Last time Amy had left!
Ok Campers I hope te had a good sleep because today is a crazy day!
Your Challenge:
Each Team will go through the obstacle course Go through the bouncy bounce house then the clicking turtles
then through a million gallons of water also through the flame throwers! then the snipping saws! Good Luck try to survive! Haha! Ready Start............. NOW! * Everybody races over the the bounce house* Riley: Dang this is bouncy! Allison is in the lead! cerbiatto, fawn left behind! Allison made it to the clicking turtles Rochelle: OMG this is so Freaking hard! Mirra: I think this is torture! Erica (host): The episode is called Torture is on its way! Jason: No wonder why this is so hard!
Demetry is in the clicking turtles!
Allison: There are turtles everywhere about to attack me!
Miranda: *Snoring*
Matt: Miranda is sleeping!
Caitie: this will help * Jumps really hard*
Caitie: There
Madelyn: Wow that freaked me out a little!
Fawn: Ok that is just weird!
cerbiatto, fawn Caught up in the clicking turtles!
\Allison almost done with clicking turtles
Erica: Right behind Allison!
Jason: Is done with clicking turtles and takes the lead!
Nigel: Ok this is a hard challenge!
Jason in the million gallons of water!
Allison and Erica are right behind him
Caitie struggling in the bounce house
cerbiatto, fawn in 4th
Jason in 1st
Erica in 3rd
Allison in 2nd
Nigel in 6th
Madelyn in 5th
Rochelle in 7th
Demetry in 8th
Matt and Riley tied in 10th
Miranda in 9th
Mirra in 11th
Janice in 12th
And Jude is in last
Allison took the lead!
Jason got bumped to 3rd!
Allison in a huge lead with Erica!
Erica in 2nd!
cerbiatto, fawn is now like speeding like Mas y Menos from a mostra called Teen Titans! ( I watched that when I was young)
Rochelle: Umm I'm like in 2nd now???
Miranda: Speeded up!
Allison on her last one
Erica on her last one!

Here are how the results are:
Allison- 1st
Erica- 2nd
Fawn- 3rd
Jason - 4th
Rochelle- 5th
Caitie- 6th
Demetry- 7th
Nigel- 8th
Matt- 9th
Miranda- 10th
Riley- 11th
Mirra- 12th
Madelyn- 13th
Jude- 14th
Janice- 15th

Allison was on Team Courage so that means she is sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza and so is her team so no one can vote for Allison Jude Matt are sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza only 3 because Amy left!
So voting time!!

Everyone is sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza but Nigel Demetry and cerbiatto, fawn stay here. te three had the most voti to LEAVE! cerbiatto, fawn had 2 voti Demetry had 3 voti cerbiatto, fawn your sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza Nigel te had.......


Sorry Nigel te have been eliminated

Elimination Order:
1. Amy
2. Nigel

Stay tuned everyone happy new year!