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posted by aprilacne
the cast of my book

Tdi lover4ever as: Fayetta Reed "Fay"

Taytrain97 as: Raynetta Raella di Selvaggio, known as 'Ray'

Taylor as: Tay

Baylon as: B.J.

Christian as: James

lexie as: lex

Everyone else is from the original show

srry 4 the people who are not in it

i needed 4 più people and my frends wannted to be in it...


oh i all most 4got

aprilacne as: nikki abegayl funer

srry 4 the people who are not in this
i'm rilly sorry

i wouldn't remember any of them

then i would have to wright più fights and arguments and baciare sceens and te get the point do te

so um sorry!
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