This was Talow's first mission, find the lab and take anything useful. He was geared up with his new group, battalion V35. Luca had done some sweet talking to his general which allowed Talow to be put with them instead of some other scouting group. When they had gotten to Nindell they hadn't stopped to allow for sightseeing so this would be his first chance to see what the war had done to the once pristine city.
“You ready to go?” Luca appeared behind Talow with his own gear in place and his badge shining on his breast. The rest of the battalion was behind him, along with the few boys Talow hadn't yet met; Walter, Ben and Phil, he reminded himself that he should try to remember their names if he was going to be fighting with them.

Once everyone was gathered Luca led them all out into the city. The air at first was hard to breath after being in head quarters with all the smog and what not but soon they their lungs adjusted. Talow walked beside Nico and Cyle who both seemed to know what they were doing.
“Have te two been on raids before?” Talow asked as they pasted what looked like the remains of a fontana but was now crushed into dust and murky water. Nico shouldered his gun before answering.
“This'll be my third, first one was into a Bellator storage base. Man did we get hit! Lost over half my battalion, but that was before V35.” He grinned before turning to Cyle. “This is your fifth, right?” Cyle turned to him.
“Sixth actually. Three with W90 another with A21 and my last with Luca.” He nodded in the direction of their leader who was checking a map with two other boys in the group. Both Cyle and Nico turned to look at Talow.
“What about you? Been on any raids yet?”
“No, this will be my first.” Talow looked at the ground feeling small between the others.
“No worries then, this is an easy one. The lab was abandoned three months fa when the bomb went off.” Nico shrugged it off like a bomb exploding was no big deal.
“A bomb? I didn't think there were any left.” Cyle looked to his companion.
“There aren't, that was the last one. They used it as a last resort to win the lab. Apparently it has some chemicals we need to get our hands on before the Bellators do.” Talow listened to them talk about things that had happen and whether they had seen so-and-so lately. He wasn't exactly thrilled to be entering a recently blown up lab full of dangerous chemicals. He walked on in silence wondering what he had gotten himself into when he bumped into one of the boys in front of him, they had stopped. Luca disappeared inside a run-down looking building with one of the front line boys with him. They returned within minutes. Luca coughed before addressing the group.
“Hope te all brought your respirators 'cause something down there has broken and the fumes are enough to knock anyone, even our Jose here out.” He nodded in the direction of a bigger guy who was rummaging in his bag. The group started fitting masks over their faces when Talow realized that he didn't have a respirator.
“Luca, I don't have a respirator.” He walked up to the leader as he helped another boy with his own device.
“Walter te got any extras?” He called across to the boy Talow guessed was Walter. Walter looked through a bag he had been carrying and pulled out a mask similar to everyone elses.
“Thanks.” Talow took the respirator from him and slid it on, adjusting the straps so it wouldn't slide off.

The boys entered the building in pairs, Luca and Walter first with Talow and Red bringing up the rear. Each boy worn a respirator, thick gloves and carried a lined bag with them as they followed a set of stairs down in a spiral. When they reached the main floor Talow could almost see vapours from different things floating through the air. He was glad for the respirator that separated him from this toxic air. He watched as some of the boys started locating bottles of liquid that they tucked into the bag with care. A few others were looking for anything else of value that could be salvaged. Talow joined the scavengers and soon found himself carrying a few lab coats, empty vials, planks of wood not yet rotted and a few other materials. They started to make their way back to the surface, arms piled with things as they stepped out into the cleaner air. Luca, Ben, Walter, and Phil started sorting through the chemicals while the others figured out who was going to carry what. Talow was folding up the coats for easier packing when a container tumbled from one of the pockets; no one else had noticed so he tucked it into his own bag intent on studying what was in it when he got a free moment. They travelled back to HQ and deposited the things in a storage room where others would sort through it later. Some things would be kept while others would be traded and sold.

Talow had found himself a deserted bunk to rest as he pulled the container out from his bag. It was a cylinder with a lid at one end. He tugged on it, expecting it to be jammed o something but it slid off easily. Talow reached inside and pulled out a few sheets of paper with Scrivere and diagrams on them. Each piece held a diagram followed da a descrizione and labels. He read a few and finally came to the conclusion that these were plans for green energy devices such as homes, vehicles, and computers. Talow folded them back into their tube, wondering if these things could have prevented this war. If these green devices could stop a war that had been raging for years. He tucked them into the pocket in his giacca before heading back to battalion V35 to see if their were any tasks for him to do in the meantime.