In her audition tape, she used the f-word.

Total Drama Island

In Not So Happy Campers Part One, she wanted to comfort Sadie to forget about Katie.
In Not So Happy Campers Part Two, she detto that is the only one which has experience in camps.She tried to lead her team to victory, but because of that, she failed.At the end of the episode, she swore that she will win the show.
In The Big Sleep, she detto in confessional the defects about Eva.When was Eva's time to go home, she said:"Bye bye!" to her, in the sense that she wanted it.
In Not Quite Famous, she disliked Bridgette's talent and blamed her that she broke her violin.
In The Sucky Outdoors, she blamed Bridgette for burning the tent.Also, she called Duncan an Ogre.At the Campfire Ceremony, she frowned when she and Duncan received the marshmallow.
In Phobia Factor, she yelled at DJ and Tyler to face their fears, but she was afraid of green jelly.At the begin of the episode, she detto that she isn't afraid of anything.In the confessional, she cried and slapped herself.
In Paintball Deer Hunter, she thoughts smarter than Duncan that she knows the correct way.When they arrived, she was hitting him in the kiwi's.
In If te Can't Take The Heat...., she insulted Duncan's hands that he never washes them.When he hugged her, she detto playfully:"Put me down!" and after:"PUT ME DOWN!".
In Basic Straining, she wanted to eat the last cookie.Bridgette detto to her that that cake may make bad against her.Then Courtney slowly took the cake off Bridgette's hand and ate it fast.
In Haute Camp-ture, when Lindsay detto to her that nobody likes her, she said:"But, everyone likes me!" to make attention.She almost killed Harold with a lamp.At the end, she convinced Harold to vote Duncan, that if he didn't, she will put all the secret poems for LeShawna on the web.
In Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, she was climbing on Izzy's vine and started to act like her.
Total Drama Action

In Aftermath II when she sees the unseen clip with Gwen and Duncan, she looked angry at Gwen.She looks innocent at it and then yells at Gwen, but she(Gwen) explains that they are just friends.Then she said:"I'm so calling my lawyers!"
In One Million Bucks B.C., she made Chris to make new rules for Courtney:her own toilet, delicious Cibo and anything else that the other contestants don't have.At the challenge she was hitting Duncan in the kiwi's.At the end, she detto in the confessional that she received what she deserved, and Duncan too.
In Million Dollar Babies, she was giving Duncan a pamper with poop in his mouth.
In Dial M For Merger, she used her talents to make Duncan loose.When she won, she convinced the other contestants that if she will win will share a half of the million.In an unseen clip, when Lindsay hugged her, she said:"AH!".When Lindsay talked about the cheese, she threw herself out of the limousine.
In Super Hero-Id, she pushed Lindsay to take her material.Plus insulted Lindsay's costume that it already exists.At the end of the episode she convinced Harold to vote off LeShawna.
In The Princess Pride, she lied that the shoe is suitable to her to be the Princess.When she was blowing a kiss, she sent to Duncan a baciare without seem to care.When Justin arrived at the castle, she was hitting him for the immunity.
In Get A Clue, she evil smiled at Lindsay when she didn't get a result.When she won the challenge, she detto to Chris:"I WANT A PRIZE!!!".When Lindsay wanted a chips, Courtney wasn't giving her one.When Chris brought a fake Chris, she gave with the foot in it.
In Rock 'n' Rule, she was hitting Duncan in the kiwi's with the guitar.In the confessional, she screamed because can't forget about Lindsay.Because of it, she was entering in the hotel room like a rabid monkey and started to break the whole room.She almost threw Lindsay down when she raised the bed.Plus, she(Lindsay)was kicked da Owen's butt.
In 2008:A spazio Owen, she detto that she is the last to make fun of the other contestants.
In superiore, in alto Dog, she was typing to Duncan a 32 page book and it was about how to change him at everything.At the breakfast she detto to Duncan that he haven't the permission to call her Babe.Then Courtney made Duncan to hug her.In the middle of the challenge, she saw Duncan coming, and when she was cheering for the shark, was mostrare her booty.At the end of the episode, she yelled at Duncan why he voted off her.
In Mutiny Of The Soundstage, she yelled at the TV that Duncan hadn't guess at what collor she is thinking.
In Aftermath IV, she yelled at Chris when he gave the mute sound.

Total Drama World Tour

In Walk Like An Egyptian Part One, she was putting Duncan to carry her bag, because she is the Princess.When they were at the challenge, Courtney tied Duncan of his stomach.
In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, when Heather was whipping her, she screamed, but if she were in the place of Heather, she would whip her.
In The Am-AH-Zon Race, she smiled at Heather before she(Heather) was looking at the mirror.
In I Can't Help Falling In Louvre, she corrected Chris that is pronouncing louvre in other way.
In Newf Kids On The Rock, when Gwen admitted that she made her team loose, Courtney said:"Gwen?" to say another lie.
In Greece's Pieces, she blamed Gwen for stealing Duncan.Then when Gwen was cheering for Cody, Courtney detto at Gwen to not cheer him.When Cody was punching Duncan, Courtney slapped Gwen.
In The ex-Files, she sang about Gwen that is a Boyfriend Kisser.Then she made her a Pu**y, Gothy, Nasty, Blister.When they almost arrived, Courtney was giving her foot in Gwen's one to make them lose and she detto Oops!.At the Barf Bag Ceremony she detto that she will never be kind, but she never was!XD.She was hitting Duncan in the kiwi's, as always.
In Picnic At Hanging Dork, she can catch an Emu, but detto at Alejandro that she can't.When they lose, she made at Duncan a I cut your neck mode.
In Sweden Sour, she fought with Heather.The most people of Team amazon was voting her off, but was a prize challenge.Then she made a ugly happy face.
In Niagara Brawls, she yelled at Duncan and detto in the Blainerific song:"This is so against the rules!Does Chris think us a bunch of fools?", but she came back and didn't say this.
In Chinese Fake Out, she was pushing Duncan in the cake that they won in the precedente episode.She helped Alejandro to win, but this is against the rules.Because of that, she was eliminated.
In Hawaiian Style, she sang:"Oooooooh!Duncan never uses soap!And Gwen's so lame just no hoooope!".In an unseen clip she sang about them the same thing.I LOVED when she was hitting with a shoe in her head.
In Hawaiian Punch, she detto when Alejandro almost killed Cody:"Squish, squish him like a bug!", and she was the only one who wasn't sad because Cody fell in the water.When they were at the volcano, she was hitting Harold in the kiwi's.