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posted by Sinna_Hime_chan
 in dedication to Mina
in dedication to Mina
The ocean may overtake me and ingoiare, inghiottire me- yet it will not bury me.
The whole of the mountain will crash down and roll over me - but it does not crush me.

Human physical strength has limitations and it weakens in time. 'Inner strength' knows no bounds!
The confines of this earthly realm have no bearing.

Let it be done!

Let the horns sound that shake the foundation.
Call forth the titans. Summon up the dread that lies buried deep within the cuore and mind.
Let the godless fear when they face the charge.
The Lost will flee o loose heart.

'And in the darkening late hours when the ground rumbles like an oncoming train...I will draw from deep wells what cannot be poisoned o tainted o overturned. I will stand, though the tides rise and the clouds threaten...and there I will remain, even if I mostra signs and cracks of care and hardship.
I will not be broken.

I may grow weary.

Though all the elements come against me
and tear at flesh and bone!-I WILL STAND!
Kakashi Hatake
posted by wantadog
The Succubus, Prologue!

“You called for me?” the young succubus, Odessa, knelt before her lord. She knew that she was about to be chewed out, but she didn’t care anymore, she would take whatever punishment he deemed fit, then leave his presence until her successivo one. Lord Arlon glared at her.
“You have some nerve, te have repeatedly disobeyed me in the past, but now te have gone too far. te have broken one rule too many, and this one was a serious one.”
She kept her head bowed respectfully, but inwardly sneered at the fool. “You and I have differing opinions, my lord.”
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Two


      Sophie's brown eyes widen and she stared in the corner. I immediately turned to look at what had her so shaken. It didn't see a thing."There's Emma," she mumbled astonished. "Can't te see her?" I tried staring harder at the corner and I made out a pale figure sitting in the corner. I could see her face perfectly clear. Seeing this spirit made a flood of memories quickly poor in my brain and then leak out the other side.
      "The same Emma who use to...
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posted by hgfan5602
Once upon a dream
There was a world
Where everyone came together as one
Where they would unisciti together and sing

We share in the riches
We unisciti together and sing
Of the amazing journey we've had
In our lives

No one would back away
In fear and cowardice,
No one would slink away
Everyone would be bold

We will be as one
On this beautiful earth,
While sharing our resources
We shall be together and sing

We are the world of destiny,
We are the people of the world,
And we do our very best,
To make this world brilliant

I have never seen a place
Where no one would
Be a traitor,
And they would hold hands and sing

We are...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter One
Book One- Zoe


      I planted my suitcase on the front porch where my sister Sophie would supposedly carry it inside and up to our rooms o at least that is what dad told her to do. It was very humid out here and I did not want to be out here in this heat.After fetching all of her suitcases, I caught a glimpse of her painting her fingernails and toenails bright red. Irresponsible, as usual. We slave our butts off while she paints her nails. te could...
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posted by Problematic129
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    Chapter 6
        Obviously, high school is not kind
    “Well, your sister was obviously lying about the yoga classes,” Cadence stated and I gave him a scorching glare.
    “Obviously she was,” I snapped.
    He held up his hands in surrender. “Calm down cupcake, stuff like this happens, your going to have to brace yourself for the truth and forget all...
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posted by IlovePatch97
Tell me darling why te cry,
Your tears stain the letto te lay upon
Could it be te miss the ones te clung to so tight,
Nothing but a scared little fawn
The flames burnt away your past and future,
The hate did nothing but balance your grief
What now? That’s presents question,
Something so fragile like a branch being clung to da a leaf
Where is your mother little dove?
What happened to those loving others who filled your empty nest?
How many word of the world can te rhyme with love?
Perhaps someday we will know with, proper care and rest
When pursuing dreams take chances and strive for nothing less than best
Then only then can te be sure you’ve completed life’s most demanding quest
Wilting rose petal lying in the water
Water tries to devour it
Rose petal too weak to fight back.
Alone in the darkness in deep slumber
I walk in the halls unaware of the flight of stairs below me
I walk in deep slumber to get away
They stalk me
They grab me
They want me.
Why am I so important?
Ever since I returned from Fogg's Asylum
I haven't had a good night's sleep at all
Just people
Odd looking people
Wanting me
Begging for me
Killing for me.
I don't want to see
I don't want to look
I don't want to harm
But they make me.
Blood on my hands and I do not remember.
I scream,"It's from my sleep! My deepest slumber!...
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Why can't the world become a fairytale book?
It wouldn't be as mean
But it may be much più green
Draghi that can be your pet
Princesses with hair for rope climbing
Pumpkins that can turn into horse carriages
And Gatti that wear boots and fight mice.
The people in reality aren't always very nice
But even the ogres and giants can say hello and give te nice things
Princesses aren't snobby Queen bees at school
Princes aren't egomaniacs
And money is in gold, silver, o copper o even magic beans!
Hens lay golden eggs
Poverty can end in five seconds
te can get your own fairy and wish for whatever te want
And have your any desires
But I guess this is all in the mind
But the world can be kind at times
It isn't always bad and cruel
But imagination makes it go around
posted by sawfan13
The tiny ballerina figurine
As unique as an owl in winter
As beautiful as Natale morning joy
It stands alone, looking at the other toys in the girl's room.
She remembers when she first got her.
Her birthday.
Will never forget her reaction.
Other bambole came and went
But not the little figurine.
She dances slowly as the girl falls asleep
Her porcelin skin cold and shiny
Pretty white tutu dress
Always ready to dance and bring happiness
One giorno she was ignored
Weeks and days went by
Her owner, forgetting her presence.
The girl grew more, and her nightlight went
Making the ballerina feel scared and alone.
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It's time to take the dance floor
As we hold hands
We jump up and down
And we swish across the dance floor
Like never before.

Oh it's time to take the dance floor
And it's gonna be now o never
Cuz a baciare isn't gonna wait forever
We're just gonna baciare right now and dance

If you're right for me
I'll know if it is
Just tell me so
And I'll pull te across the dance floor
Like never before

Get the DJ goin' now
Turn it up a bit
Get the disco ball out

No, no
My boyfriend and I don't want Celine Dion
So hurry up now and change the song
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One dark and cloudy night, a couple of licantropi howled, awakening più and più werewolves. They set a curse upon the world that would destroy all humans. The people of the world had hunted millions of wolves, a great number of them werewolves, and as a result, had killed millions of werewolves. Now, the licantropi were seeking revenge.

As Byron woke up on a foggy morning, he was alarmed da the sound of wind rushing by, followed da loud howls. But as he looked out his bedroom window, he saw nothing. Byron raced downstairs, and seeing his parents were asleep, he went outside. Byron was ten,...
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posted by alicia386

      It was your typical sunny giorno in Los Angelus. 6 anno old Sophie and Zoe Mallory were having a tè party with their best Friends Emma and Erica. Even though Emma and Erica were unnaturally pale and wore very ancient types of clothing, Sophie and Zoe didn't notice. They were just thrilled to have friends. Emma was as pale as her sister Erica and their clothes looked like something from the seventeenth century. If Sophie and Zoe were any older, they might have thought this a puzzling o strange but they looked at it as if it was something everyone wears.
      Their mom peeped...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Six

      It was exactly what Dakota feared. The figure now huddled in a conner weeping it's eyes out. It was Reese but this side of Reese was something Dakota had never seen before. It was bizarre and horrifying. Reese didn't even notice Dakota staring at her through the tiny window on the door. Reese was probably so insane that she probably did kill Abby whether she knew it o not. Dakota couldn't process her friend o what she thought was her friend. The girl inside of that room was a monster, a trembling, distraught, monster.
      "You are not suppose to be back here miss,"...
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posted by sawfan13
Nothing but anger
I should have listened to Mama
She knew best
I didn't listen to her
Yes Mama, they all laughed at me.
The blood.
Everyone jeering and cheering
Just like in the locker room
The pig's blood on the dress I made.
The laughter.
Their ear splitting and cruel laughter.
I start to cry
Tommy yells at them, telling them to stop.
The bucket falls down and he lays there unconscious.
The lights turn red.
Still laughter.
They tried going out the door
I trapped them all inside with only my mind.
The hose unwrapped from the emergency glass.
I turn up the water pressure.
They all scream.
Electrical wiring
The fires
I did it
The town I grew up in
Damaged and destroyed.
All from my mind.
I go home
I go inside.
And I wake up
In a pile of stones from the sky.
All from my mind.
This destruction I caused.
They laugh at me no more.
posted by sawfan13
Young beautiful gypsy
Free and sweet
Never mostra negativity towards her
Or you'll have her curse
Falling in Amore with her is okay
Only if te never break her heart
Lovers have left her for dead
But now our little farfalla has returned again
Spreading sickness and foulness in the air
Only to give the other gypsies fear of her
No longer branded a gypsy
She is now branded as an evil sorceress
Abandoned da her only family
Anger grows within her
Her happiness and freedom now faded
Has left our little farfalla mean and jaded
No longer does she see beautiful colors
Her whole world is now all black
She still lives...
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posted by sawfan13
Lily knocked on the door to her mother and father's mansion, wanting to ask them a simple question; if it was okay to allow her to take her best friend, Roxy, to her and her sister's trip to Africa.

Lily's mother answered,"Hello there! I wasn't expecting te to come over." Lily came in and said,"Mom, may I talk to te about this whole trip to Africa?"

"Sure thing, dear! Ask away!" She and her mother sat down and Lily asked her,"Mom, is it alright if my friend and roommate Roxy can come with me on the trip?"

Her mother sighed and replied,"No." Lily's eyes widened, as her cuore broke into a million...
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posted by Dhampires
"Katlen!" Eric stepped inoltrare, avanti ready to rush to my aid.

"Whoa whoa whoa." Jarred detto placing a hand over Eric's chest pushing him back.

Eric looked at Jarred with a aspro, acida face then turned his attention to Eliza she looked down at the girl then at her blood on herfinger tips she smiled and as she turned to Eric she slowly ran her younger over her bloody fingers.

Eric pushed past Jarrred and rushed up to Eliza he took her da the camicia and yelled "You bastard what did she ever do to you."

"The girls tired ya know. She doesn't even know what she is, such a pitful thing it's ashame she went on...
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posted by hgfan5602
Almighty eagle,
Soar, soar
Soar beyond your wildest dreams.....

There's no limit
On how much te can soar
No one can
Break your wings and kill you

Soar for the skies,
Don't let the feelin go
Just soar, soar like never before
No one's gonna stop you
From believin

There wasn't a time
When nobody could never soar
But there was a time
When people never believed

And tomorrow
Isn't the giorno to fall
And nobody's gonna push te down
Oh almighty eagle

We're gonna be the powerful eagles
We're not gonna let anyone
Be our ruler,
We're not anyone's slave

Almighty eagle
Oh soar, soar towards the sky's height
And soar toward your dream
Let nothing keep te away

Almighty eagle
Soar beyond your wildest dreams
And we're gonna fly tonight
Let nobody keep us down.
posted by Problematic129
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Chapter 5
    Let’s get started
    We were standing in front of a big boat, but it wasn’t the one Dorothy visited, I knew that for sure. We were at the docks, were a lot of boats are at, I’m surprised there’s so many. But as I inspect all of them, none of them were the one I hoped.
    The barca smelled like a ton of fish, and on the corner I could just make out a small pile of dead fish, whoever owned this barca must be careless.
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