coppie della TV - > the shows I watch o watched and every couple I ship o like from them; which is the best?

Pick one:
tvd -> delena; steferine; forwood; steroline
oth -> leyton; brucas; brulian; Naley
Friends -> mondler; ross/rachel
ga -> alex/izzie; crowen; merder; lexie/mark; maddison
Bones -> booth/brennan; angela/hodgins
Smallville - > clois; chlollie
Glee -> quick; brittana
himym -> barney/robin; lily/marshall
spn -> dean/castiel; dean/ruby 1.0; mary/john
Streghe#The power of three -> piper/leo; phoebe/cole
oc -> ryan/marissa; summer/seth
tb -> eric/sookie; jessica/hoyt
mentalist -> jane/lisbon; rigsby/van pelt
gg -> derena; chair; rufus/lily
gg -> luke/lorelai; rory/logan
house -> chameron; huddy
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