coppie della TV Best. Ever. TV. Awards 2014: baciare - Pick Your preferito (By Eonline Poll)

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Emma and Hook's first kiss, Once Upon a Time
Sheldon kisses Amy, The Big Bang Theory
Mary and Francis' wedding kiss, Reign
Tony and Ziva's goodbye kiss, NCIS - Unità anticrimine - Unità anticrimine
Danny and Mindy on the plane, The Mindy Project
Damon and Elena's goodbye kiss, The Vampire Diaries
Felix kisses Tony the trans clone, Orphan Black
Elijah and Hayley's first kiss, The Originals
Norma and Norman in the finale, Bates Motel
Ted and Tracy's first kiss, How I Met Your Mother
Fitz and Olivia's Vermont kiss, Scandal
Stiles and Malia, Teen lupo
Cersei kisses Jaime in the finale, Game of Thrones
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