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 Luke & Lorelai (Gilmore Girls)
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Una mamma per amica
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This coppie della TV foto might contain birreria and brasserie.

First, thanks to all who participated on this. I had a lot of fun and work to do too, so I hope te enjoy.
Do not bash. If te do so, your commento will be deleted. Your couple can’t always win. Chill out and enjoy the party ;) If any of your preferito couples didn’t win there’s always the successivo time

How I ranked the couples:
(steps after 1 are only in case there was a tie)
1) how many points they got
2) how many people voted for them
3) how many people voted for them in the first place. Then 2nd and so on
4) if they got the exact same voti I considered it a tie

For winner with più voti if there...
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