coppie della TV Out of My preferito couples which is your favorite?

Pick one:
Brucas- OTH
Ross and Rachel- Friends
Donna and David- Beverly Hills 90210
Cory and Topanga- Boy Meets World
Bailey and Sarah- Party of Five
Merder- Grey's Anatomy
Naley- Oth
Zack and Kelly- Saved da the campana, campana, bell
Krunior- Wildfire
Ryan and Marrisa- the oc
Brandon and Kelly- Beverly Hills 90210
Dylan and Brenda- Beverly Hills 90210
Luke and Lorelai- Gilmore Girls
Summer and Seth- the oc
Rory and Jess- Gilmore Girls
Mondler- Friends
Dawson and Joey- Dawson's Creek
Jeyton- Oth
Piper and Leo- Streghe#The power of three
Phoebe and Coop- Streghe#The power of three
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