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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Talow stood Leggere the task he had been given. It had come from the general of the battalions and recruiting so he couldn't object. He read the scrawled out message again:

Task #1: Thursday, August 3 ****
Recruit 003579-Dains

te are to segnala to the prison-holds this afternoon for your task of executing the captured victims from the villages of Dains and of the Bellator boy captured one giorno after. Failure to comply will result in serious penalty including but not restricted to:

Talow swallowed as he pushed open the large doors, behind were the prison-holds. The air held a stench of sweat and blood that lingered in one's throat. He forced himself not to gag as he walked towards the three soldiers standing around a large desk. The scrivania, reception was occupied da a large man who was giving one boy the death stare.
“You brought this upon yourself, failure to follow the rules has its consequences.” The man's fingers were inched towards a drawer in the desk, the boy in domanda watched silently. “Do te remember what it was te did?” The man sat forward, a wicked grin on his face. The boy was sweating but made no sposta to wipe his brow. “Speak!” He jolted and like a machine began to talk.
“I refused to follow my battalion into battle, leaving my brothers to the mercy of the Bellators.” His mouth clamped shut when he was done.
“Exactly.” The man at the scrivania, reception had a look in his eye like a savage beast with its prey pinned under it. “And te know why I have to punish te for this. If everyone started abandoning mission we would have Lost years ago. Is that what te want! To be ruled da self-loving Bellators! Well do you?” The man's face had turned red with rage as he leaned across the scrivania, reception to shout in the traitor's face.
“” He was silenced da the man as he stood and gripped him da the throat.
“I new te were a ratto the giorno te were recruited.” He dropped him to the ground. “Take him away, I'll deal with him later.” Two of the soldiers who had been standing behind the boy now came inoltrare, avanti and grabbed him da the arms. His shouts and pleading could be heard as he was dragged down the hall. Talow watched them leave and was having secondo thoughts about this when the man noticed him.
“Quit cowering and get over here before I do the same to you.” Talow obeyed and stood before the man, handing his paper over. The man read it and sank back into his chair.
“So, te got the guts to do this o are te going to chicken out like most of them?” Talow didn't say a word as the man walked around the scrivania, reception and lead him down the same hall the soldiers had vanished down. Talow could see people locked behind bars, dirty and sad-looking as he passed keeping close to the officer. When they reach cell 23 Talow could see the villagers from Dains watching him as the door was unlocked. They backed into the corner as the officer entered the cell and grabbed a thin man with bloody nails and a bruise on his cheek. He dropped him in-front of Talow.
“Your choice. We can do this the quick way o we can drag it out.” He pulled from his cintura a small gun and a club with nails poking out of it. Talow looked from the weapons to the man who was watching the floor, not meeting his eyes. Talow picked the gun, checking how many rounds it had left. One. Just enough to finish the job. He saw the officer watching him, waiting for him to pull the trigger and end this mans life in full view of the others. Talow knew this man which made all so much harder. As he aimed the gun and steadied his shaking finger on the trigger Talow was about to bury the bullet in the man's head when a shout from down the hall forced him to jerk his hand and shoot the floor successivo to the man. The officer spun on his heel and stormed down the small ahllway, stopping at a cell containing one person. The boy who had attacked Talow in the clearing. The man detto something to him before he started walking back to his scrivania, reception to fins another bullet.

Talow took this opportunity to run down the hall and stop at the cell.
“Why did te do that?” He asked the boy behind the bars. The boy leaned casually against the wall, examining his nails.
“Do what?”
“Stop me from shooting that villager.” Talow was growing impatient knowing that his time was running out.
“I know te don't like killing, it's written all over your face.” The boy came closer. “You want to get out of here?” Talow nodded eagerly. “Next chance te get out of this place find the main road until te reach a place with two alley ways. Take the second, it'll lead te the jungle.” Talow made a mental note of what he was told.
“Why are te helping me?”
“Think of it as a favour.” Talow took a step back from him and started to turn away.
“Thank” He didn't even know his name to thank him properly.
“Name's Raza, now get out of here.” Raza shooed him away as the officer started coming back down the hall.

Talow found the entrance to HQ easy enough, it was getting out that would cause some problems. He waited around until he saw someone he knew.
“Nico, Cyle!”
“Hey Talow, what's up?” They stopped to talk to him, moving to a bacheca where they wouldn't be in the way.
“I was wondering if te guys could get the guards to open the doors since you've both got più seniority then me. I think I dropped something outside when we were coming back.” Cyle and Nico exchanged looks, not quite believing his story but they helped him anyway. When Talow was far enough away, he started to follow the directions Raza had dato him, sure enough he found himself at the edge of the jungle. All he had to do was dive in there and he'd be home free, but should he? Talow looked back at the city noticing the line of men coming down the main road. He still held the plans under his giacca and he knew they were looking for him. Were they after the plans? Did they know he had escaped? All thinking came to late as UFS soldiers found him. Maybe if he talked to them they would see it from his point of view. He had the plans, all he had to do was mostra them.
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasy :)~
Chapter 39
        Justice is served
    The police came and we spilled out everything that happened, they were bewildered but they kept up. The whole group of the drowning man was arrested, not only for the murder of Dorothy Loreans, but for più worse crimes too. Jessica and Meredith, as I predicted, were the only ones that had a nice crime report, and from the visions of what I saw with Meredith’s crimes, I’m a bit scared to learn the others.
    Since mom was safely...
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The successivo giorno Katie told them all to meet her on Moori Mountain. She didn't say why, she just detto it was important. When they were all there they asked Katie what it was about.She began, "Well, yeterday... I uuh was told... that... *sniff* ... After a test... uuh... *sniff* ... Kyle won't make it... Atleast thats what the test said." There was silence while everyone tried to think about what they were just told. "When did te find out?" asked James
"Yesterday, I was too upset to talk about it, he's like my brother to, te know." Katie replied. Katie had been their friend since kindergarten,...
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più weeks past. Then months. As Autumn neared Katie was called in to speak to the head nurse.
"Yes?" she asked
"Katie, this is hard for me to say. But te have the right to know, we haven't told the others, we were hoping te would."
"Would tell them what?" Katie asked, sje already knew, but she needed to be sure.
"We have just finished a test, to see if... Kyle would... make it."
"and...?" Katie asked.
"The test showed that he... won't make it." The head nurse, Lailey, didn't dare look at Katie.
"When?" she asked, trying not to burst to tears.
"If the test was correct, it is estimated da Autumn."...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy
    Never, in the fifteen years that I’ve grown up in this town, did something strange and unexplained like this ever happen.
    All over the news were photo’s of us displayed on there, saying that we were found, and that a freak accident occurred but now were fine.
    But that wasn’t a freak accident?
    It felt too real and purposeful to be random, it was literally one half a secondo when the storm came and changed the sunny outside. I’d never been so scared in my life,...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 17
    High school, the worse kind
    I was so angry that we had to go school the successivo Monday morning, that I even considered skipping. Now, it’s got nothing to do with Ryler, okay maybe a little. But also due to the fact that I have to face Meredith and Cal, yeah, I may have an infatuation. But it still hurts to see Cal with her.
    It’s hard to break a crush you’ve had for a while, but I can work something. But now I’m angry because I could spend the whole giorno with Ryler, who was Adam...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasy :)~
Chapter 29
    Who and what is it?
    Practically everyone in the room was leaving, the police had left already, to cerca the other places Dorothy’s been, hoping to find some evidence.
    Dad had stormed out when we were released and mom, Jess, and I were just leaving when a group of girl’s blocked my way, leaded da a lucid looking Meredith.
    “Your in our way.” Jess said, levelly. “Better get out of it.”
    “I’m not here for you,”...
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posted by Dhampires
I'm cheerful on the outside yes, but under this huge hyperfilled, cheerful girl is a fragile antique.

On the outside some see me as normal o energetic maybe the one mela, apple with a hole in the barrel.

I'll plaster a smile every now and then to mostra the me-the fake me- to disguise the actual one pulling the strings.

As I stand before the mirror starring at myself I see that figure looming behind me his hand on my shoulder.

And at that moment my mask breaks and I'm stunned at my actual self.

I'm filled with depression, sadness, anger and haterid.

Never did I want to ever see the true me.

The mirror breaks and the man successivo to me whispers "Your mine." I look down in defeat.

Dropping to the ground-on my knees-I begin to cry.

He got the better of me and now I am no more.

"I'm a monster." I say to myself through a sob.
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