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bussykussi posted on Aug 29, 2011 at 04:10PM
hey guys what is ur OTP and what ur most hated couple?
Pls i don't want a war i think we all don't want a war :)
Enjoy it!

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più di un anno fa wishful-thinker said…
OTP: Brian/Justin (Queer as Folk)
Most Hated: Dawson/Joey (Dawson's Creek) or Jack/Kate (Lost)
più di un anno fa Lie_to_Me_123 said…
OTP: Tony/Ziva (NCIS)
Most Hated: Marissa/Ryan (The OC)
più di un anno fa CSI_Rachael said…
OTP: Brooke&Lucas (OTH)
Most hated: Brooke&Julian (OTH)
più di un anno fa STEFIdi said…
OTP:Damon and Elena(TVD)
Most hated:Stefan and Elena(TVD)
più di un anno fa ChuckJenny4ever said…
OTP: Chuck & Jenny {Gossip Girl}
Most Hated: Brittany/Santana [Glee] & John/Natalie [One Life To Live]
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più di un anno fa bussykussi said…
Most Hated: Bamon,Stelena,Catt(TVD)
più di un anno fa bionsi said…
OTP:Damon and Elena(TVD)
Most hated:Stefan and Elena(TVD)

più di un anno fa escada said…
OTP: Damon and Elena
Most Hated: (Not exactly Hate, I dont hate them)
Chuck and Jenny, Nate and Jenny
più di un anno fa RachaelF8 said…
OTP: Damon and Elena
Most Hated: I don't really hate any ships, they either just annoy me or I don't really care about them. But if I had to choose Meredith and Derek from GA...they just really annoy me:D
più di un anno fa smckinlay2 said…
OTP: Buffy and Angel
Most Hated: Lucas and Peyton
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più di un anno fa reddooralways said…
OTP: Chuck and Blair
Most hated: Dan and Blair & Damon and Elena
più di un anno fa jamboni said…
OTP: Buffy-Angel
Most Hated: Finn-Rachel
più di un anno fa Thug-Angel said…
OTP : Damon and Elena "TVD"

Most Hated : Stefan and Elena "TVD"
più di un anno fa TheDevilsDuches said…
OTP: House and Thirteen (House MD)
Most Hated: Jane and Lisbon (The Mentalist), Emmett and Daphne (Switched at Birth), Damon and Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries), House and Cuddy (House MD)

I couldn't pick which one I hated most... Yeah...
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più di un anno fa nicole_23 said…
OTP: Booth & Brennan
Most hated: Buffy & Spike
più di un anno fa Zalax said…
OTP: Cordelia/Angel
Most hated: Buffy/Angel
più di un anno fa carambolas said…
OTP: Lucas & Peyton
Most hated: Lucas & Brooke
più di un anno fa melandjim4eva said…
OTP: Damon and Elena
Most hated: Damon and Bonnie
più di un anno fa MutantRainbow37 said…
OTP: Chuck and Blair (GG)
Most hated: Dan and Blair (GG)
più di un anno fa lostandhp4ever said…
OTP: Kate and Sawyer (Lost)
Most disliked: Peyton and Lucas (One Tree Hill)
più di un anno fa samjhart said…
OTP: Damon and Bonnie (TVD)
Most hated: Damon and Elena(TVD), Finn and Rachel (Glee), Jeremy and Bonnie (TVD)
più di un anno fa turnaism said…
OTP: Chuck and Blair (GG)
Most Hated:Damon and Bonnie (TVD)
più di un anno fa delenadarti said…
OTP: Lucas and Peyton (OTH)
Most Hated: Dan and Blair (GG)
più di un anno fa xElvenPiratex said…
OTP: Dan & Blair
Most Hated: Chuck and Blair
più di un anno fa XNaley_JamesX said…
OTP: Nathan & Haley
Most hated: Damon & Elena
più di un anno fa Piu95 said…
OTP: Jack & Kate
Most hated: Jackie & Fez
più di un anno fa Kellytaylorfan said…
OTP: Emily and Maya (PLL)
Most hated: Brenda and Dylan (BH90210)
più di un anno fa mooshka said…
OTP: Peyton & Lucas {OTH}
Most Hated: Brooke & Lucas {OTH}
più di un anno fa bright_angel said…
OTP: Brooke and Lucas (OTH)
Most Hated: Chuck and Blair (GG)& Lucas and Peyton (OTH)
più di un anno fa 19leeann said…
OTP: Clois
Most: disliked: Serenate as couple & skate as couple
più di un anno fa alemenmann said…
OTP: Nathan and Haley
Most hated: Dan and Blair
più di un anno fa ninjacupcake88 said…
OTP: Kurt and Blaine (Glee)
Most Hated: Sutton and Ethan (The Lying Game)
più di un anno fa Albiee said…
OTP- Lucas/Peyton {OTH}
Most Hated- Lucas/Lindsey {One Tree Hill}
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più di un anno fa Saku15 said…
OTP: Derek and Stiles
Most Hated: Damon and Elena
più di un anno fa jasamfan23 said…
OTP: Kurt & Blaine (Glee)
Most Hated: Lucas & Peyton (OTH)
più di un anno fa Nicolas97 said…
OTP : Monica & Chandler / Mark & Lexie
Most Hated : Rachel & Puck
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più di un anno fa xxsweetheartxx said…
OTP: Seth and Summer (The O.C.)
Most hated: Jack and Emily (Revenge)
più di un anno fa charmeddexter said…
OTP: Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Most hated: Angel and Cordelia (Angel) I do like them as friends just not as a couple
più di un anno fa famelover23 said…
OTP: Finn & Rachel / Nathan & Haley
Most hated: Brody & Rachel / Finn & Quinn
più di un anno fa omfg said…
OTP: Brooke & Lucas (OTH)
Most hated: Blair & Dan (Gossip Girl)
più di un anno fa orkneymatrix said…
OTP: Chop & Izzy (MMFD)
Most hated: Stefan & Elena (TVD)
più di un anno fa xxSweetgirlxxx said…
OTP: Chuck & Blair
Most hated : Liam & Annie
più di un anno fa JellyBean404 said…
OTP: Chuck and Blair (GG) or Jack and Kate (Lost)
Most hated: Hook and Emma (OUaT)