky goth kids

Chilly: No idea *puts his skateboard in his locker*

Claire: well those freaks better not mess with the dance...I didn't even want to organize it but student council made me

Chilly: I think we've talked about this before

Claire: anyway what class do you have first?

Chilly: i think science....I don't really pay attention

Claire: yet you have one of the best grade point averages in the school

Chilly: I guess its natural genius

Claire: yeah...genius

*Chillys ring tone on his phone goes off*


Claire: I think thats your phone

Chilly: hold on *looks at his phone* its a text from Alice

Claire: what does she want?

Chilly: Cole is playing video games again...

Claire: so?

Chilly: he gets so focused he like shuts out everything else in the world...its weird yet cool at the same time

Claire: oh

Chilly: I gotta go, see you later *walks away to find Cole*

Claire: yeah *walks down the hall, bumps into matt*
più di un anno fa MarshmallowKidd said…
big smile
Ryan: -opens the door of the school - finally Lyly first day of HS
AnneMarie: hurry up. I need to get to my locker.
Ryan: Y r u such a drama quen
AnneMarie:-takes out her purse and a 10 dollar bill- shut up and the money is yours
Ryan:Did u stole my lunch money AnneMarie?
Diana: hello. I'm Diana Crosswire. Welcome.
-Ryan looks at Diana's dreamily -
-AnneMarie glares at Ryan-
AnneMarie: Excuse me but we don't need ya help chick-fil-lay
Ryan: sorry about my twin sister. She is a jut job.
AnneMarie: shut up....
Diana: oh well. Nice too meet you. Bye
-Diana walks away-
più di un anno fa MarshmallowKidd said…
Ryan: AnneMarie wat is with u
AnneMarie: she is such a freakin' show-off. Fake nails, hair extensions, and is that Butt surgery?
Ryan: leave her ass alone. She looks HOT
Ryan: and anyway, should u b going to your locker
-Ryan leaves scene-
AnneMarie: umpph
AnneMarie: I guess more lunch money for me
-AnneMarie walks away
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: Whoa. Where's the fire, Princess?
~The hall~
Katie: *Walks out of principal's office with detention referral*
Carter: Whoa... What'd you do?
Katie: Kicked Sean Rodgers in the groin. I got a detention? ^-^
Carter: Well that sucks. Why are you all smiley?
Katie: It's all part of the plan. Matt got the keys to the meeting room. Simple. I can just sabotage the inventory list.
Carter: What do you mean sabotage?
Katie: I was thinking instead of just soda and juice, we can have Redbulls, monsters, Rockstars, AND Soda.
Carter: Whoa, man. talk about a sugar rush in a can.
Katie: Yup. Hmm... I'll think of more.
Carter: So wait... you're not crashing the dance, you're just "tweaking" it.
Katie: Si. ^-^ But I know Scott's gonna lose his mind. He's the president of student council! I can't wait to see the look on his face. >:)
Carter: You're mad at him still?
Katie: No. I just feel like ticking him off. *Giggles* I'll see you later. We only have two minutes until the bell rings. Later.
Carter: Later.
~Art Class~
Katie: *Sketching a picture of girl laying down in a bed of roses and covered in vines*
Lance: *Drawing a hobo*
Katie: *Peaks at his canvas* O.o
Lance: *Catches her starring* Yes? O.o
Katie: Um... Is that a hobo?
Lance: What the hell? Everyone keeps asking me that! It's supposed to be Tupac! >8U
Katie: *Laughs* Really?
Lance: I know, it sucks.
Katie: *Bumps him out out of the way and starts fixing it* There. Does that look better to you?
Lance: Uh, yeah thanks. *Smiles*
Katie: *Sticks out tongue* Then there you go, amateur. >:)
Lance: O.o
Katie: *Pats his shoulder roughly and goes back to canvas*
Lance: *Rubs shoulder* Ow...
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hall*

Claire: *takes a few steps back, doesn't notice her necklace fall to the floor*

Claire: *hears the bell, says to matt* Hey watch where you're going! You just made me late for class freak!

Claire: Now I have to explain why I'm late *runs to Art Class*
*In Science Class*

Cole: *playing gameboy under the desk*

Chilly: *takes Cole's gameboy away*

Cole: hey!

Chilly: Mom said you can't play this in school *takes the batteries out and give Cole the gameboy back*

Cole: *sighs, puts the gameboy in his backpack*

Chilly: *sits at his desk* What boring thing are we learning today...

Cole: I don't know...the solar system or something boring...
*In study hall*

Alice: ugh so much homework, I have to study for mid terms that are in a week!

Alice: its too much work....*sighs*
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più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
(Hello???? anybody??)
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: *Smirks* Pfft. *Sees necklace on the floor* Huh? *Picks it up* I should take it to her. Freak? Nah... *Swings necklace around finger and goes to PE*
~The Gym~
Drew: *Waiting by door* Oh why isn't it my little emo friend?
Matt: Pfft. at least you got my label right. *Smirks*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In Art Class*

Claire: *runs into the room* Sorry I'm late

Teacher: What ever, just work on your project....

Claire: *sits down at a table and take out her sketch pad* All right what to draw today?

Teacher: *sees Katie and Lance* Katie please don't hit lance, you know he can't fight back

Claire: *goes to move the hair out of her face and realizes her necklace is missing*

Claire: *says to self* I lost my necklace, how did this happen? Did that kid in the hall steal it when I bumped into him
*In Science*

Teacher: Ok class today we will be making gold

Everybody in class: Woah

Teacher: well its not real gold, its fake gold made by some chemicals

Cole: well this is lame

Chilly: just pay attention, if we get good grades mom will let us go to the concert next week

Cole: oh yeah
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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Folds arms and glares* What? Are you really gonna scold me for helping someone? The nerve of you ignorant people. -_- You noobish substitutes are really starting to piss me off.Unprofessionals. Where's the real teacher at anyway?
Lance: <.<' Uh... *Pretends to sketch more to change subject* Ooh, yay... Look. Pencil strokes. ^^'
Scott: *Walks into class late* Sorry teach. I had to help out in the student council's meeting room and I've been there for two hours trying to organize the set up for the stage and the decorations. *Charming smile* Do you need me to help out in here as well? Clean brushes maybe?
Katie: *Rolls eyes and goes over by canvas*
più di un anno fa Courtneyfan214 said…
Kiara: *sighs* first day of higschool.
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*At Art Class*

Teacher: *to Katie* Are you really gonna talk back to a teacher, princibles office now!

Teacher: *looks over at Scott* Don't be a suck up, just organize the paint then get to work on your sculpture

Claire: *thinks* I can't believe I lost my necklace....or it was stolen. Chilly gave me that for a birthday

Claire: *to the teacher* Can I go to the bathroom?

Teacher: what ever, just don't be all class

Claire: *walks out into the hall* It might be my locker *starts walking down the hall*
*In Science class*

Cole: *staring out the window*

Teacher: Cole! pay attention!

Cole: woah! ok...ok calm down

Chilly: dude just stay awake, class is over in like 10 minutes

Cole: *sighs* yeah
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: I'll be much obliged. *Sarcastically curtsies and walks to principal's office*
Scott: Yes, sir.
~The hall~
Matt: *Going to locker to get water*
Katie: *Walking with office referral*
Matt: You're seriously going to the office... again?
Katie: Yeah.
Matt: Why?
Katie: Telling my honest opinion. Apparently this isn't f***ing America anymore. *Laughs*
Matt: *Laughs*
Katie: Later. *Leaves*
Matt: *Goes to locker*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hall, by the lockers*

Claire: *walking through the hall* Where could it have gone?

Claire: *looking by the lockers for her necklace, doesn't see matt*
*In Science class*

Cole: *drawing in a notebook, sighs*

Chilly: 3 minutes till class is over then we all have gym class

Cole: I hate gym
*In Study hall*

Alice: *studying like crazy* Midterms....I hate midterms
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: *Startles Claire* Looking for something, Boss Lady?
~The Office~
Katie: *Playing with Principal's pen and builds a fort out of them*
Principal: *Stacks a pen on top of them* Have you been to counseling's office lately?
Katie: Why? Do you think I need counseling?
Principal: This is the second time this week you've been down to the office.
Katie: So.
Principal: It's Thursday. And you were absent Monday.
Katie: That doesn't mean anything. That jerk really got on my nerves and I'm tired of him picking on my friends. And that stupid substitute always blames stuff on me. This school is really starting to piss me off.
Principal: I know your "incident" has kinda caused you stress, Katherine... But the world is not out to get you. You just turn the world away and isolate yourself.
Katie: I don't care about what happened with Scott and I'm over Serena going to rehab. Will you just cool it? -_-
Principal: Look.
Katie: *Stops playing with pens and looks up at him* What?
Principal: I don't think you're a bad person and I'm not out to get you. I know you're a smart young lady. All you have to do is-
Katie: Yeah. Well you're just one out of a few people.
Principal: *Sighs* Come see the counselor tomorrow morning before first period. *Writes a pass to excuse her from 1st period* I'll let you off the hook with this one, but only if you see the counselor.
Katie: Ugh. Fine. *Takes pass*
Principal: *Chuckles to himself*
Katie: -.-' Idiot. *Leaves*
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più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hall*

Claire: *to matt* woah its you freaky emo kid....

Claire: hey have you seen a necklace, its blue and shaped like a surf board
*In study hall*

Alice: *puts her book in her backpack, stands next to the door waiting for the bell*
*In Science*

Cole: *waiting for the bell* man I hate gym class

Chilly: yeah but everybody has to do it

Cole: well at least we can talk to Alice and Claire

Chilly: yeah but we have to deal with that depressing kid and the one thats a stoner

Cole: I just don't like running

Chilly: well I heard that McDawn girl is in our class now

Cole: Never heard of her

Chilly: I heard shes like crazy or something, she beat up that football player

Cole: thats just a rumor, now can I have the batteries for my gameboy back

Chilly: fine *tosses the batteries to cole but they go out the window*

Cole: -_-
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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: What if I have seen this oddly shaped necklace of yours? *Sadistic smile*
*Bell rings*
Katie: *Walks to gym class with jaw string bag*
Carter: Hellur, biyitch.
Katie: *Laughs* You're rude as hell. And you wonder why pedestrians turn and run every time you greet them.
Carter: Eh. Whatever. So, I saw you come out of the principal's office. What'd you do do?
Katie: Back-talking an idiot. >.> Now the principal thinks I need counseling.
Carter: Why?
Katie: Apparently he thinks I'm depressed and that I'm taking it out on everyone.
Carter: Whoa. Seriously?
Katie: Yeah. It's just that I hate stupid people. >.> It's easy to run into people like that here.
Carter: You're right. So you have gym this period?
Katie: Yup.
Carter: Are you gonna skip?
Katie: No.
Carter: Aw, come on! I'm skipping pre-algebra. That teacher's an old hag and she never stops talking. Plus I have an A- in that class anyways.
Katie: You'd better go anyways. We have mid-terms soon.
Carter: Why do you care about school so much?
Katie: So I can get out of a town like this one.
Carter: *Smirks* Fine. I'll go. Only for you, though.
Katie: *Smiles* Yeah. You'd better, punk.
Carter: Aha. Later.
Katie: Bye. *Goes to gym*
Katie: *In gym clothes waiting on gym teacher*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*At Gym class*

Alice: *sitting on the bleachers, putting on her sneakers*

Cole: *sits next to Alice* So how was study hall?

Alice: boring as usual

Cole: well why don't you get an actual class

Alice: because I need to study!

Cole: well some of us don't need a perfect GPA

Alice: I do

Cole: what ever

Chilly: *sits next to Cole* So Alice have you seen Claire?

Alice: Nope, I don't know where she is... probably still in art class

Chilly: weird, she's like never late to class
*In the hall by the lockers*

Claire: If you have my necklace you better give it back!
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: Depends... How much is it worth? Is it worth an apology? *Smirks*
Katie: *Sits on bleachers cross-legged and doodles in notebook*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*in the hall*

Claire: Just give me my necklace back, its not yours!
*In gym class*

Teacher: McDawn put the notebook away, were about to start class!

Cole: *sighs* great

Chilly: just chill

Alice: yeah

Teacher: Today we will be running 3 miles on the track outside! Lets move *points to the door*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: Calm down. -_- What's with you girls anyways? Maybe I would've gave it to you sooner if you weren't such a snob. *Tosses her necklace*
~Gym class~
Katie: *Puts notebook away and jogs out of the door*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hall*

Claire: *catches the necklace* If you didn't steal it from me , I would have been nicer

Claire: creepy freak *starts to walk away*
*Outside on the track*

Cole: *out of breath* ugh can't run anymore

Chilly: Dude, we've only run like half the track

Cole: yeah I know, shut up

Alice: *runs by both of them* Later losers!
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: If you weren't such a snotty brat who was in such a rush, then maybe you would not have dropped it on the floor like an idiot. *Smirks*
~The Track~
Katie: *Jogging steadily*
*A lot of people start passing her up*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hall*

Claire: I am not a snotty brat you emo freak!

Claire: At least I have a personality and I'm not some depressed anti social creep
*On the track*

Cole: *tries to keep running but just walks* Damn, I'm out of shape

Chilly: *running*

Alice: *running, goes to pass Katie but accidently trips her*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: Stereotypes these days, huh? You're one of the most retarded girls I will have the displeasure of talking to. -_- Of course you're a snotty brat. If you weren't then I wouldn't have the audacity to bash my own brains in a locker at the sound of your annoying voice. Maybe I would at least pretend to be nice, but you TRULY make me shutter. Good day to you ma'am. I'll go be an Emo freak somewhere else while you sulk in your own bottomless pit of stupidity and vanity. (He mostly sounds smart when he's insulting people.)
Hazel: *Standing by locker, overhearing everything* O-O' Damn.
Matt: *Walks away, whistling*
Hazel: *Catches up to Claire* You'll have to get used to my brother. >.> He's a real jerk.
~The track~
Katie: Ugh! *Falls and scrapes knees* Sh**! *Gets up*
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più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*in the hall*

Claire: *almost speechless* What just happened?

Claire: *puts her necklace on* He can't talk to me like that! I'm one of the popular kids!

Claire: he's gonna pay for that after school *walks off to gym class*
*On the track*

Alice: Watch it slow poke *runs down the track*

Cole: Alice don't be so competitive *walking, out of breath*

Chilly: Cole you really need to work out more

Cole: shut up!
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Sean: *Laughs at Katie*
Katie: Hmm. Fine. *Gets up*
Sean: *Running* Try to keep up next time, chump!
Katie: *Starts sprinting and zips past Sean and Alice; and calls out to Alice without looking back* Thanks for the advice, sweetheart! ^-^
Sean: O-O Holy damn.
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the track*

Alice: *runs after Katie* Don't think you can win that easily

Cole: *out of breath* forget this *sits on the bleachers*

Chilly: wimp! *keeps running*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Speeds up, and runs past Chilly* (Alice) What? You mad bro?
Matt: *Watching* Pfffft. Wow. x) *gives teacher note from doctor and sits on bleachers and takes out DSi*
Katie: *Runs past Matt*
Matt: Hi Katie!
Katie: *Shouts back* Bye Matt! :D
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*Over by the bleachers*

Claire: *sits down*

Teacher: Claire why are you late?

Claire: I don't know

Teacher: well you get an F for the day for being late

Claire: *sighs* what ever
*On the track*

Chilly: *running*

Alice: *Runs and catches up to Katie, purposely trips katie* Whoops!
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: *Sees Katie fall* :O
Katie: -_- *Grabs Alice's ankle and makes her fall then gets up, standing over her* ..And overly-competitive girls like you call me a freak. Why? Is it because I don't like tripping people for no apparent f*cking reason? You can either go back to kindergarten or get up and stop acting like an angry roid-head. *Holds out hand*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the track*

Alice: *stands up* Sorry some times I get really competitive

Teacher: all right everybody, class is over!

Claire: well that was a waste to my time

Chilly: *runs over to claire* where were you?

Claire: Some freak took my necklace

Chilly: who?

Claire: *points to Matt*

Chilly: I'll deal with him

Cole: lets go guys!

Teacher: Remember its a half day today because the dance is tonight! cause friday is a holiday!

Claire: ugh I forgot about that
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Nah. It's fine. I get a bit... Sensitive? x) You're fast as hell by the way. Trying to keep ahead was tortu- *Sees the guys walking towards Matt* What the hell? *Mutters* Oh great. -_-
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*Over by Chilly and Cole*

Cole: *walking back to the gym* so what are we doing?

Chilly: we're gonna fight that matt kid after school for stealing claire's necklace

Cole: hey I'm not fighting him, I don't want mom to ground us! I wanna go to that music festival tonight and tomarrow

Chilly: Mom won't know, we just push him around a bit and tell him not to mess with claire

Cole: I don't know

Chilly: we won't even hit him, just scare him a little

Cole: well its your plan
*Over by Claire and Alice*

Claire: *walking to her car* so are you going to the dance?

Alice: Proboly not, Cole is gonna be at that concert

Claire: why don't you make him go

Alice: he's saved up for that concert for 2 would like crush him if he couldn't go

Claire: pfft...sometimes I don't get him...he's weird

Alice: I know, so you're gonna be working at the dance

Claire: yeah I have to, gotta make sure we have soda and snacks plus taking tickets...I'm gonna be so tired tomarrow

Alice: ha sucks to be you
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Matt: *Laying down on bench, listening to music*
Hazel: *Sits down by him*
Matt: *Unplugs ears* What?
Hazel: Did you take her necklace?
Matt: No. -_- I found it on the floor.
Hazel: Well, now she thinks you did and now those meat heads over there are trying to get back at you!
Matt: So. I care because? I've seen tougher.
Hazel: Because, you always try to act all sarcastic and crap, but you always wind getting yourself in trouble. This is why my dad and your mom can't get a break! Can't you just stop being such a weirdo for once?
Matt: *Rolls eyes* Can't you stop being a selfish, stuck up WHORE for once? I'm not gonna change who I am just to satisfy you. Don't use my mom and your dad as an excuse for me to change!
Hazel: -.-'
Matt: There's that Claire chick. I think you've just made a new best friend. *Walks back in school and goes to locker room*
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*In the parking lot*

Claire: *looking for her keys*

Alice: Don't tell me you locked yourself out....again

Claire: shut up, I just have a ton of keys!

Alice: you have 5, its not that many *laughs*

Claire: what ever, lets go I need to get ready for the dance
*Outside school*

Chilly: *standing on his skate board*

Cole: So when is he gonna show up?

Chilly: I don't know, just gonna tell him not to mess with claire

Cole: how do we know he even did something wrong?

Chilly: Claire said he stole her necklace, so I believe her

Cole: fine, but she's wrong a lot

Chilly: Not a lot, just once in a while....she's smarter than you

Cole: yeah *thinks about what chilly said* HEY!
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Katie: So what did you get on the math quiz?
Matt: B-
Katie: A-. Pretty hard quiz though. I studied until pass out at my desk last night.
Carter: I got an A- too. I barely studied at all though. I always like math, but just not my teachers.
Katie: Well that's nice. All you gotta do actually go to class EVERY day.
Carter: Hey, Matt. I saw you flip out on Hazel earlier. What did she say?
Matt: Same old. -_-
Katie: Well, she was kind of a good friend when we hung out.
Matt and Carter: >.>
Katie: What?
Katie: ._.
Carter: You... You used to be friends with her?
Katie: Yeah. Why? <.<
Matt: x) Did you... go dress shopping and watch Glee 24/7?
Katie: ...Maybe.
Matt and Carter: *Laughs at her*
Katie: What? I wasn't always like this! *Sees Cole and Chilly* Uh...
Matt: Huh?
Katie: Why are they just sitting there like that?
Carter: Matt's got a couple of creepers. x)
Matt: Pfft. Yeah whatever. Just keep walking. I don't have time to fool around with those two.
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Chilly: *walks over and stands in front of matt* Hey where do you think your'e going?

Cole: yeah he's got something to say to you

Chilly: *pushes matt* What were you thinking stealing Claires necklace?
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Matt: Wow. I'm so scared of a guy who believes anything that comes out of a female's mouth.
Katie: Um...
Carter: >:|
Matt:<.< No offence.
Carter: *Takes out lighter* (Cole) I wanna set your shirt on fire. .-.
Katie: *Takes lighter away* No.
Carter: Hey!
Matt: (Chilly) Are you supposed to be scary? I've seen creepier things in the toilets of Chinese restaurants. *Smirks*
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Cole: *to Carter* you might want to see a therapist

Chilly: *punches Matt in the mouth* that's for being a smartass

Cole: ouch that had to hurt

Chilly: lets go, I think he got the picture

Cole and Chilly: *start to walk away*
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Matt: *Lip bleeds*
Katie: Hey! *Walks over by Cole and Chilly* I don't know what your F***ing deal is with him, but I know Matt! He doesn't steal! I don't give half a sh** how creepy you think he is! You don't a single thing about him!
Carter: It's true. He told me he found it after that one chick ran into him earlier. What's her name? Cleo? Carie?
Matt: *Gets up*
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Chilly: Look all I know is that Claire said he took it, she got her necklace back

Cole: yeah

Chilly: sorry if you didn't take it but that was also for calling her names *starts to walk away*
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Katie: -_- I'm sure the names he called him doesn't top emo, gothy, faggot, FREAK, and a creep. Does it? Have you ever went to school and got torn down brick by brick every day? Yeah. It sucks. He doesn't need anymore of this!
Matt: *Almost speechless* <.<