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------Confirmed Information I’ve Recorded-----
The differential of one third R cubed is R.D.R.R.

Miko is equivalent to the flat ming of the obligs feroid to the nth power

Internal energy of e remains constant

Mass times the fusion rate squared is constant

The cube root of the exthermal energon yield delta e violates Clank’s law of energon conservation

Em3 divided da the square root of propulsion factor equals (insert the written formula here)

The trisector of the polygon is an integral substant

----Not actually clearly heard, I only wrote these down da how I guessed Bulkhead must have detto so--------

The data inhabits a fraction of Bulkhead’s brain, infant tesmile da standard neuro net densities

Inner section of the atomic warlets indicate convergent tursiary structures irreversible, results in Vector L-1 norm squared

Energon temperatures involve irregular proportions to the triangular construction