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posted by gothemo1234
harrit:(on the phone)i know duncan the shows back on cant talk bye(hungs up)welcome back oh look its harolds kids
akira:this badass like place right sis
harry:badass mean a good pla
harrit:no one cares harry u two go stand over there ciao look here comes trent and courtneys kids
taylor:hey whats up
harrit:nothin man
cory:hi im cory its nice to see u all most of u
harrit:umm two can stand over there
(taylor walks over to gerg and greg acts like he dont like her when she looks away he smiles at her)
harrit:ok here comes geoff and bridgette's kids wow i did not know one of there kids were goth
gaz:hi im goth one]
selena:hi im the one who più like my dad
jake:im the one who più like mom
harrit:ok u guys can stand over there
(gaz checking out vic)
vic:u know im into girls like u
harrit:ok here comes owen's and izzy's kids
star:hi im star
tom:(jumps out and gets hit da the dock)
cory:guys he can get hurt (helps him up)
tom:thanxs ciao sis lets go over there
harrit:ok everyone here ok everyone come with me
(in the middle of the camp)
harrit:were going to diviso, spalato te into two teams in team cool is gerg,colin,taylor,star,tom,jake,vic,flinn and gazdin?
flinn:u didnt see us on the barca because we were in the sides
gazdin:yeah da the way were lindsay and tayler's kids
harrit:ok the rest of u guys are on team loser
gaz:(sounding like duncan)why?
harrit:because your moms and dads were losers!
cory:what about my dad?
harrit:hes cool and your sister is più like him so that why shes on time cool ok u guys go get your lunch while i get your rooms ready ok
(at lunch)
cj:how is my dad lame?
gaz:hmm let me see he hurt alot of cuts animals
harry:still cant belive im più like dad
cory:(sits da gaz)wait how u like my moms exboyfriend when he's not your dad?
gaz:dont ask u dont want to know
(at the line)
taylor:do u think your brother likes me?
colin:i think so he's più like our mom and i still beliver our moms and dads used to data now thats creppy
(after lunch)
harrit:ok let me tell u who sleeps were the cool kids go to right and loser kids go to left
gaz:do we all sleep in the same room cause i want to bunk under him (pounts at vic)
harrit:no boys and girls sleep in dirffnet rooms so go get your stuff unpack will be back
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This is an Awesome TDI/A AMV on Heather. Made da skymelodies.
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geoff and bridgette have a good time!
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