coppie della TV My superiore, in alto 15 Non-Canon Pairings, which is your favorite?

Pick one:
1.Dean and Castiel -Supernatural
2.Victor and Ruby -Once Upon a Time
3.Oliver and Felicity -Arrow
4.Sansa and Sandor -Game of Thrones
5.Mulan and Aurora -Once Upon a Time
6.Jaime and Brienne -Game of Thrones
7.Kenzi and Vex -Lost Girl
8.Nolan and Emily -Revenge
9.Malcolm and Inara -Firefly
10.Jess and Becker -Primeval
11.Daenerys and Jorah -Game of Thrones
12.Ichabod and Abbie -Sleepy Hollow
13.Regina and Campanellino -Once Upon a Time
14.Bonnie and Kol -The Vampire Diaries
15.Laurel and Slade -Arrow
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