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Source: Gwen/Trent: Total Drama Series, Background: Google, Cover-over:me
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Made da me, this took a while. NOTE: When the characters names are there, I didn't have enough time to make pictures, but that will be in an update!!
this is what i think colud happen the first two are real
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so i was asked if i would i put mine down and im cool with that

name: lily springtower

personailty: uber shy animal lover

bio when she was 11 her dad and her om had a devorice and she went to her dad a anno later he died for unkowen reasons and she went to her mom after that she begain to hang out in the forest and hang out with er pets and the forest animalsshe eneter the mostra so she could build a animal shelter

crush/dating no one but she has a crush on leon *sara-lights oc

whats your fav simulation game: animal crossing

other she has trama identy hulation becuse of her dad and that brought phoenix...
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ok so here is the cast ecept fot the tdi characters

lily (sorandom15 me :D)
clay (sorandom15 me again :D)
trent: (sorandom15 me ;) )

may (wishy)
cluadia (wishy)

jordan (bridgexjordan)

zack (ares2002)

lucy (jazzscarb)
jazon (jazzscarb)

lia (liagirl123)

angie (ninjacupcake88)

luke (demigodrock)

rebekah (random and some numbers)

zam (vibetele)












Musica note




if i missed anything let me know
chris: last time on total drama simulation.the sims Supernatural everyone died well excepct zack who won the challagene for his team now who will reap the reward this timeon total drama simulation

girls side apartment*

rebekah: ok so i think we sholud make a pact to vote off trent

lia: why

rebekah he piosend me!!!

angie: te probley ate something te werent sopoused to

rebekah: i ate what he made

lia: well will talk about it later trent seems to nice to do that

rebekah: uggh fine >->


Rebekah: I'm feeling so much better! :D I'm having really bad feeling of Trent...... I think...
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chris: last time on total drama simulation we had a baby sitting contest in wichteam simlish won so what will happen this time on total drama mama ....urrgh i mean total drama simulation

*theme song*

*mess hall*

trent: where angie and throw up girl

zam: dident see them this moring

trent:team mela, apple probley took them

lily: well team mela, apple has più class then te guys

trent: says the girl with animal issues

lily: what did te say

trent: just to let te know i was the one who sold your bunny

lily: what

luke: man thats cold

lily: (closes eyes and thay turn red when she opens them)

pjoenix: te wanna...
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part 1

song 1 sea shanty *artist* tdwt cast

song 2 gyspy rap *artist* tdwt cast

song 3come fly with us *arrtist* tdwt cast

song 4 condor *artist* tdwt cast

part 2

song 5 before we die *artist* tdwt cast

song 6 city of Amore *artist* phineas and ferb

song 7 to good to be true *artist* edens edge

part 3

song 8 haunted *artist* taylor veloce, swift <3

song 9 ready o not *artist* bridget mendler *thanks lia*

song 10 wide awake *artist* katy perry

song 11 boyfriend *artist* justin bieber

song 12 apologize *artist* im doing the cover da luke bryan

song13 call me maybe *artist* carly rae jepsen

song 14 good time *artist* owlcity and carly rae jepson

song 15 this is me *artist demi lovato

thats it guys if te want links to the songs ask me in message ;)

i do not own any of these songs o people thay all go to there respectful owners
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chris: last time on total drama simulation call of duty as there lazer war broke out rebekah and luke won the game for them this time we have a surprise for all of them this time on total drama simulation

*theme song*


lily oh i miss my pet cookie

May: I know I voted for Dakota, but I'm sad she's gone.

Claudia: I'm glad i survived my first elimination.

Lucy: oh boy that was a close one this time im really gonna put my head in the game sorry jazon but one of us has got to do it.


chris: WAKE UP!!!!

rebekah: eek

luke woah are te ok

rebekah im fine


Rebekah: I loved...
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