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x-missmckena-x posted on Mar 31, 2011 at 10:20PM
According to link most people will be up for a monthly banner theme.

What will happen is each month we take a week to suggest month themes, do a pick to choose and then make our banners and do a pick to choose that months banner!

Banner themes must have at least 4 different shows and 6 different couples

Banners must be the size of the spot banner, any other sizes will be disqualified

Banners must not focus on one couple or show more than others

Banner makers can submit more than one banner each round

You can only nominate ONE THEME per round, it must be differnt to the previous round so that the same couples are not used each time

Lets get started!

Banner Month 1 - link

Banner Month 2 - link

Banner Month 3 - link

Banner Month 4 - link

Banner Month 5 - link

Banner Month 6 - link

Banner Month 7 - link

Banner Month 8 - link

Banner Month 9 - link

Banner Month 10 - link

Banner Month 11 - Tragic Couples
Please find an example list of tragic couples below - tragic doesn't just mean one of them died, its more about how many up and downs their relationship faced and then it ended badly

90210 Ivy & Raj
The OC Ryan & Marissa
Charmed Phoebe & Cole
Grey's Anatomy Izzie & Denny
Lost Charlie & Clare, Shannon & Sayid, Sawyer & Juliet
The Vampire Dairies Jenna & Alaric, Jeremy & Anna
One Tree Hill Karen & Keith
Supernatural Dean & Jo
ER Carter & Lucy
BTVS Willow & Tara, Giles & Jenny
Angel Fred & Wesley, Cordelia & Doyle, Cordelia & Angel

Remember all couples on the current banner cannot be included
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