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posted by alicia386
Chapter Two- Romantic Night with the Wrong Guy

Every Tuesday, right after school, the gang and I head over to the movies. Tonight was originally my night to choose the movie. I was going to pick that new Lindsay Lohan movie. I wanted to see the parts where she messed up her lines. Rumor has it that she was drunk while filming the movie. How delicious!

I had to lie to them and say that I have some family thing to take care of. In actuality, Zeke is coming over tonight. How could I tell my Friends that our enemy was infiltrating my house? They would think I'm crossing over to the dark side. They...
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posted by alicia386

There aren't that many places in Brunswick for kids my age to hang out besides the mall. There is the bowling alley which is kinda fun except they treat us like babies. The pattinare, skate place is fun except there are so many cracks in the ground that make it hard to skate. There is, however, one awesome water park called Summer Waves. It has to be the best thing since slices bread. Jennifer told me that Tammie and Hazel would be there today. She dropped the hint because she knew I wants to get back together with my friends. She didn't tell me that Kyle would be there. I'm over Kyle now. I realized...
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posted by alicia386

I cried last night and this morning. If te think that is crazy then obviously te haven't felt the pain of losing a friend. It stings like a bee, no, worst than a bee because this dying won't go away. Velvet went camping with a few of her Friends so she won't be back until Saturday. Can te believe this? Everyone has Friends but me. L. J stopped calling. I bet he is surfing o doing something with his friends. Kyle vanished into thin air because I have haven't see him since the last giorno of school. My Friends are ignoring me because of what I detto in my blog. It is my blog! I can say...
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posted by alicia386

The book club meeting was held at the mall today. I didn't want to go at first but I soon realized I has nothing better to do. All my Friends hate me. I was going up the escalator when I spotted Tammie, Jennifer and Hazel laughing and glancing at dresses. I don't know what persuaded me to do so but I dashed up the escalator and to them. They instantly stopped laughing when they saw me. Hazel was her usual bratty self. Tammie was being extra annoying and Jennifer actually showed some sign of her missing me. The others didn't like my being here, I guess. Tammie started insulting me and my clothes. I was so hurt that I couldn't think of something clever to say back. Instead I ran away and down the escalator until I reached the book club room. da this time, I was so distraught and in tears that I didn't even want to go to the stupid meeting. I wastes time wondering around the hall. I didn't want to be near anyone.
posted by EvanlovesAzula
Authors Note: A little something from my wandering mind tonight. I'll warn u this is a bit sad, but I think te all will like this one very much. Enjoy.

He was angry. He was exhausted. His cuore pounded against his chest with pulsating curses on her. On Olivia. James lept up from the hardwood floors and began to wipe his eyes.The vestige of tears still stung on his cheeks. What had he done wrong? What had he missed? How could he fix it? Those domande would soon be erased from his mind and replaced with the real question: Why didn't she ever say she loved him?

James had been waiting for eight...
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posted by alicia386
Dear Love,

Hidden deep within

Where no one can find it

And slip right in

To be with the one

The one right for you

Whose eyes are lovely

As ocean waves of blue

Forever to stare

To stare at you

Forever and ever

For te know it's true

Even when te doubt

te doubt the truth

te know this feeling

te don't need proof

This is love

Amore is exciting

And terrible sometimes

Something so inviting

And perfect for me and you
posted by alicia386

First giorno of summer and I'm already bored. I'm not bored enough to want to back to school. I'm just lonely bored. L. J called me several times this morning wondering if I was okay and if I wanted to go some place with him. I kindly rejected him. If it wasn't Jennifer o Tammie calling then I don't want to hear. Velvet signed me up book club thing. I do like to read libri and she thought that maybe I could meet some new Friends that have something in common with me. I think she is full of baloney. Velvet made me promise to go to the first meeting tomorrow. I don't know. We'll see how my mood is da tomorrow.
posted by alicia386

My life is ruined! I should have known the danger of keeping a blog. I should have known that anyone on the internet could see it! Why am I so stupid? The word got out that I have a blog so everyone in the school checked it out even my friends. Tammie was pissed with some of the things I detto about her. Jennifer was mad because I started dating Kyle, the guy she liked. She as even più angry that I didn't tell her about it. Hazel,who felt sorry for me, sided with Tammie and Jennifer. They haven't talked to me since this morning. Everything is falling apart. The worst part is that today...
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posted by alicia386

Hazel and Tammie have finally made up. Thank god. Nothing is fun when those two our at each others throats. I think Tammie has some serious issues though. When Hazel told her that she will miss her because Tammie is going to Brunswick High while the rest of us are going to Glynn Academy for high school. Tammie detto that she won't miss us because she is going to make some new Friends at Brunswick High. That was cold. Hazel was obviously hurt da the comment. I don't get why Tammie would say something like that? I think Tammie is upset that we will be leaving her while she goes to a different...
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posted by alicia386

Kyle is the worst boyfriend ever! The party ended with me in a coma. Apparently there was alcohol in my drink. I had an overdose and it almost killed me. Kyle swears he didn't do it. I want to believe him. I really want to. I know Kyle had done it because I know saw him poor something in there. At first I thought it was water o something to make it sweeter. It wasn't water. I couldn't go to school today because they were pumping the alcohol out of my system o something. I'm not entirely sure what happened. All I know is that for a couple if minuti I was pronounced dead. My heartbeat soon started thumping again but I was in a coma. My parents were so worried. I thought for sure they would be dead from shock. Kyle is banned from coming near me. My dad implied that rule. My mom kept crying whenever she talked to me. All she could manage to get out of her mouth besides whimpers were muffled words. I don't think I'll be seeing Kyle for a while now.
posted by alicia386

This party is off the hook! Whoever hosted this party is a flat out genius. They have chips, of all kind, punch, soda, boys, movies, and the latest songs da Jake Miller. Jake Miller is an awesome rapper. I'm surprised they have him though. Kyle was there and we were dancing for hours. I had to sit down and get some soda. My clothes and my feet were drenched in sweat. It was so worth it though. On occasion Kyle would grab my butt o whisper words that entangled with the Musica so I wasn't able to hear him. I didn't like it but this is what boyfriends do. Right? After a short break, we started dancing again. Kyle had gotten us some punch, punzone and whatever was in that punch, punzone made me loopy but I was able to dance longer and harder. It was so much fun! Kyle has to be the best boyfriend ever!
posted by alicia386
Chapter One- First giorno of School Sucked Beans

Ky Daniels wrapped his muscular arms around my waist. Kasey, Bruce, Lacey, and Jonas were right behind us. Kasey Michaels was making out with Bruce Turner while her brother Jonas was lip locking with Lacey. Finally, we were all back together again.

Last summer, the guys went off to some summer camp for weeks while Lacey went touring with her metal rock mom. Don't tell Lacey o her mom, but her mom will never be famous again and should just give up the career all together. It was just Kasey and I all summer. It was nice to have everyone together again....
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2

At the hotel, everyone was talking to Nick Wolfe, congratulating him on his heroic deed.

"Nick! Nick!" Mari, a half Ram girl asked Nick.

"Yes young lass?" Nick responded to his new fan.

"Can te mostra me how te slashed off that scientists arms?" Mari asked him curiously

"Of course!" Nick responded as he showed them the Slash that cut off the scientists arm.

"Woah..." All of the girls were watching in suspense.

"Nick...I have to thank saved Lucy...and...I can't find a way to pay you..." Emily told Nick.

"You don't need to pay me!" Nick responded, "I just save people because it...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

The successivo day, a knock came on the door.

"Is it them??" Lucy asked frantically.

Emily went to the door, and answered it.

"Hello!" Nick Wolfe, a half lupo male detto to the surprised Emily.

"Who are you???" Emily asked Nick Wolfe in a surprised manner.

"Well...I am Nick Wolfe, I go to every Hotel and free it's captured mutants" Nick answered in a very egotistical way.

"Oh?" Emily asked curiously.

"Is Nick Wolfe the god?" Lucy asked her mother.

"Well..." Emily tried to respond. Emily had felt that it would be right to talk to Nick Wolfe first, and then tell Lucy.

"You can think of me as whatever...
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posted by alicia386
What a change Such a dramatic change

Once I was small and ignored

Now I'm called when their bored

o looking for a friend

To talk to till the end I use to be invisible

Now I feel invincible

They can't hurt me

Look at what I can be

This is new

Something almost true

That great feeling

Was somewhat appealing

But soon disappeared

Whenever I neared

Now I am small

No longer tall

Completely ignored

Always bored

It happened so fast Invisible in the past

Then became invincible

And immediately back to invisible

It changes everyday I don't know what to say

Maybe it won't stay the same

I'll be forever lame
posted by BlondLionEzel

It is the anno 2468, Half-Animal, Half Human beings have been captured and locked up in facilities called "Hotels". They are experimented on and live in small cages. But the mutants believed there would be a god who would bring them salvation. And in a place called Hotel 93, the legend would come true.

"Mommy...I'm really scared..." A young Half Snake Girl told her Half Snake Mother. She had rosa hair, a green tail and brown eyes.

"I am too Lucy..." The Half Snake Mother told Lucy. This mother's name was Emily, she had blond hair and a Diamond Rattleback snake pattern tail, and green...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 3

Nick was now adjusted to his life as Melanie's sex slave. Last Monday, Melanie pinched his nipples and got on superiore, in alto of him. Today was different though.

"Nick...I was thinking..." Melanie asked Nick, "Do te want to go hardcore?".

"Hardcore? What do te mean?" Nick asked Melanie.

"Well...I'll mostra you..." Melanie responded as she took off her shirt, causing Nick to blush.

"Do te like what te see?" Melanie asked Nick, noticing his blush.

"Yes I do..." Nick responded shyly.

"Good!" Melanie detto as she quickly took off her bra, revealing a pair of huge, green, D cup breasts.

"Oh my god..." Nick...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2

Nick was now living at Melanie's place for about a giorno now.

"Nick, it's time..." Melanie detto as she pulled out a small whip.

"What is it Melanie?" Nick asked, looking at the whip. Melanie whipped Nick lightly, making him yip. Melanie then pushed Nick to the ground, taking his camicia off.

"Let's get started!" Melanie detto as she kissed Nick's neck. Melanie then started to tickles Nick's armpits.

"Stop it!" Nick laughed as Melanie somehow kept finding his ticklish spots.

"Never my sex-slave!" Melanie giggled and tickles Nick's sides. Nick kept laughing really loud, he could not help himself....
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

"Where am I?" Nick detto as he looked around the strange area. Then he suddenly heard some sort of alien language from outside. Nick went and looked and heard everything they said. "What are they saying?" Nick wondered.

Suddenly, two female aliens walked into his room.

"Who are you???" Nick asked as they grabbed him and put him on a collare and leash.

"Who's a good boy?" One of the alien girls cooed as the other tickled my chin.

"Um..." Nick detto as he started to blush a deep red.

"Come on. The girls are waiting." One of the alien girls told Nick as he had to walk with them, Nick still being...
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posted by alicia386

The preps have got on my nerves for the last time. They decides to expose my crush on Kyle. How dare they? Who do they think they are? Their leader was like we all know that Laurie likes Kyle. U was all like please, I so don't. Then we got into this huge argument. Jennifer, L. J, and Tammie had my back though. Jennifer started trash talking their leader, Carly Louis, and they rest of her desperate followers. Kyle interjected and detto that if I liked him then it wasn't any of their business. This is why I like the boy so much. After school when I was walking him from school, Kyle caught up with me. He told me that he thought those girls were cruel and should stay in their own business. I couldn't agree more. He whirled around suddenly and kissed me! I was utterly speechless. He started stuttering and then sprinted off in the other direction before I could say anything. Yep, that baciare was everything that I had imagined it would be but why do I feel like it was so wrong.