coppie della TV {round nineteen} my superiore, in alto thirty favourite couples countdown // pick your 'least' favourite

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Julia and Barbie
Damon and Elena
Serena and Nate
Ross and Rachel
Freddie and Effy
Piper and Leo
Jude and Tommy
Buffy and Angel
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Seth and Summer
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Chandler and Monica
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Hanna and Caleb
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Meredith and Derek
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Round 1. Kris and Junior // Wildfire
Round 2. Jenna and Matty // Awkward
Round 3. Oliver and Felicity // Arrow
Round 4. Dan and Blair // Gossip Girl
Round 5. Stefan and Caroline // The Vampire Diaries
Round 6. Robin and Barney // HIMYM
Round 7. Logan and Veronica // Veronica Mars
Round 8. Brooke and Lucas // One Tree Hill
Round 9. Mark and Lexie // Grey’s Anatomy
Round 10. Clark and Lois // Smallville
Round 11. Puck and Quinn // Glee
Round 12. Rory and Jess // Gilmore Girls
Round 13. Pacey and Joey // Dawson's Creek
Round 14. Jackson and April // Grey’s Anatomy
Round 15. Willow and Oz // BTVS
Round 16. JD and Elliot // Scrubs
Round 17. Jim and Pam // The US Office
Round 18. Ryan and Marissa // The O.C
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GameOfSansa picked Freddie and Effy:
Whhhhy :( Julia and Barbie are awesome :/
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carambolas picked Serena and Nate:
Never liked them
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