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coppie della TV Characters I ship with RUMPLESTILTSKIN; which pairing do te like best?

27 fans picked:
Lacey French
Regina Mills
Cora Mills
Victor Frankenstein
Zelena Mills
Killian Jones
Emma cigno
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David Nolan
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 anaswill posted più di un anno fa
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Rumbellefan11 picked Victor Frankenstein:
I like "Believe or Leave" (Rumple, Victor, and Jefferson) but only when it's all 3 together. A beautiful guyliner-filled threesome :)

I also thought the scenes between Rumple and young Cora were hot.

But truly, it will always be Rumbelle that has my heart (despite how much the writers have tried to ruin them lately)

Oh! But I did ship Rumple/Hook briefly in Hook's first episode. I remember when Colin was new to the show and tweeted something about working with Robert and "this ship has sailed" then coming back with "apparently 'ship' means something else" XD
posted più di un anno fa.
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