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 gwen ...
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owen won TDI
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Sierra, labeled The Obsessive Uber-Fan, was one of the three newcomers who competed in Total Drama World Tour. She was originally a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot before she switched with Izzy on Team amazon so she could be with Cody and Izzy could be with Owen. She was seen with the original contestants on a yacht in the first episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.Sierra, along with Alejandro, debuts in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, where she flaunts her knowledge of the Total Drama series. She created a blog for each and every competitor...
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sorry my laptop wont let me make video i was going make a video about them with this song but then theres something wroung with it
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This fan Fic was created da Liagirl123 and written da BridgexJordan.

Chris: Hello! I'm Chris McClain! And te all know this place! This is the set of season 2 of Total Drama! Total Drama Action! Well now it's also the set of this season! Total Drama The Arts! Where we will have 26 of the contestants that have been on this show. Now let's meet them.
(Bus pulls up)
Chris: Brick!
Brick: Brick McCarty reporting sir!
Chris: Sadie and Katie!
Sadie: Oh my godfather Katie! It's the Total Drama Action set!
Katie: I know isn't it cool!...
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ciao everyone it's the new Total Drama, Total Drama Bermuda Triangle! Again for 9 weeks I'll be torturing 22 teenagers in as many ways as possible!! And the only place te can experience that, is on TOTAL DRAMA BERMUDA TRIANGLE!!-Chris

*Theme Song*

OMG!!! HI CHRIS!!-Uknown...
Umm...? Hello..?-Chris
*Gets off her boat*It's Mayla! One of your cast members!!-Mayla
Yo, Chris. It's Phil.-Phil
*whispering* oh look, duncan's twin..-Chris
So, we're staying here for the rest of the summer?*nods her head towards the sleeping huts*-Mayla
Yeah, pretty much.-Chris
*steps off her boat* Hey! I'm...
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It had been a week since Total Drama World Tour began. All the fan were turning in to the nonstop drama, thrills, and laughs. But everyone, including the contestants themselves, would discover something about two teens that would change it all.

For about a few days, everyone was suspicious about the newcomers, Sierra and Alejandro. They had been recitazione especially weird; Sierra was less perky, and Alejandro was più nicer. They were both quiet and timid, and there had been four accounts when Sierra burst into tears, and Alejandro...well, let's just say those holes in the bacheca didn't come from...
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