The poster.
Haley:Hey Duncan, remember when we got $5,000 in Nevada?
Duncan:Yea, let's tell the story.
Haley:Hold on, we gots a call.Hello.
Courtney:Yea, HI.I was wondering WHEN DUNCAN WILL COME HOME?????
Haley:YEAH,YEAH.Hold on after the mostra he will Bossy.I still have the poster!
Trent:This'll be interesting.
Duncan:I didn't say anything!!!
Haley:No, ur my is trent.
Haley:Anyway, we were in Nevada and Duncan and I spot a wanted poster....of him!So I came up with the idea of 'betraying' him for 5 grand sooo...

Duncan:How could te my own cousin!!!
Haley:I want the money!
COP:Ok, here.

*that night*
Duncan:*wispering too*Right here.
Haley:comon let's get outta here.
*They escape*
*end of flashback*

Haley:Now we're not allowed in Nevada anymore;Hello?
Nevada cops:Yes this is The nevad----
Trent:Why'd te do that haley?
Duncan:Common sense.
Haley:Yep.End of the show!!!!
Geoff Sing baciare ME THROUGH THE PHONE!!
Geoff:Ok,*sings baciare me through the phone*
*we fade out*