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 Gwen in another style
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fan art
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This A tutto reality - L'isola fan art contains paralume and lampada da tavolo. There might also be lampada da pavimento and lampada da terra.

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this is so cool
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Chris: Last time on Total drama around the world! Guatemala! home of lake Atitlan! Here are team mates fightted way to much. not going to name anyone, but Jasper and Heather! Ezekiel roaded he's team's barca so fast that he's team got cought in some Vines! But THanks to Jasper she cut the vine! Blaine didn't want lindsay to get hirt and through the barca to the other side. At the end Heather got botted out. And Alejandro showed he's Amore to heather da quiting! What will happen on this episode mate? find out here on total drama around the world!

*theme song*

*non-first class*

*Katie is crying*
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anteprima for total drama action
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