coppie della TV couples i ship and really LOVE,but never get a chance together o was together,but break up, who do te prefer ?

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Jen and Dawson
Emily and Hotch
Felix and Brooke
Chloe and Philip
Finn and Meredith
 Lackson4ever85 posted più di un anno fa
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Nicolas97 picked Jen and Dawson:
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Seddie4Ever picked Jen and Dawson:
In the end, I really wish the writers would have let them stay together in season 5. Dawson was never more likable and Jen was possibly her happiest. Nothing was really gained from splitting them up and Dawson/Joey STILL could not get it together and she ultimately ended up with Pacey.
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MariLena16 picked Jen and Dawson:
They were cute in S1 but they're not my fave from DC
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