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Fan fiction by Problematic129 posted più di un anno fa
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*Please don't copy and please read and review*
Zyanna Connor is just your not so average girl, and she’s in the middle of a tough decision. te see her father is the legendary killer of his hometown, though nobody knows it. And when her and her brother sposta back with her father, his identity is at stake and the legendary killer may be found. The threat is a group of kids that claimed to have seen him, and the only way to ensure safety is to silence them. But as Zyanna gets closer to them she starts to see different people, and she starts to care. Now Zyanna has to choose her family o her friends?
*Prologue starts with Zyanna's older brother, chapter 1 is Zyanna's POV*
Junior is my name
“You weak piece of scum!” The man snarled as he slapped the little boy
    The boy cowered as the man’s hand contacted his soft cheek, leaving it to sting horribly.
    “I’m sorry father! Please forgive me!” The boy screamed
Article by alicia386 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter One

Mason Montgomery auditioned 480 girls this week alone to play the part as carlotta, charlotte in his new movie, Hourglass. Hourglass was all about a woman who could stop time just to be with her love. Each girl he auditioned wasn't giving him what he wanted. All he wanted was a fair-looking girl with pretty eyes and a sensitive cuore but the girls he auditioned were anything but that. He tried being nice and say encouraging things but after the 248th girl he gave that a rest. Now he just detto what came to mind like "You stink," o "And te call yourself an actress? Get it outta here." He had crushed their dreams, spirit, and a few hearts for the last couple of days. If he couldn't find his carlotta, charlotte soon, he would be ruined both physically and mentally.

After the last girl finished, his new iPhone beeped. His best friend, Billy Nile, was known for being lazy and interruptive. He was also known for being a great way to get your mind off of things. Billy sent him a text Saying he should meet him at their preferito cafe in Hollywood. Mason didn't feel like eating. He just wanted to concentrate on his work and his Charlotte. Knowing Mason would say no, Billy...
Article by Dhampires posted più di un anno fa
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He's sharp as a tack, heavy as a wrestler yet light as a feather.

Known for his stealthiness he used he's skill to retrieve Carry. Staying at the corner he eyed the place carefully. Seeing it was heavily guarded- two guards guarding the front, two on top, two on long distance at his right and three hidden seperate in the trees. He sighed and thought 'All this just for one girl,' then tried at some humorous 'Carry te a sacred pride that I'm sure off.' he sighed and looking down then stranded his eyes to see inside he could see three men standing over Carry, they appeared to be yelling then one slapped her, hard.

His jaw tightened out of angry yet he washed it down, like always.

He hulled out his Berrett 92 and made sure it was loaded after all he's need it. Then placed it back in the sash he drew his dagger knowing it would work perfectly for a slient kill for the fellows in the trees.

Quickly yet silently he went around climbing the cliff as carefully and steadily as possible he made his way to his dense opponents in the trees. Like a cat he climbed up the albero with silence and stood behind one of...
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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Hi. My name is Jake Gartner, and right now, basically a huge mutant serpent is coming to ingoiare, inghiottire me whole, tear me to pieces of flesh, so I have no time to talk right now. Oh, want to follow me? Sure, just accept that everyday will be the best of the thrills. Right now, we are not getting any help from the immortal world, so just know that we have a horrible system of magic right now, and we have an extremely low supply of weapons, thus, the chance that te will get out of this mess is around eighty-six percent. (because of me, the master of war) Oh yeah, the serpent. Enough talk. (ROARS) Off to kill a mutant serpent!!! (stabs, deflects, cuts a gash in its head, dies) That's only our first one, trainee. Whatever your name is. successivo time, I invite te to unisciti with us on our battle. And it will be even più life-consuming, if te know what that means.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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Jake Gartner here. For some reason, something kept those mutant serpents away from us. Chase Johnson, my friend, is over here with me at the biblioteca of Death. Yeah. Bad name for a library, if te ask me. I would never have come here in the first place, had no one ever bothered me with a ransom note about my mother dying if I didn't go on this life-or-death journey. (Sorry, I have to speed the story up now. Chase says I'm getting all the attention.) So, what we found out at the library. Not much. All we found out was that mutant serpents tend to be very huge, have sharp teeth, and stay away from most humans. Which we found true at the battle, except for the fact that the mutant serpent attacked me, so, that would be partially true. It attacked me, no one else. Oh yeah, Chase too. I have a feeling that someone o something, maybe a magical spell, is protecting us. The librarian there, Mr. Ankersant, was telling us that the dead usually rise if the mutant serpent shows up. Great. That helps a lot. Chase is suggesting right now that we go back to the Gods' Sanctuary and take a break for the day. te know, boost up our energy, get a good grip on tomorrow's events, get prepared for any...
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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Yo, everyone. Chase here. te know, Jake's been recitazione all strange lately like he's hiding something from me. And I don't like it. I don't see how anyone would. I thought we were a team. And I thought he detto that I was just as great as he was. Now, this proves that he was totally lying. What a fraud. Okay, I found out something today that might be useful to the two of us. Well, that is, if Jake even wants to work with me. I saw his light on yesterday night. Face it, he's probably researching something about the mutant serpent. Am I right? Well, yes, I thought so. te know, I am telepathic. There is a bad aura surrounding the Gods' Sanctuary today, and I don't like it. For one thing, the Gods' Sanctuary is extremely heavy-guarded, so any magic that could get even around the building has to be dark magic. The darkest of magic. I am getting ready possibly for a battle tomorrow. What? Oh, Jake detto that there might be a battle today? Well, he's wrong then. I can sense it. The darkest magicians are preparing for a battle tomorrow. They are not good enough to be prepared that quickly. At least that's an advantage for us. Well, I'm hitting the sack now, so night!
Article by kitty190123 posted più di un anno fa
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One day. A girl named Rachel was camping with her friend, Misty. Later, they climbed trees. When Rachel fell from 5 feet, Misty went into the deep, dark forest to look for the ranger. After 2hours, Rachel decided to look for her friend. After searching, she found a row of what looked like cottages. Curious, she stepped into a newly built one. She saw a girl with long whitish-blonde hair and a white dress, slightly torn.You know, it kind of looks like..."AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Please tell me if it needs any other revisions. If not, I will sposta on to chapter 2. Note: For Chapter one, I will not go farther than "AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!"
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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The world is hostile,
Why do people want me
To be someone I am not?

Sometimes I feel as if
Things are going slow,
The way that no one understands
Me, at all.

Why do people want me to be
Someone I really am not?
Why can't I just be myself,
mostra them who I really am?

I really know I'm someone else,
Someone who could do far more.
But I'm stuck with the painful thought
Of being who I am not.

Why do I have to lie to myself?
Being someone else,
And not yourself,
Is basically lying to yourself,
After all.

All that parents tell you,
Don't lie,
Don't lie,
Don't lie,
Now comes to waste,
When they want te to be someone
te really aren't.
That's what I call lying now.

Oh, what a hostile world.
Any way to prevent it from being so hostile?
No, I'm afraid not.
Article by rory2011 posted più di un anno fa
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my life turn to a disaster after my parents divorced
my father is always busy with his new wife and his little stupid son
and my mother is busy with her work to make for us a life better than the life that she had ,but sometimes she angered me cause I can't talk to her and I'm 17 ,she doesn't treat me like I'm her oldest daughter ,she treat me nice to take care of my younger brother and my younger sister ,and to do her job while she doing her hard work

it's morning ,I was laying in the letto watching the sun raising to say "hello" to my green eyes ,I was a weak but I didn't want to leave the letto ,my mother called me " sam your father on the phone"
I didn't want to speak to him ,cause last night he left us alone in the streets in 12am after we visited him ,and he didn't brought us to our home cause he was busy to see his stupid son saying his first words ,so I had to take a car and go alone with my 10 years old brother and 3years old sister
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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There was a bond created,
As I felt the deep warmth
Of my friend's face against mine
Her cuore pounding against my shoulder.

The feeling of the two of us,
Together at last,
Felt so good,
I never wanted to let go.

I wanted to hold on to him
He was an amazing person
Who always teased me,
Cheered me up all the time,
And, of course,
Always took my side.

He was an unique person,
As he was never the one to be bragging,
But always the one who teased me.
No one else ever did this.
This was truly the work of
Someone special.

I will never let go of him.
I will never run away from him.
He is mine.
And will always be.
Both of us,
Article by kitty190123 posted più di un anno fa
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One day, a girl was walking through a forest. Her name was Rachel, and she was looking for a friend. Her and her friend, Misty, were camping, but then Misty disappeared. She then saw a dim white light. She walked towards it and saw a face, a body, arms, and legs. It was wearing a white dress. te know, when she thought about it, it looked a bit like... "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

That's all for chapter 1! Please tell me if it needs to be a little longer and feel free to post your domande and comments!

Article by Dhampires posted più di un anno fa
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She ran with the darkness like a black pantera calza, maglia rasata it's prey she ran.

She kept pace with them knowing her precious daughter was in the car, it only made her chase after them faster, yet like any other human her stamina was winding down she needed a ride.

It took a while but she found a sports bike- black with silver tracing around it here and there- the owner left it running in an attempt to come back no più than five minuti but it would be longer and he's for gotten all about it once he was in finally first in line of the Café where there held a sale.

Causationly she check to make sure noone was looking and quickly scrapped on the casco and was off to find her prey once more.

Time passed and she was lead to a old shed in the outskirts of town. 'What as they planning?' she asked herself in thought while parking the bike in the woods just off above the shed-a cliff- as she watched them carry of her daughter into a shed-unconscious, tied up and anatra tapped. "Scum." she muttered under her breath as she looked away with both eyes shut tight.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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I walk into
The Fields of Sorrow
Once again.
Why do I walk there
Almost everyday?

I stroll along the grasses
Bearing a horrible pain.
I think of the world around me
And how much they have inspired me.

I start to cry once again.
All my teachers
All my friends,
They have always stood da me,
When things went wrong.

I want a chance to repay them,
To mostra them that...
Their work was useful.
To mostra them that
I am truly thankful.

Why do I have to leave them then
No, now's not a good time.
But I know it was not intended
That I leave them now.

I want to mostra all those people
That they have been
The change of my life,
That they have made my life so much
That they were the flames
In the darkness.

Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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Hey, te know what? I Amore cake, just like any other ordinary kid in the universe. Well, that is, up until one particular day, when this strange incident occurred. I was sleeping in, like usual. Guess what. I was late today. But when I woke up, I saw a mollusco, vongola closing its mouth on my eyelids, forcing me to fall back asleep. I couldn't believe my eyes. I must be hallucinating. It was a strange-looking clam, all right. It had two googly eyes, a short tail, a large and sausage-like mouth, and a tiny little nose. Now, out of all the crazy things te could think of, I'll bet te anything that te never saw a dancing monkey on your bed. Okay, successivo thing I saw, a monkey was dancing on my bed, Canto "Joy to the World." Now, um...I was kind of worried that I might have had brain cancer o Alzheimer's disease then. It was one thing if te had a mollusco, vongola clamping down on your eyes, but a monkey dancing on your letto was certainly another. The monkey took out some crash cymbals, and as if on cue, once it crashed the cymbals for the first time, two Goldfish balloons swam into my room. No, that isn't the right description. They were holding hands, no, fins, and kissing. ARGHHHH now THIS was driving me...
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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I am
Seeing how amazing she is,
Seeing how she can truly
Change my life.

She is a very inspiring person.
da mostrare me how perseverance
Can take te so far,
And how determination and tolerance
Are the keys to success.

te may laugh all te want at me,
As others do.
But nothing will shake my feeling
Of this particular friend.

Up to this point,
te have been lied to.
Well, partly.
Your brain has been mistaken.

The "inspiring person" I am referring to
Is not a girlfriend of mine
And it never will be,
Because I am a girl, te see.

This person
I call an influential person
Is my teacher.
Shocked yet?

All this year
I have been afraid of her.
Cowering in the shadows.
I did not enjoy that feeling,
Believe me.

That feeling of cowardice
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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Get your hands up in the air
Like te just don't care
We're rockin tonight
So I'm not givin anything else a think

Cause we're rockin the floor
Bust out your dance moves man
The DJ's got the Musica
All the way up

So everybody say yeah
C'mon get it louder
Can't hear ya!

C'mon we gonna get the crowd
Wild tonight
Right here at the dance floor
So bring your hands up
In the air
Cause this is the only thing
We're carin about tonight bro

Get the crowd wild
Get your feet up
Break it down man.
Cause the DJ detto so.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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There is strength in my heart.
I have looked for it
For decades now.
Yet I have not found it before.

Now I have.
It will get me over every obstacle,
Every region,
Every country.

It makes me proud
To see this.
To see my strength
Laying there,
Waiting for me.
And me only.

This type of strength
Is called courage.

Perseverance is the best type
Of strength possible.
And I have it.
Yes, me.
Never before,
Will te see me cower within the shadows
Again, like before.

I have changed.
And I am sure te will see that.
I have strength in my heart.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted più di un anno fa
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Nobody understands me,
So what's the use?
One day
I say I am busy
And they misunderstand me.

Life is not all about
Breaking up,
Dumping each other
Across the cold cement floor,
Is it?

I don't believe so.
And the fog is never getting out.
Each day,
There is just più and more

Oh, happy day.
No one understands.
What's the use being alive
When te feel like te are away
From the world,
Like we were when we were little kids?

Life is not about any of that.
Life is about forgiveness,
Learning how to tolerate one another.
Nobody understands
What I feel
o what I think everyday.
Article by sawfan13 posted più di un anno fa
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Dear Mother,

Yes I know what te did to me

te threw me down the well

All because I made your life a living hell

Mommy, Mommy can't te see?

I'm your little adopted baby girl

If te didn't want me, why did te adopt me

Yes Mommy, I know

I, Samarra morgan knows.

The tape that is cursed

Is nothing worse

Than what I had experienced

Why didn't I ever sleep?

Because the cavalli kept me up at night

Because te let Daddy keep me in the barn.

I have hurt others

I have killed others

I may have even sickened your horses

I bet te loved them più than te loved me

Yes, I know I am a freak

Because I am afraid of water, so to speak

There's something about it that will make me feel weak

Mommy, Mommy, do te actually Amore me?
Article by sawfan13 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter 2

Warren was fine after resting from his accident in the doccia that morning. He grabbed his trusty baseball bat, his protective shelter of a black blanket and walked downstairs to help out Eliza. Eliza was in the cucina washing dishes, as
Warren silently walked in there. She didn't notice him beside of her, as she went along humming "I'll Fly Away". He smiled and said,"Good song! I loved how they sang it on O' Brother Where Art Thou." Eliza jumped, as a plate broke on the floor.
"Oh shit, I mean shoot!" Warren laughed, as he knelt down, feeling the floor, trying to help out the scared maid. "Sorry Eliza. I didn't mean to scare te o cause te to break a plate." She looked at him, also on the floor trying to pick up the shards of china,"How do te know it was a plate and not a glass?" Warren chuckled and answered,"Well, my hearing has taught itself how to identify different things breaking. A plate has a distinctive difference of sound when breaking that a glass cup o a porcellana, in porcellana doll." Eliza looked at him grinning and replied,"That's very interesting! I just hope your momma doesn't get a cow from seeing this mess!" Warren...
Opinion by Knowitall123 posted più di un anno fa
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Do te know those Cani kept on a chain,
and the people throwing them Bones just out of their reach,
laughing and finding satisfaction in it ?

Do te know the dog who still wags his tail when ever they pet him
and the people who think him stupid for it '
not seeing the kindness and good in him.

Do te know the dog who only wanted Amore
and the people who named him ingrateful for it ?
Telling him to look for it himself.

And do te know the dog that broke the chain
and the people he attacked ?
They punished him for it.

But I will no longer be that dog.
I will no longer let te abuse me.
I will not give te my love.
I will fight back

This is about my "friend" and the way she`s been treating me.
Opinion by Insight357 posted più di un anno fa
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“Get out of my house!” my mother shrieked at me from the other side of the kitchen.
    I watched her with wide, blue eyes as she pointed at me with the tip of her butcher’s knife. My cheeks flamed red with embarrassment, shame, and a tinge of anger. “Mom, I-”
    “Mrs. Shortts, you’re overreacting about this. Landon has no control over who he is attracted to,” Bane, my best friend Skylar’s father, said.
    “Butt out,” I hissed glancing over at him.
    Bane gave me an icy glare, but detto nothing. Skylar on the other hand opened his mouth to say something, but his other father, Christian, kept him from it da thwacking him on the back of the head.
    “I want all of te out of my house now. te are unholy, and I don’t want this house to be looked down upon da the Lord,” she barked. Her blue eyes were wide with anger.
    “Mom, this doesn’t mean anything. I’m still the same old Landon I have always been, the one I always will be,” I insisted as I walked around the counter to stand in...
Article by sawfan13 posted più di un anno fa
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Chapter 1

Warren poked his head slightly above the covers, noticing
the blinds were up, mostrare a bright and sunny day. He slowly peaked at the clock, trying not to look at the walls around him. 11:03am. Crap. He closed his eyes, using his senses to go downstairs for what was left of breakfast. He grabbed his old baseball bat that Sam had dato him in a chance to try to get his little brother to become "normal" and used it as a walking cane. He had tapped into his hearing, smelling, and feeling senses to the point where if he did loose his eye sight, he could live. If only I could loose my eye sight. Then, I could never be afraid anymore. He walked down the mahogany grand staircase, tapping his bat against the railing, gripping the right side of the railing, so he wouldn't slip and fall. He stayed barefoot all the time, so he could feel the vibrations on the floor. Today, he didn't have his black blanket draped over him, so he could feel sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza underneath. If he had to go to the hospital o somewhere else out in public, he draped the blanket over him and close his eyes. He always looked like a little old man, but appearances never bothered...
Article by sawfan13 posted più di un anno fa
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*Please go to the forum page and check out this contest. This HAS to be a short story about a monkey, a clam, a balloon, and some cake. The most creative writer wins. This is my entry. The rest of you, enjoy this one and good luck.*

Bubble Soap

da Sawfan13

He looked out from his big huge cage in the zoo. Human beings annoyed him, especially during birthday parties for whiny little bratty kids. He was a chimpanzee, he didn't have to deal with snot nosed, bratty disrespectful humans. Yet, he did and it bothered him to no end. He wanted freedom. He wanted respect. He no longer wanted to be some creature that was constantly looked and stared at. As the kids were laughing, yelling, and eating this odd rosa and blue cake with a white filling, a little golden haired girl in a rosa dress with yellow fiori and white pizzo trim walked up to the monkey, carrying a red balloon. She tied the red balloon around a bar on the cage and said,"Happy birthday, cutie monkey!" She skipped away from the cage, and went back to the hyper, sugar-filled children. The chimp sniffed the string from the balloon, and untied it. He noticed...
Article by sawfan13 posted più di un anno fa
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Beep Beep The monitors from the hospital letto were rapidly going off. The violent shaking and movements made
them go faster and faster. "We're losing him! We're losing him!" They cried out, trying to turn the boy to his side. The
violent shakes stopped, as the one continuous beep on the monitor showed one never ending line.

It's been a year, since the arachnophobia slowly developed into agoraphobia. How, te may ask? It had developed from extreme arachnophobia, slowly and slowly growing so irrational that the kid won't even leave his room. His parents look at each other with misunderstanding, and try to avoid his situation,"Why in the hell would a fifteen anno old boy be afraid of spiders? He should be out wanting one as a pet o wanting to stomp on them." "I know, dear." his mother said
to his father,"I think it would be normal to eat spiders than to be this afraid of them!" "Exactly!" his father exclaimed loudly. "Honey, isn't eating o wanting spiders apart of that whole 'wearin' all black' look the kids are goin' after