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*theme Musica plays*

Chris: welcome back to Total Drama dead rising

Chuck: on the last episode they found the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza house

Chris: and today there gonna be running around the mall to find a stash of money worth $500

Chuck: its starts now!!

*Camera goes to the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza room*

Stacey: IDK whats gonna happen next

Nikki: yeah its totally unpredictable

Kurt: I hope there arent anymore dangerous challenges

Ray: *to kurt* cry baby

Danny: yeah Kurt grow a pair

*Chris talks over the loud speakers*

Chris: todays challenge is to find a stash of $500 dollars in the mall

Chris: te will be in teams of 2 so begin!!

*outside the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza house*

*Camera goes to Stacey and Blaine*

Stacey: ok so where is our cash

Blaine: maps says the Cibo court so I think thats where we should go

Stacey: fine with me

Blaine: lets get a couple weapons first

Stacey: cant be to careful

*Camera goes to Nikki and Seth*

Nikki: so seth what does the map say

Seth: says the money is in the Yucatan casino

Nikki: where in the casino

Seth: IDK just says go to the casino

Nikki: well lets get moving *runs towards the casino doors*

Seth: wait up *runs*

*Camera goes to Kurt and Ray*

Ray: ugh great im paired up with you

Kurt: shut up I dont like this

Ray: the map says we have to go to the roof of the palizzata mall

Kurt: where do we get to that

Ray: outside genious

Kurt: where there are zombies

Ray: yes kurt zombies

*Camera goe to Taylor and Danny*

Danny: so where is our money we need to win

Taylor: says its in the pharmacy

Danny: where is that

Taylor: other side of the mall

Danny: lets go babe

Taylor: ok and dont call me babe

Danny: fine

*camera goes to Nikki and Seth*

Seth: ok so this is the yucatan

Nikki: its pretty nice

Seth: uh oh the zombies are moving in fast

Nikki: we can climb up the slot machines

Seth: better than nothing

Nikki: *climbs up* ok come on

Seth: *grabs a tiki torch and sets a zombie on fire* ok

*Camera goes to Stacey and Blaine*

Blaine: this is the place

Stacey: yeah this is the Cibo court but I dont see the money

Blaine: shhh do te hear that

Stacey: hear what?

Blaine: its coming from that restaurant

Stacey: hello is anybody there?

Antoine: ciao te must be the reviewers here to sample my food

Blaine: ciao buddy we arent here to eat your food

Stacey: yeah theres a zombie outbreak going on

Antoine: wait so your not the reviewers?

Blaine: no and I wouldnt eat your slop any way

Antione: how dare te mess with the king of cuisine te will pay!!!

*Camera goes to raggio, ray and Kurt*

Ray: ok were on the roof

Kurt: theres the case

Ray: yes $500 dollars is ours

Kurt: back to the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza house *climbs into the mall*

Ray: wait up *climbs*

*Camera goes to Danny and Taylor*

Taylor: this is the pharmacy

Danny: I found it its on that shelf

Taylor: *kicks shelf* got it

Danny: run like hell to the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza house *runs*

Taylor: right behind te *runs(

*Camera goes to Stacey and Blaine*

Blaine: what the hell is your problem man

Antoine: te will pay

Stacey: lets get out of here

Antoine: *throws a frying pan at stacey*

Stacey: *gets hit with the frying pan*

Blaine: *runs and tackles antoine* Get away from her!!!

Antoine: *stumbles back* how dare you

Stacey: ahh that hurt *on the ground*

Blaine: *takes out a spiked bat* lets go

Antoine: *grabs a frying pan* *runs at blaine*

Blaine: *ducks and blasts antoine with the bat*

Antoine: *stumbles back into a counter*

Blaine: *blasts antoine again with the bat*

Antoine: I will never go away *hits blaine with a frying pan*

Blaine: ahhh

Stacey: are te ok?

Blaine: dam that hurt

Antoine: *runs at stacey*

Blaine: *runs and drop kicks antoine*

Antoine: *gets weak* *leans on a counter* ugh te will never beat be *slips head first into a deep fryer* ahhhhhhh!!!!!

Blaine: *finds the money* ok I found the money

Stacey: *tries to stand up* yeah

Blaine: are te ok

Stacey: im gonna need some help

Blaine: ok *helps stacey stand up*

*Camera goes to Nikki and Seth*

Nikki: I found the money on this light

Seth: that was harder than it sounded

Nikki: to the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza house

Seth: finally

*Back in the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza house*

Chris: so everybody is here

Chuck: looks like it

Blaine: some crazy guy attacked us!!

Stacey: yeah he was a crazy chef

Chuck: I guess te found one of the psychopaths

Chris: there are about 20 of them out there to hunt te down when te find them

Chuck: since te got rid of antoine that makes around 19

Chris: and the good news is noone is leaving today

Seth: sweet!


Blaine: ok there is this girl on here that I really like. I hope she stays here for a while!

Seth: this game is getting harder now that there are psychopaths every where

Nikki: great psycho paths whats next

Taylor: ugh psychopaths but at least we got money


Chris: See te successivo time on TOTAL DRAMA...

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The third aftermath. mirror'd to avoid being removed. sorry for those who hate it. enjoy!
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katie is tweedle dumb and sadie is tweedle idiot lol ;D
baciare the Girl from The Little Mermaid sang da Ashley Tisdale. Credit goes to GoombaWithGun from Youtube
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