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 courtney pushes harold
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This A tutto reality - L'isola foto contains anime, fumetti, manga, and cartoni animati.


-Getting ready and spending time together-

After that day, Dakota and Anne Maria wanted to be Mike and Ally's friends. They all agreed and got along pretty well. Many people also acknowledged what Ally did to Tiffany. A lot of People like some with glasses, braces, o even pimples thanked her for teaching Tiffany a lesson. Tiffany went home early that day, and surprisingly, Ally didn't get into any trouble! Even the principal knew Tiffany had bullied a lot of people and needed to be confronted.

   As più days passed by, più people were getting ready for the Winter Dance. Guy and girls...
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-Can we see the stitches?-

Ally. Ally! Wake up sleepy head

Ally's eyes fluttered open to the sound of an angelic voice.  After opening her eyes wide, she saw everyone of her group sitting in the room and staring at her. All were holding più flowers, chocolates, balloons, cards, even Silent B was holding a large handful of bears and stuffed animals.

"Your finally awake!" Courtney exclaimed. "So, how do te feel?"

"A little sore, but very tired." Ally whimpered as she rubbed her eyes.

She looked over to her left and saw Mike laying in letto also, with his eyes wide open.

"How's my preferito guy...
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Authors note: ciao minniemeg here aggain I wanna thank everyone for some positve feedback especially from ipsychic te rock!

The successivo morning zoey and mike were feeling uneasy about the converstions they had with they're roommates the night before, especcialy zoey who was planning on how she was going to approach mike.

Mike on the other hand was planning to avoid zoey and just try to relax that day,because he knew that she was going to bring up the conversation they had last night and it would lead to things that he didn't want to deal with.

In the guys side of the mutant maggots cabina not alot...
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(WUZ THIS?! Another update from Abby?!? JES IT IS :D I know te all are probably like 'What the hell?! There is so many aggiornamenti And all the episode are so SHITTY'! Well! Your not very nice if te say that :( ANYWAYS! OMS IT'S HALLOWEEN! Hell ya! I <3 this holiday! Oh! And now I shall tell u that I could've written this last night when I couldnt sleep but instead I stayed up till 4:00am Leggere K-boe comics, drawing, and watching YouTube :D Enjoy thue guys!)

Rayla: *In red riding-hood costume* Tralalalala! Oh.... Yellow camera dude! Now before the campers wake up let me just say! Last time...
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Chef: In this brand new and totally dramatic season, I, Chef, would be our mostra host
Chris: Hey! How could you?
Chef: No worries. te are now the co-host.
Chris: What?!
Chef: Yep. I’m giving my cooking stuff to you. You’re now the Chef Chris. Call me Hatchet. Yes, accetta, ascia di guerra everyone.
This season, 20 contestants will be battling together in this (haunted) island. Welcome to a brand new season of... TOTAL…DRAMA….ANIME!
*Theme Song*

*Out comes everyone from the tram*
Chef: Here is…umm that’s your turn to come out Jenny. *Jenny is surprised and walks out of tram* Here is Jenny *waves* Mia *blows...
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chris: who got voted of will leave to the cave, geoff was the first one to go and he tried to make the best outta it but then it all went wrong, he tripped and broke his feet, he couldn't continou the game, meanwhile courtney is bossing everyone around and leshawna desided to say something about it, maybe it was a mistake, and that appears to be true when she got the most voti except she used some coins and lindsay was the one to go to the cave, at team red everyone thinks they are on a dream team and think the won't ever loose a challenge, tention is getting higher, a new hard challenge is...
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~The TD cast (all of them!) have gotten together to celebrate not actually being in the 4th season and 2wait and watch the newbies b tortured for a change and are all at Chris's place~

-every catches up but when Courtney arrives it gets quite and so she goes outside da the rail, on the side of an ocean-

Courtney:-talking to herself- Oh I shouldnt be here. I knew it would be a mistake. Everyone hates me. Even Blaineley! -sniff- This should all end here. -sniff-

-steps on rail-

Courtney: I-i-i guess things will be better if I can just leave...

-raises 1 foot-

Trent: Courtney? What are te doing?
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 me getting ready for letto
me getting ready for bed
A bus comes down the airport this young lady comes out of the bus and smiles she runs to hug Courtney heather Gwen leshawna and the rest of the girls she then turns to the boys and hugs all of them um were out of breathe young lady detto the host oops im sorry Chris i just Amore being on here detto the new girl Alejandro comes out of the bus and sees every girl except the new one he soon bump into her she has brown hair that flows brown eyes and brown skin she look at him well hello im Kenya but call me yaya detto Kenya but chica i rather call u my corzaon but no one knows what that is detto Alejandro...
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*Theme Musica plays*

Chris: last time we saw our contestants in the Canadian rockies

Talia: yeah and It was freezing

Chris: and Team Water won but will they win again today

Cedric: Where are we today

Jessica: yeah I hope its not cold

Chris: would te people talk

Jake: yeah the più he talks the closer I am to one million bucks

Chris: We are currently over the outer hawaiian islands where there are no people

Ya'vanti: Yes Hawaii!!

Chris: dont get to happy te guys will be jumping into the ocean from 40 feet up!!!

Jordan: thats insane

Cedric: yeah but I live for the adrenaline rush

Mason: were gonna die

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