Total Drama Island Fancharacters Messed Up RP ;D

DanniHomicide posted on Feb 23, 2011 at 12:28AM
Welcome to our bottomless pit of random fun! :3 Here, you can go through everyday life, and go through the tough times!(; You will attend the highschool; William Morrison Highschool, Or, as my OC Alex likes to call it; Dullshigh. Focus on your school work, or be an obnoxious drop-out and annoy the heck our of everyone. -3- Either way, have fun! >3 And get messed up as possible! 03o.


1. NO GODMODDING. Please do not hurt anyone's OC and prevent them from being able to defend themselves. It's annoying. -_-

2. Please don't be annoyingly random or I'll have to ask you to leave the RP. Yes, it's kind of a random RP, but, Its not THAT random!

3. Don't try to ignore other RP-ers because it's a little rude.


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