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The Musica video from Rockonpom.
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Twenty years ago, at the world's scariest lab. Tressa was six years ago.She was kidnapped from scientist, because she could speak with humans. She learnt human's language with her super hearing. Her brother Rico was only 3 years ago. He tried to rescue her but he couldn't. Tressa was so sad and scared. She must eat the pesce biscuits which are very disgusting. Scientist never let her to walk o swim. One day, someone comes to lab's window. It is looks like a bird, but it could fly. Tressa couldn't understand what is it.
T: Hey! Who are you?
Mr.Snowfighter: Me?
T: Yes, I ask you.
M: Mr.Snowfighter...
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A sunny giorno without training... We don’t know why Skipper let us do anything we want on this day. After our hard secret missions, we really need a holiday.
Scene 1 –HQ
Kowalski is in his lab, he trying to invent new inventions. Rico is watching TV. Private is Leggere lunacorns magazine.
Skipper: Boys, come here. We are going to get some snow cones. (Looking around) Where is Kowalski?
Private: He is in lab.
Me (Tressa): He invents new inventions that something turns into robot.
Rico: Uhh?
Me (Tressa): It’s not dangerous.
Skipper: Really?
Tressa: And… I must do something. Can I stay at HQ?...
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Scene 1- Lab 20.00/ Night
There isn’t anybody here. So quiet. Tressa looking to her diary. She wrote her adventures,her feelings and … she wrote about her family. She was five years old when the scientist took her from her family. She tried so hard to escape from lab, but it wasn’t working. But this time, she can go out. Her latest invention, Live-in-dream the teleporter can help her. She is so excited. She press the button. Now she is going to Antartica!
Scene 2- New york- Central Park Zoo 20.15
Tressa: Where am I? Where is the Antartica?
She has super hearing skills. She can hear every...
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