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I woke up early the successivo morning and got Leggere for school. My parents already left for work, like they do almost every morning. Before I left to walk to school, I looked in the mirror one last time. The bruises on my cheek and stomach had faded just a little, my nose still had a red mark around the sides and my whole body ached quite a bit whenever I moved. But, the thing I was most worried about was if those guys would find me yet again today.

The thought made me shiver with fear as I stepped out the door and started walking to school. When walking, I kind of limped with every sposta I took as I still felt the pain ache all around my body. I arrived at school with a nervous feeling in my stomach, glancing quickly around to see if the bullies were there.

Fortunately, I couldn’t see them in sight. I walked down the path outside to only see a few people around as I was quite early arriving at school.

‘Hey Mike!’ I heard someone yelled from behind me. I squealed in shock, tripping over the pebbled path. I turned around to see a certain red head standing there , blushing and giggling.

‘Sorry, did I scare you?’ Zoey asked.

‘Y-yeah, I thought te were those guys again,’ I replied.

‘Don’t worry, I’ve got my eye open for them,’ she told me. ‘Wait a minute... Why is there a red patch around your nose and a bruise on your cheek?’ I have a heavy sigh.

‘After detention, those guys found me. T-they beat me up...’ I muttered. Zoey’s face turned into shock.

‘Mike! Are te serious?’ Zoey asked. I nodded, lifting up my camicia to make her see my bruise on my stomach.

‘Does this look serious to you?’ I asked. She gasped as she saw my blueish bruise.

‘Mike, I can’t believe it!’ she gasped. ‘Does your body hurt?’

‘Yeah. All over,’ I replied. She gave me a sad looked and leaned over to give me a hug, her arms wrapping around my pained body. My cheeks went bright red, almost melting in her arms as she hugged me.

‘I hope te get better,’ Zoey told me.

‘Heh-heh, I think I am already,’ I replied nervously.

‘Huh?’ she asked with a confused look on her face.

‘Hey Mike!’ someone yelled from behind. Zoey and I turned around to see Cameron standing there.

‘Oh, hi Cameron,’ I said.

‘Want to come sit with my Friends and I over at that tavolo there?’ he asked pointing towards a tavolo with a bunch of people.

‘Sure. Oh, Zoey, this is Cameron. He helped me after the incident. Cameron, this is my friend Zoey,’ I told Cameron.

‘Hi Zoey! Are te two together o anything?’ Cameron asked.

‘What? Oh-no. We’re just friends,’ Zoey replied turning bright red.

‘Ah, understood. Let’s go!’ Cameron replied. We both followed him and arrived at the table.

‘Hey guys! This is Mike and this is Zoey. Is it alright if they sit with us?’ Cameron asked the bunch. They all nodded, as I sighed in relief.

‘Well, this is B. o some people call him Silent B,’ Cameron told us, pointing to a large guy who gave us a welcoming smile.

‘Hi! How are you?’ Zoey asked.

‘B doesn’t talk much,’ Cameron whispered.

‘Ah, ok,’ Zoey said.

‘This is Dawn,’ Cameron continued as she pointed to a pale girl, with long blonde hair sitting on superiore, in alto of the table.

‘Greetings,’ she told us.

‘Hey,’ Zoey and I both replied. Then Cameron pointed to the gamer that I remembered from detention.

‘And this is Sam,’ Cameron told us.

‘Sorry man. Can’t look up from my console! Mario’s up against Bowser Junior!’ Sam replied still playing his console without looking up.

‘Thanks for letting us sit with te guys. We don’t have many friends,’ Zoey told the group, slowly sitting down at the table. Dawn leaned over and detto ‘I see that te were quite lonely as a child, o may I be wrong?

‘Uh, how do te know that?’ Zoey asked confusingly.

‘Your soul reads like an open book,’ Dawn replied pushing parts of her hair out of her eyes. ‘It must of been difficult for te as a child,’ Zoey and I shared confused glances.

‘Dawn’s a psychic,’ Cameron told Zoey and I.

‘Wow, really?’ I asked. Dawn nodded.

‘I don’t believe it. What am I thinking of then?’ I asked Dawn. She squinted for a few secondi then gave a tiny smile.

‘You’re thinking about someone,’ Dawn replied. She looked over at Zoey and continued. ‘A girl perhaps? Her name is-,’ Dawn answered until I interrupted.

‘Yep! You’re right! I guess te are a psychic, heh-heh,’ I interrupted. Dawn smiled and gave me a shrug. Right behind us, Sofie came up to our tavolo with a bunch of other girls behind her. Sofie gave Cameron a push, which made his glasses slip off his face and land on the table.

‘Augh! Where are my glasses?’ Cameron asked fiddling his hand around the table. B quickly picked them up and placed the glasses in Cameron’s hands.

‘Thanks B. Why did te do that Sofie?’ Cameron asked. Sofie and her group laughed.

‘Hello Sir Geekiness and his crappy group over here. Looks like te got two new people: the lame impressionist and the loner,’ Sofie told our group. Zoey stood up and asked ‘Can te and your little posse just go away?’

‘I would like too, but watching te get angry seems heaps più fun!’ Sofie laughed.

‘Hey, leave her alone!’ I yelled at Sofie.

‘The lame impressionist is standing up for her again. Try not to get in trouble like last time,’ Sofie laughed. Zoey almost blew a fuse, turning as red as a tomato.

‘Come on Sofie, let’s leave ‘em alone,’ a girl behind Dakota said. She was tanned, slightly over-weight and talked in a New Jersey accent. The tanned girl gave me a wink as the rest of the group walked off. Zoey’s face toned back down and detto ‘Well, that was nice of her,’

‘Y-yeah,’ I replied, still confused about the wink the girl gave me.

‘That’s Anne Maria. She’s new to the school and is always with her hairspray,’ Cameron told us. ‘She uses the Hairspray all the time,’ The campana, bell rang telling us it was time to go to class.

‘I have sewing. What about you?’ Zoey asked.

‘History,’ I replied with a frown.

‘Aww, that’s too bad. See te later,’ Zoey replied with disappointment.

‘I have sewing too. I’ll come with you,’ Dawn told Zoey. They both ran off, but I swear Dawn wasn’t touching the ground as she ran.

‘That’s great! We all have History too,’ Cameron told me.

‘That’s good! Let’s go,’ I replied. Cameron, B and I ran while Sam was a few metres behind.

‘Hey, wait up!’ Sam yelled from behind, huffing and puffing. We all arrived at our History room and walked inside to get an available sede, sedile close to each other.

‘Hey, it’s that guy who destroyed the whole kitchen!’ a teen called out with a bunch of his friends. My face turned red, sliding lower and lower in my seat.

‘He didn’t destroy the kitchen,’ Sam called out.

‘Huh?’ B asked silently.

‘What happened?’ Cameron asked me.

‘Well... after an old incident with those bullies, they wanted revenge. So, I changed into one of my personalities to get away from them,’ I explained. B and Sam exchanged confused looks.

‘Mike has a Multiple Personality Disorder. He can change into different type of personalities,’ Cameron told the others. B gave a nod, meaning he understood but Sam sat there with a confused face.

‘Multiple Personality Disorder, huh? Never heard of it,’ Sam told us.

‘It’s pretty rare. I don’t know anyone else who has MPD,’ I explained to Sam. I looked towards the door and saw Anne Maria from before, walking into the room. As she walked past my scrivania, reception she detto ‘Hey,’ and gave me another wink.

‘Uh, hi. Anne Maria is it? Thanks for standing up to me before,’ I replied.

‘Hun, it’s no problem. That Sofie is always like that. She told me my hair was too out there. Now, isn’t that ridiculous’?’ Anne Maria told me. I took a quick glance at her hair, but I had to agree with Sofie on this one.

‘Yeah, very ridiculous,’ I replied. She gave me a smile and then headed to her seat, grabbing her hair-spray, applying it. At that moment, our History Teacher walked in.

‘Good morning class. Today, we will be learning più about World War One. Please open your text-books at page 158,’ he detto to the class. I grabbed my text-book and opened to the correct page, the class answering domande as we read.

‘Sam... please put away your game otherwise you’ll get detention for another whole week,’ our teacher yelled at Sam, interrupting Cameron who was answering a question.

‘Sorry Sir!’ Sam replied, putting his console away.

‘Mike, could te answer this question? How many people got killed in World War 1?’ the teacher asked me. I was about to answer my domanda when, I started to gasp.

‘Loser, I don’t need time to answer your question!’ I yelled at the teacher in a different accent with my hair slicked back. Everyone in the class gasped but Anne Maria stared at me dreamily.

‘Excuse me Mr. What did te just say?’ the teacher asked angrily. B gave Cameron and Sam a concerned looked. B than leaned over with his arm out and spanked me on the head. I gasped and changed back to normal.

‘Huh? I’m sorry sir! I’m just a little... tired, heh-heh!’ I replied nervously. The teacher gave me an annoyed glare and then moved on. I sighed in relief and whispered ‘Thanks B,’ B replied with a relaxed smile and a thumbs up. Later, the campana, bell rang for the successivo period.

‘Remember your homework tonight,’ our History teacher called out as everyone got their things and walked out the door.

‘What type of personality was that?!’ Sam asked as we walked out the door and into the busy hallway. I let out a heavy sigh.

‘My least favourite. Vito. He’s strong, loud and annoying. He’s the hardest to keep control of,’ I explained. ‘All he wants to do is flirt with girls,’

‘Isn’t Vito a good think? You’ll get the girls all over you!’ Sam told me.

‘Well... in my normal personality, I like Zoey. Don’t tell her that though!’ I replied to the group.

‘Don’t worry, we won’t tell a soul,’ Cameron said. Sam nodded and B gave a ‘zipping lips’ hand gesture.

‘I’m afraid if Vito takes over, he might go running after another girl,’ I explained.

‘Ah, I understand. We’ll help te if Vito takes over again,’ Cameron replied.

‘Thanks guys. You’re my first group of Friends I’ve ever had,’ I detto to them giving a large smile. They all smiled back and walked to the successivo class.

*End Of Chapter 6*