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As we walked down a long never-ending hallway. I decided I wanted answers. So where are we going I asked Blake? Do te want to stay in that white room? No I replied. We came to a stop. And he handed me a key. Then here we are this is where te will be staying. Go ahead do the honors.
I put the key in the lock and twisted it. Grabbed the handle and opened the door. I am not going to lie the room was beyond cool. First off it was huge like two apartments big. And there was a king-sized bed, a walk in closest full of clothes and a cucina filled with snacks. But what I found odd was half of it...
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posted by hgfan5602
This is for the Hunger Games RP, but I thought it could be put on here to see what everyone thinks about it too.

I stare up at the stage as they wait for everyone to be ready for the reaping. I hate the Capitol. I hate everyone who's even associated with the Capitol. I hate the reapings. And I hate the Hunger Games. I'm one of the very few people who don't like the Hunger Games here in District 3. Most people Amore the Hunger Games here. If they get chosen for it, they are usually celebrating about it later on. Some prepare for...
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This song that I wrote is dedicated to the Hunger Games.

I can't believe it
We were just in battle fighting for our lives
It was a wicked world, crazy and psycho
But I guess we came out alive and that's all that matters

It was a cold night
We were keeping our eyes open
For a sign of any fallen warrior
Our eyelids were dropping, but we stayed awake through it all

It was a crazy world out there
Wanting teenagers to fight each other to their death
It was a cruel world, and I liked it no più than te did
But we managed to survive the peril...
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posted by rory2011
The sky turned off the sun light again ,the night came fast today
Mac stood in his garden ,it's a big spazio of green plants and trees ,he was waiting someone to come ,someone is very important
" what's wrong ? why did te call me ? I thought te don't want me to come to your house " the doctor asked
" let's talk inside " Mac detto pulling the doctor softly inside

" she knew " Mac detto
" what ? and who ? " the doctor asked
" she knew what's going on ,she opened my secret stuff and read everything " Mac detto Kat,
" oh no ……….. are te sure ? " the doctor asked
" she read my daughter's death...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~     
    We came to an agreement, if anything…unusual happened, we’ll check it out. If it happens to be another thing then we’ll comw to the conclusion that we and the book caused this. So on the successivo day, sadly where school wasn’t cancelled, I’d kept an open eye for anything weird.
    “Status report?” Stilere asks as she walks with me around school.
    “Nothing,” I sigh. “You?”
    “Same.” Stilere shakes her head....
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 23
    The little get together interrupted part 2
    Beth squirms uncomfortably in her sede, sedile while Cal tells her about this weird amazing adventure he went on, Grey looks about ready to rip Cal in half and jump off a cliff at the same time with Talia getting in his personal bubble. Ryler helps calm me down da sitting successivo to me on the divano and talking about nothing, yet everything in particular. And Adam tries to bring back the lively mood getting another boarding game out and starting it.
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasy :)~
Chapter 37
    The way a mind works
    The fall was painful, but not too painful. My arm throbbed a bit, but the nice lush soft green erba made the fall less deadly. I managed to survive, and so did Meredith as she hugged me happily when we stood up. But we couldn’t have our moment for longer we needed to hurry.
    Meredith and I ran from the cabina into the woods, similar to the exact same woods that Dorothy once ran from. I felt chills as my feet pounded on the floor, feelings of the deceased...
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy~
    To say I was shaking in my boots yet jumping down in excitement would be an understatement. I could barely utter the sentences to ther other’s so I had to text them. There was only one bad part to this, we couldn’t meet until tomorrow, because of our parents. But on the plus side, school was cancelled because they were repairing it after the ‘weird storm’ had messed it up. Oops. Not sorry though.
    “Woah, that is…very better than what I found.” Mikey mutters.
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 22
        The little get together interrupted
    “Shut up! te totally cheated!” Sage yelled at my brother.
    Adam had an offended face. “Me? Cheat? Please, te help me win easily yourself.”
    “Hey!” Sage yells as Ali bursts out laughing.
    Meanwhile on the other side of the tavolo Grey and Beth were in their own little world.
    “You actually went to Paris?” Beth asks, smiling.
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasy :)~
Chapter 36
        An Angel in disguise
    I feel my blood run cold as I hear the door open and I quickly enter the room, the guys are on the phone, and I motion them to be quiet, not loud. Meredith nods and whispers into the phone, quickly, she sound hysterical and the door slamming shut makes us all jump, and the two girl’s start to whimper.
    I put a finger on my lips and they nod, clutching each other.
    I have to think of something, and fast. We...
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posted by rory2011
Mac was searching between the rooms in the 3th floor ,holding his coltello and saying " we need to solve our problems Kat ,come on mostra me your face I won't hurt te I promise " that's what Hayley and Kat heard when Mac walked close to the room
" mom ............. I'm scared " Hayley detto
Kat hold Hayley's hand tight ,and put the other hand around her daughter

she can feel his cold steps coming over them ,she know its the end ,she will lose her daughter and she has no idea what will happen to her

Mac found them ,he pulled Kat strongly out of the closet and he did the same for Hayley ,he put...
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posted by rory2011
Kat took the paper leaving the room quickly ,she went to where she and Hayley always sit
" we're leaving ,change your clothes and take the most important things te need " Kat detto
" what ! ? " Hayley detto
" we don't have too much time ,please just do what I detto " Kat detto
she took the paper and put it in the printer ,she want something to improve Mac's intentions and the government Intentions

Hayley stood near the house door waiting Kat ,but unfortunately Mac came , he saw Hayley wearing her cappotto and carrying her bag
he know that Kat planning to leave so he sat on the stairs which are close...
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posted by Problematic129
Part 8! I don't own any of these pictures! Most come from Hope te feel inspired! Down here is a song I wrote called Breathe, hope te enjoy it.

    Verse 1:
    I wake up today with a smile on my face, and I return back disappointments are made. Where did I go wrong? Did I even try? This world is gonna bring me down, bring tears to my eyes.
    What’s this weird feeling? I want it to go. I can’t believe that life can a cruel black hole. Time just seems to fade away, days become weeks, and I’m still, yes I’m...
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posted by hgfan5602
Sometimes I have this feeling
Right here deep in my heart
A feeling that is steady, pounding against my soul
A feeling that I write but can't complete

Oh, I want my dreams and hopes to be heard
I can't hide my feelings any longer
No one's gonna stop me from doing what I want
They will not be pushed aside

Now I'm done believing what te told me about
I have no trust o faith in te anymore
And it's time for me to follow my dreams
To stand tall and scream out my lungs

Listen to me and the story I will tell.....
I was just sitting da the bedside
Staring at the world outside of my home
And it changed my life,...
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posted by wantadog
Chapter 5
(Mystery/Sci-Fi genre)

Turns out that the “base” Steve was referring to, was a small 1 story shed at the back of some person’s yard. Juliet raised her eyebrows.
“Seriously? THIS is your secret base…”
Steve laughed. “Don’t judge us before te get to know us.” he walked into the shed, motioning for her to enter. Juliet sighed and walked in, not expecting much. She didn’t expect for him to grab a shovel and start hitting the ground.
“What are te doing?”
“I’m trying to find it…this thing is always so darn difficult to find…AHA! Here we are.” he reached down...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
On an island,
Sea around,
This is a place,
Nightmares are found.

Stinking bogs,
And tombstones black,
It is waiting,
To attack.

Enter now,
And te will find,
Objects of,
The destroyed kind.

Bloody puddles,
Broken mirrors,
Headless dolls,
All to fuel your fears.

Around the corner,
Darkness waits,
For the successivo victim,
And his fate.

Death and distress,
Blood and gore,
Normal things,
That we adore.

Twins in life,
Death as well,
Pale and ghostly,
We won't tell.

What had happened,
Late one night,
After she barked,
Before the bite.

Now we lay,
In watery grave,
Bodies empty,
Souls not saved.

Until the night,
We answer her call,
Haunt the living,
Until they fall.
posted by 1999jacko
Rick lay in hospital with stitches all over his face and his left eye swollen up, a small eye patch like thing barely covering it up. His best friends- Allan, Brandon, Kyran and Duncan- stood around his letto telling him what happened after he left, Kyran was mainly telling him about it though because everyone had bruises apart from him," and so everyone was fighting at lunch and som black kid had his leg broken, it was so cool te could see the bone sticking out and blood went everywhere over James, sp all in all we had a good first giorno of what they're calling 'the war'." Brandon smiled slightly...
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Chapter Four: Do All Teenagers Go Through What I Go Through

      Raven Millan was the daughter of the double agent Marcus Millan. He is notorious for sending information to Germany while pretending to be loyal to the U.S. He told Germany all about what was going on in Area 51. Germany learned how to use that information against us and we almost went into a World War 3. Last I heard, he was going to be dato the electric chair. My dad was supervising Millan when the government found out about the betrayal. My dad had told me everything because we have this open relationship and he tells me...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter 7: te Can't Trust Anyone These Days

      James Knight slumped in his chair. It seemed like the most appropriate thing to do in this situation. How else was he suppose to act? He was a train wreck waiting to happen. He didn't bother combing his dirty blonde hair o wear decent clothes. He still had on his Lakers felpa and faded blue jeans with holes ripped in the front. This was the kind of outfit he wouldn't dare where around the house if this was a regular day. For shoes, he had his scuffed, black Reeboks. His eyes were red and puffy but he still radiated that devilish charm...
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posted by rory2011
she sat in the sitting room alone ,reading the newspaper searching for a new job
but that wasn't everything in her mind ,she couldn't focus cause she's thinking about her life before she married to Mac ,she can't remember anything ,she forgot the name of her mother and her brothers ,she can't even remember how did they look ,she tried to imagine them o imagine their voices but that didn't work
Hayley came cutting Kat's thoughts and sitting right successivo to her ,she took Kat's hand and surrounded her shoulders with her mother's hand
" I'm sorry cause I hurt te ,how do te feel now ? " Hayley...
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