coppie della TV superiore, in alto 25: Out of most of my preferito shows, which couple do te prefer?

Pick one:
Spike & Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Damon & Elena (The Vampire Diaries)
Clark & Lois (Smallville)
Eric & Sookie (True Blood)
Angel & Cordelia (Angel)
Hanna & Caleb (Pretty Little Liars)
Michael & Nikita (Nikita)
Derek & Casey (Life With Derek)
Amy & Ricky (TSLoTAT)
House & Cuddy (House MD)
EJ & Sami (Days of Our Lives)
Ethan & Emma (The Lying Game)
Chloe & Alek (Nine Lives of Chloe King)
Ethan & Kristina (General Hospital)
Bill & Katie (Bold & the Beautiful)
JT & Colleen (Young & the Restless)
Ethan & Theresa (Passions)
Cory & Topanga (Boy Meets World)
Lancelot & Guinevere (Merlin)
Sam & Freddie (iCarly)
Patrick & Kat (10TIHAY)
Adam & Cassie (The Secret Circle)
Fran & Maxwell (The Nanny)
Jesse & Rebecca (Full House)
Zack & Kelly (Saved da the Bell)
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