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Strawberry0020 posted on Aug 28, 2012 at 12:29AM
Based off this.
..You should know how an RP works.

-NO supernatural stuff or godmodding. .3.

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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
~The Hotel~
Drake: *Runs into pool management office* Shirt covered in blood* Dad... *Drops bloody crowbar*
Ed: You get the money from the hotel room?
Drake: *Tosses him wallet* There. Happy now?
Ed: Hey... *Laughs* That's my boy... Knocking zombie's heads clean off! *Takes wallet and counts money* Not a dollar out of place.
Carrie: Ed! When are you going to realize that he is only 16! Don't send my baby back out there alone, you bastard! *Runs of to Drake and wrap arms around him*
Drake: I'm fine... J-Just leave me alone! *Gets up and goes to other room*
Carrie: *Frowns* You're killing him slowly, you know that? Don't let your own son do your dirty work!
Ed: *Scowls* Why don't sit down and quit nagging. My son is gonna dominate football when we make it out of here alive. He has talent! He'll make tons of money by the truck load!
Carrie: *Rolls eyes* Pfft.. It's always about money...
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hotel lobby*

Alice: *runs inside and jams the door* Damn, those things are everywhere

Alice: *puts a bloody Katana on a table* ugh go for a vacation, almost get killed by undead freaks

Alice: *doesn't hear Drake or the others* I need to sit down

Alice: *faints from exaustion*
*At the docks*

Cole: S*** they're right behind me

*Several zombies are chasing Cole*

Cole: *carrying a baseball bat* Too many to fight, have to run! *climbs up the side of a building*

Cole: *through a window* ugh damn those things are persistant
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drake: *Sees Alice* Hey! Are you alright? *Shakes her a bit*
~The Hotel rooftop~
Katie: *Holding shower head*
Drew: *Smirks* Is that the best weapon you could find?
Katie: Honestly.. Yes. -_-
Drew: Alright. Here we go... *Picks up flare gun* The zombies should walk directly towards the sparking sound from the flare gun. Then we get our asses downstairs and run out of the rear exit and get to the bar to find the weapons. *Looks at shower head* The real weapons...
Katie: *Hits him in the head with the shower head*
Drew: Ow! What the hell?!
Katie: It's not all that useless after all, is it? *Smirks*
Drew: Pfft. Just press the button on the elevator and count to 5 outloud.
Katie: *Presses button* 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Drew: *Aims flare gun at the sky*
Katie: ...8. 9. 10!
Drew: *Shoots flare and the elevator door opens at the say time*
Katie: Go! Go! *Runs into elevator*
Drew: *Grabs duffle bag and runs in after her*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hotel lobby*

Alice: *barely conscious* ugh....*vision blurry*

Alice: *scared, pushes Drake* woah! *goes to get her Katana*

Alice: *points the katana towards Drake*
*At the ocean apartments*

Cole: *sighs* ok, only a fourth of a mile to resort

Cole: *sees a dead guard* What the hell *picks up the guards pistol*

Cole: well this won't be doing you any good *looks for ammo*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drake: Calm down! I'm not zombie! I just wanted to see if you were alright. You seemed pretty knocked out... Are you with the group or not?
~The elevator~
*Elevator door broken and doors are still pryed open*
Katie: *Holding onto railing*
Drew: Get your crummy shower head ready, princess! Anything can be waiting for us!
Katie: Yes. I know that genius!
*Elevator stops and zombies run towards them*
Drew: Oh sh**!
*Elevator weakly drops a few levels down
Katie: *Falls on floor* Ah!
Drew: Ugh! *Falls*
*Elevator drops into lobby*
Drew: *Gets up* Aw, f***! That hurt like hell! *Helps Katie up*
Katie: *Rubs head* You're right about that. Come on. Let's get out of here before they hear us...
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più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the hotel lobby*

Alice: *sighs, puts the Katana down* oh you're another survivor

Alice: sorry, its just I've been running from those things for days

Alice: I haven't slept in 3 days....

Alice: *hears the elevator drop, but doesn't get scared* sounds like they're dead...
*Outside the hotel*

Cole: *puts the pistol in his pocket* I saw a flare over here, must have been nothing

Cole: *holding a baseball bat in one hand, hears the elevator fall from outside the building*

Cole: what the hell was that?
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drake: Do you know if there's any survivors there?
~The Hotel~
*Zombies turn around run back to elevator*
Drew: Aw, shit! Come on! >8U
Katie: Run! *Starts running* Your gonna have to jam the door with pipe!
Drew: Hey! Wait up!
Katie: *Runs out*
Drew: *Runs out with her and jams the door*
Katie: *Goes to luau area and zombies attacks her* Ugh! Help me!
Drew: *Shoves zombie*
Katie: *Bashes zombie's head in with shower head*
Drew: *A bit shocked*
Katie: *Looks at shower head back at him with sadistic smile* Told you...
Drew: Eh, shut up!
Katie: Come on. There's the bar right over there!
Drew: Let's go.
~The bar~
Katie: *Searching through cabinets*
Drew: *Finds gasoline* Hey... See any empty glass bottles over there?
Katie: Why?
Drew: I can make gas bombs..
Katie: Crazy... Right here! *Scoots a pack of empty cocktail bottles to him*
Drew: Thanks.
Katie: *Revolver* Wow. Hello, grandpa...
Drew: What'd you find?
Katie: Schofield revolver. They're like the kind you'd see in classic movies!
Drew: Pfft. You know guns, eh?
Katie: A few...
Drew: Is it loaded?
Katie: *Opens cylinder and checks chambers* Yeah.
Drew: Alright. There should only be six chambers full so you should only use it-
Katie: ...For emergencies? Yeah yeah. Whatever. I know. I can just use this. *Holds up stone club*
Drew: Alright. *Has Molotov cocktails ready* I already got my weapon. Let's go. Good luck.
Katie: Ditto.
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the lobby*

Alice: *tired* yeah but they're not around anymore....

Alice: they tried to cut through the tennis courts, couldn't climb the fences, became dinner

Alice: I need to rest *Almost faints again*

Cole: *sees zombies running to the bar* What the hell?
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drake: Here. *Points to couch* The only bed in here is drenched in blood.
~The bar~
*Window bursts open and moans start to erupt from outside*
Katie: Oh no!
Drew: *Lights up molotov* Take cover! *Throws molotov*
Katie: *Gets on floor and pulls him down*
*Explosion heard outside*
Katie: Well that doesn't really help with the whole noise thing. ._.'
Drew: I got five more left. They should be able to hold them off until we find the others.
Katie: *Nods and gets up*
Katie: *Runs out of bar*
Drew: *Runs out with her*
*More zombies start to come*
Katie: Great. ._.
Drew: Fantastic. -_- *Takes pipe out of door and lets zombies in* Back up, Red.
Katie: -_-' My name isn't red! *Takes cover*
Drew: *Throws another Molotov and blows up zombies*
Katie: *Clubs zombie in the head and pushes him in pool*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the lobby*

Alice: *puts her katana on the floor*

Alice: thanks *sits down on the couch, falls asleep immediately*

Cole: *sees the fire* What the hell was that?

Cole: *runs over, puts baseball bat on his back then takes out his pistol*

Cole: *turns a corner, sees drew, aim pistol at him* woah!
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drew: No time for pointing guns, dude! *Points at zombies coming at him*
~The management area~
Drake: *Sighs* And sits down in chair.
Ed: *Walks in* Drake... Who in the hell were you talking to?
Drake: Another survivor... She hasn't gotten any sleep so I let her sleep here.
Ed: Is she infected?!
Drake: No. -_-
Ed: And how can you tell?
Drake: It's easy to compare a living being to 38 zombies that I had to kill with a crowbar. -_-
Ed: You don't plan on letting her stay here long do you?
Drake: Why? Is it problem?
Ed: You're damned right it's a problem! Trying to hold back for a pathetic woman is going to get you killed!
Drake: *Mutters* That must be why you nearly got mom killed, you jack ass.
Ed: What?
Drake: Nothing, jeez.
Ed: If she causes any problem, she's on her own!
Drake: Fine!
Ed: *Walks out*
Drake: *Leans back in chair and closes eyes* I f***ing hate him...
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*In the lobby*

Alice: *resting on a couch*
*At the bar*

Cole: *sees the zombies* Crap more of those things

Cole: *sees a path that leads into the jungle* I think I know a safe house down that path
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drew: Red! Then let's get the hell out of here!
Katie: -_- What?! *Accidentally whacks zombies in the head with club*
Drew: This way!
Katie: *Nods*
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: * sat on roof of ehr house in the jungle * * looks around and sees zombie near the gate* come on , take the bait ..
zombie:* see meat on the fence and touches the fence ** electicuted and dies*
jinx: yes!!
ronnie:* on roof of snackshack* DIE B*TCH!!* shoots zombie with pistol* hmm* eats snickers bar* SNICKERS, GET SOME NUTS* shoots another zombie in the head*
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più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
(@Jadeismaname Why would there be a walmart at a tropical resort island, doesn't make any sense)

più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
( um i dunno ^-^ well... maybe they need a shop to buy things ? >.<)
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
(LOL! "Get some nuts!" xDD, but Bubble Buster is right though. It's on a Island Resort, there isn't really any supermarkets or major stores. :/ 0But it would be okay if you just the name of the place. ^-^ Snack shack maybe?)
Drew: *Zombies chasing him* So damn annoying! -_- *Stops and extends pipes and the zombie runs straight into it*
Katie: *Shutters*
Drew: *Bashes zombie's head in* Ugly mother f*cker...
Katie: It's hard for him to realize that these things used to be human...
Drew: What are you looking at? GO!
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
( lol bubble buster ? XD and sure, i just needed a shop ^-^ )
ronnie: * finishes snicker * now what ? * sees zombie and shoots it head * so.bored .
jinx: * looking for more metal tings in ehr house to put on the fence * hmmmm
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
(I don't know. I hope he doesn't take offense to it. xD For some reason, I've just been saying whatever the hell comes to mind lately. xD)
Katie: *Running by and sees Jinx's house* Hey! (Cole) Is this your hideout?
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: what ? * looks up and sees katie* uh ...... whatever you do , d-dont touch the fence or gate t-they are electric ...
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più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the forest path*

Cole: Nope thats not it

Cole: its just up the hill, next to the other side of the hotel

Cole: but before we go anywhere *aims pistol at Katie and Drew*

Cole: you're gonna answer some questions for me
*At the hotel lobby*

Alice: *wakes up for a second to hear Drake and Ed talking*

Alice: *thinks* They're just gonna kill me if I get hurt, they're not gonna help anyone
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: O.O * looks at cole*
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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Calm down. Just take it easy...
Drew: I'm not answering shit. -_-
Katie: *Dumbstruck* O-O'
Drew: I'm not afraid of some boy running around and hiding behind a gun. I'm gonna go check out what's going on inside... Let me know when you're ready to threaten me like man. This is an apocalypse, not a game of twenty questions.
Katie: Uh... (Drew) Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Dx
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: c-calm down d-dude
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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Steps over by Jinx* Hey... Are you okay? *Looks at her eyes* You're another survivor, I see...
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the path*

Cole: *puts the pistol right in Drew's face* I don't want to waste ammo, just answer some questions

Cole: *aims gun back at Katie* Now before this entire hell happened

Cole: I had a girl with me but we got separated when those things over ran the city

Cole: Have you seen a girl that's about my height with brown hair? I need to find her and get the hell out of here

Cole: before the obvious happens and the government cleans this up *puts up air quotes*
*At the hotel lobby*

Alice: *stands up, picks up her katana*

Alice: *thinks* I have to get out of here, that money crazy guy might start taking hostages
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: ...... y-you d-dont need to point a g-gun at them ..
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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drew: You're not gonna find by when the time comes if you're planning on playing the hostage game. *Smirks*
Katie: If she's still alive, then she's probably on her way to the pool management area. It's about a mile and a half away from here. That's where we're headed.
Drew: -_-
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: ... t-the pool management a-area ? why t-there ?

ronnie: *rings jinx*

jinx: ..........................................­...­... um ... i n-need to answer t-this ..

ronie: pick up damn it !
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the path*

Cole: *puts the pistol away* Fine, but the pool management are is right around my safe house

Cole: its over the hill but its getting dark

Cole: I heard those things get deadlier at night
*At the hotel lobby*

Alice: *tries to sneak out of the lobby*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drew: So what's the game plan?
Katie: *Yawns*
Drew: Don't tell me you're tired already...
Katie: I didn't go to bed last night?
Drew: What could you possibly have been doing? You were too wimpy to sneak out to the luau with us? What did you do? Read Twilight?
Katie: No!
Drew: Then what?
Katie: None of your concern!
Drew: You read Catching Fire, didn't you? *Snickers*
Katie: -.-' So...
Drew: *Smiles* Then I say let's get out of here so Sleeping Beauty can get some rest.
Katie: -_-
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: * answers phone* y-yes ronnie?
ronnie: i think i might have found away to sneak away from the zombies, but its pretty risky, im trying it ut tomorrow , wish me luck* ends call and gies isnide snack shack *
jinx: .. * looks at eereyone* d-do you guys w-ant to stay at my h-house ? no zombies c-can get in and i have spare bedrooms ?
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the forest path*

Cole: just calm down, let me think

Cole: there is a storage building about half an hour from here, if we hurry we can get there before dark
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drew: Well, if there's a storage room, then we should make our way there to get supplies. Katie, you stay here with Blondie and get some sleep.
Katie: *Yawns* Okay... But what about you guys?
Drew: I'll make my way back here in the morning, so be ready.
Katie: Alright.
Drew: Later.
Katie: Good luck.
Drew: *Smirks* You say it as if I need it.
Katie: *Faint smile* Don't we all?
Drew: Pffft...
Katie: *Walks back to Jinx*
Drew: (Cole) Alright. Let's get the hell out of here.
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the jungle path*

Cole: fine, she would have slowed us down anyway

Cole: *looks at the sky* we've got 15 minutes of sun left if we're lucky

Cole: *starts to walk faster up the path*
*At the hotel lobby*

Alice: *sneaking out of the room, sees all the money that drake collected*

Alice: *thinks* I should snag a few bucks, just incase I need it *takes a handful of cash*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Drew: Wow. *Laughs* You must be trying to play the "Boss Man" game, huh?
~The house~
Katie: *Lays down in guest room and hides gun under pillow; Can't go to sleep* =-= *Grabs gun and walks downstairs to get some water*
~The kitchen~
Katie: *About to drink water and sees blood in cup* AGH! *Drops the glass on the floor* WHAT THE HELL?! >8U *Runs water and sees more blood* SHIT! They must have gotten to water treatment area! Hopefully no one drank any of this...
~The Management area~
Ed: *Walks in*
più di un anno fa dxarmy423 said…
*On the path*

Cole: Not really, I just know how to survive

Cole: *sees the storage shed* ok, we need to pick the lock
*At the hotel lobby*

Alice: *hears ed, says to self* Dammit *ducks down behind a couch*
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx:*wakes up* huh ? * walks downstairs and sees katie* what going-*yawns* on ?

ronnie: * on rof of snack shack and looks around* where are those sh*ts * looks around*
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: You didn't drink any water from the sink did you? O-O'
~The path~
Drew: *Gets paper clip and flattens it and bends the tip* This never fails... *Sticks paper clip in and starts picking lock*
~The Management area~
Ed: Drake. Wake your ass up...
Drake: What? -.-'
Ed: I need you to do me a favor... I need you to go find a golf cart outside.
Drake: Why don't you do it?
Ed: Because I'm your father and you're gonna listen to whatever the hell I say.
Drake: Yeah you're my father. Why don't you stop making me do all of your dirty work? Aren't you tough enough to do things on your own?
Ed: Don't start, boy...
Drake: Aren't you tough enough to protect your wife? Your son? Your daughter?
Ed: Shut the hell up!
Drake: You're getting mad because it's hard for you to answer. You wouldn't give a shit about anything unless there was a dollar sign in front of it.
Ed: You'd better watch your mouth!
Drake: *Stands up* Or what? Are you gonna punish me? Yeah! Coming from a man that has to live his life through his son...
Ed: *Pushes Drake*
Drake: *Falls through table*
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più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: theres water ? i thought that without people alive it couldnt run ? * sees blood* are you bleeding ?
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Sighs of relief* No... The water in the sink was running and there was blood running with it. The zombies probably made their way to the treatment area. I think the water in infected with their blood now... *Thinks* But you're right... How can the water be treated if there's no one there to process it.
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: well if theres blood running .. w-whos running it ?
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: I-I don't know... I wonder if any of this was planned!
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: ill call ronnie , she can cheak it out, she getting a car for us tomorrow , at shes in town* rings ronnie*
ronnie: hello ?
jinx: h-hey ronnie, could you have a look at the building that makes the water suply work
ronnie: sure* gets out bonoculors and looks around* i see it .. what should i be looking for ?
jinx:anything unusual
ronie: okay ..* watchig*
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più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: So? Does she see anything yet?
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jijnx: you see anythin ronnie
ronnie: * looking through binoculars * no , they have the lights on , but i cant see through the windows i think they have blinds shut , but i know theres a weired noise coming from it and theres tines of zombies near? it .
jinx: theres is ?
ronnie: yeah
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Ask her if she sees anyone alive in there...
~The Water Treatment Plant~
???: *Throws coal in to furnace, doesn't notice anyone watching her*
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: can you see anyone alive?
ronnie: no ..hey, wait.. theres smoke coming from the chimney?
più di un anno fa Strawberry0020 said…
???: *Humming*
~The house~
Katie: *Listening in* Someone must be there...
più di un anno fa jadeISmaNAME said…
jinx: well bloods comin frm the water , but someones there ?!