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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasy :)~
Chapter 29
    Who and what is it?
    Practically everyone in the room was leaving, the police had left already, to cerca the other places Dorothy’s been, hoping to find some evidence.
    Dad had stormed out when we were released and mom, Jess, and I were just leaving when a group of girl’s blocked my way, leaded da a lucid looking Meredith.
    “Your in our way.” Jess said, levelly. “Better get out of it.”
    “I’m not here for you,”...
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posted by Dhampires
I'm cheerful on the outside yes, but under this huge hyperfilled, cheerful girl is a fragile antique.

On the outside some see me as normal o energetic maybe the one mela, apple with a hole in the barrel.

I'll plaster a smile every now and then to mostra the me-the fake me- to disguise the actual one pulling the strings.

As I stand before the mirror starring at myself I see that figure looming behind me his hand on my shoulder.

And at that moment my mask breaks and I'm stunned at my actual self.

I'm filled with depression, sadness, anger and haterid.

Never did I want to ever see the true me.

The mirror breaks and the man successivo to me whispers "Your mine." I look down in defeat.

Dropping to the ground-on my knees-I begin to cry.

He got the better of me and now I am no more.

"I'm a monster." I say to myself through a sob.
posted by cuteypuffgirl
This a short poem I came up with. I'm not a descriptive person. I prefer just simple words in poems. This deals with the term, "Looking behind the smile." This is inspired da a friend and mine's life experiences. Enjoy :)

Gone: a poem

She sat alone
in the corner of the room.
She didn't speak
she would merely loom.
Like she was a shadow
an invisible ghost.
No one gave
a damn at the most.

She would sit there
and simply stare
looking at those
who ignored her.
No one looked
at her twice
no one bothered
when she was nice.

She was a nobody,
forgotten da all.
Her ever-blank stares
directed at the bare, empty wall....
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posted by flabaloobalah
Genre: Realistic Fiction, Drama/Romance

I like Blake. He seemed to enjoy having company with our six cousins, and they all looked excited to do whatever they were going to do tonight. That reminded me: what exactly were we doing? I had no idea. I decided to just forget about it and enjoy the rest of the day. We all ran out back and explored th backyard. Past the shed were woods like the ones we traversed to get to Blake's. I guess they were all around us. Dark and inviting and creepy.
We had a few hours to run around outside, then we were called in for supper. Jeb stood da the creaky back door...
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I shook in fear as I felt him hovering over me it scard me out of skin I could already feel his hits coming. As leaned over me I heard angry load foot steps stomping their way towards us. My eyes were closed tight but snapped open when I heard his out burst.

"Dad! Stop!" He'd detto firmly.

"This little witch" he stooped down so his mouth was level with my ear. "Was snooping on on our conversation I think I'll..." he chuckled "finish her off in one sweep."

I could feel the cold metal of the coltello against my skin against my vocal cord. God, I wasn't even breathing I didn't didn't bother to think....
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posted by alicia386
Supernatural Fiction

Chapter Thirteen
Book Four- Zoe


      This is it. I thought to myself as I sat in my room with Shane. This was really happening. I faced him with a sadden look on my face. He returned the expression. I knew what I had to do but I really didn't want to put my life o his on the line. I especially didn't want to go back to The Grey Realm. It was so depressing over there and everyone was a ghost which makes me think of death. Apparently, it had that effect on everyone that has ever been to The Grey Realm. "Are...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Twelve


      "You lie to me!" detto my demon as he threw the spirit of Emma through the door. How he threw a transparent object through a solid object, I will never know. I do know that Emma was whimpering as she she laid motionless on the floor. I appeared from the biblioteca before realizing that I wasn't suppose I be there anyways. Hopefully. He would be too focused on Emma to notice my mistake. "You detto she would be here and she isn't! te let her escape!"
      Emma's face was planted on the...
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posted by Problematic129
Yay! A part 3, because of your encouragement and all, I have decided to continue on my Inpsried series. This one is called beautiful truth :), first of all I don't own any of these pictures, I've found them on various tumblr's. Some pictures in particaulr is from the little reasons to smile tumblr and the learnlovelivelife tumblr, so te should check them out, it's really nice. I own non of these pictures, this is just for inspiring my lovely people out there. commento what te think! And fan appreciated ;) Again I own none of these pictures :) I don't know if I'm supposed to post a genre, and what genre this is, so sorry.
I own nothing!
posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, fantasy
    “Are te okay?!” I asked as I rushed to Zaria and Iris.
    “Somewhat,” Iris detto giving me a shaky smile, while Zaria replied. “Define okay.”
    I helped them out of the water, they were soaked, and kept on slipping. Which led me to fall into the water.
    “Sorry,” Iris said, looking at my now wet clothes sorrowfully.
    “It’s okay let’s just get out of here.” I said, pulling them toward the ground.
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre:realistic fiction, humor~
Chapter 16
    Awkward, it’s not the first time
    It was very unpleasant to be kicked out of our special bakery do to our girl fight. Now, it wasn’t that bad, we were just pulling each other’s hair, though I did get a good kick on my side, and Ali’s going to have an ugly bruise on her cheek from my fist, but hey.
    No damage done to the love.
    We immediately went to the mall buying ourselves ice cream, and saying sorry over and over again, with a few nice shopping trips....
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posted by Problematic129
~Genre: Fiction, mystery and fantasy :)~
Chapter 28
    The interrogation of a lifetime
    “Thank te all for coming, I know this is unexpected but my colleague here, Cadence, has just found some new astounding evidence. Cadence?”
    “Here,” Cadence stood up and handed him the diary, Jess silently gagged as most of the girl’s (or women) tried to look più attractive.
    “This,” the police held it in the air. “Is a personal data of the victim, Dorothy Loreans, a diary she updated daily until the night...
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posted by hgfan5602
Ya tell me,
Don't dance, don't dance,
Just stay inside and never go out
And scold me
All giorno long, all giorno long

What makes te think you're so damn awesome?
Don't ya know we have a life too, too?
We'd be sittin in watching TV
And I don't think te want that either

So what the heck can we do?
We're not just mindless robots with nothing else to do
We don't have time for homework
We just wanna have fun, fun, fun

We have a life, no time for homework
We can go ahead and play flag football
But I'm not goin inside

Why do te act like
There's nothin else better than
Doin homework all night long
I bet te never liked that when te were young

We've been playin outside
Now it's time to kick in and relax
No più time for homework, just sit back and do the things I Amore to do
Cuz I gotta enjoy my life when I'm young.
posted by 1999jacko
Realistic fiction

By the time Monday rolled around Alli had two large stitches on her sides and her face was covered with bruises. As she hobbled in through the gates she had half the school with sympathetic faces and helpful words, but the other half, the white half, stood with disgusted faces muttering to each other," she deserved it, and so does every other black person," and other things of the sort. But with every black person surrounding her and helping her along the hallway, no one even dared to go near her. She felt as though she was on superiore, in alto of the world.

Rick stood with about 40 people...
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posted by alicia386
Crime: Dectetive Story

Chapter 6: Two Missing People Makes A Certain Someone Happy

      Simone Rivers wore her blue strapless dress which made her look taller. She was already tall but she needed that extra height. She had her long blonde hair curled and wore the black wedges she recently bought. The whole outfits was around a seven hundred dollars but she wouldn't mention that to her cheap dad. She looked dazzling o at least that is what all the boys thought when they whistled when she walked by. She took pleasure on having their attention. Nothing could stop her now. She felt powerful...
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posted by alicia386
Interview with Simone Rivers

Me: How do te feel about the book The Deadly Truth? Was everything in it accurate?

Simone: I guess the book was okay. It didn't give a good descrizione of my beauty. The autore didn't describe how brilliant my hair looks in the light o how my eyes shimmer when I smile. The autore didn't even mention my glamourous white teeth. [shakes head disapprovingly].

Me: [ignores vain comment]. Can te tell the viewers out there about your relationship with the pastor?

Simone: [smiles lovingly]. Of course! I just want to smash all of those commenti about him dating Faye. He would...
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Action: Spy Fiction

Chapter Two: I May Be A Spy But Weather Can Kick My Butt Any Day

      I and almost everyone else is the world takes life for granted. I didn't realize how good I had it until something hit our jet which immediately caught on fire. Years of training for disasters like this kicked in. I was on high alert looking for the nearest exit. My dad was already at one with two parachutes. Dang it. How could he have possibly have gotten those that fast? This would not seem impressive. Our pilot was already trying desperately to control the jet. It was like he wasn't afraid of those...
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posted by 1999jacko
Leo picked Sarah up, because she was going to slow, and started to jump to the nearest albero skilfully. After jumping to 8 different trees they finally reached their home albero and, at the same time, whispered," Jason te there." They heard movement from a different branch and saw a shadow sposta clumsily over a small rack of weapons that that they had made," Jason stop trying to scare us and come out." Leo hissed loudly, the person came around the othe side of the albero and said," I don't think Jason is ever going to try and scare te ever again." The person had a serpent like smile and held a...
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posted by rory2011
some people think if te did something good to someone ,one giorno the person will takes your hand from your problems hole ,but that won't happen this time, that low is only in the fantasy stories ,not in the real life , Kat was very stupid to believe that she would reward for what she did and realize she must stop being that nice girl who does everything people tell her and she can't say no to anyone

David start taking his medication ,he stood in the hospital cause Mac wanted to fix that old house and give it his soul again
Kat is very busy with her work ,but everything happening taking all...
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posted by sadiebugz00
Realistic Fiction

Chapter 2
The Text

Samuel's Point of View

Heh heh. These girls are such suckers... he thought as he typed out the text telling about the losers.

The text read: U guys wna know bout sme lsrs? Chck out the nmes Kelli Rush, Samantha Gonzalez, Lizzy Strickland, Anne Finley Riley, n Autumn Konrad. Ya, she my sis. I dnt like tht fact. Txt me l8er-Sam

Thank God, he thought, around 150 characters. Not 200. Surprised that didn't go over the limit.... Huh.

As he clicked, "Send to all contacts" He stopped. Something was bugging at him. Was it his conscience telling him to not send it? Nope....
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posted by Problematic129
*Previously called the book that promised death, but changed it, unpublished it and postato it here :)*
The girl ran and did not stop, for it would cost her her life. She clutched the book tightly in her hands, keeping them at her sides…hidden. But they knew she had it, and they would not stop for nothing at all.
They will kill her for it and if its in their hands then the world would be doomed. And that must not happen the girl thought willing her legs to run faster.
Although running in a dress that was tied together so hard that she couldn’t breathe didn’t help her at all....
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