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 Sara Tancredi - Prison Break
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Prison Break
sara tancredi
season 1-4
tv female character
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This personaggi tv femminili foto contains recinzione a rete and recinzione in rete. There might also be ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

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Well ,I decided to write this articolo in order to mostra te my favouriteFemale characters and write some things about them.

So here we go !!!!

10.Shannon Rutherford ,Lost Season 1-2 ,played da Maggie Grace.
Shannon Rutherford is Boone Carlyle's step-sister. She suffers from asthma but is ashamed to admit it. After Boone's death, she tries to kill John Locke, responsible for the tragic accident. She is killed da Ana-Lucia Cortez.

9.Quinn James ,One albero collina Season 7-8 ,played da Shantel VanSanten.
Quinn James is one of the five siblings of Haley James Scott. Free spirited and artistic, she found...
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Ok these celebritàs are my favourite try their pics plz plz plz here,s the lista of my superiore, in alto 10 female celebritàs and commento how did they look plz :) 1: Sumbul Iqbal 2: Mahnoor Baloch 3: Aiza Khan 4: Sarwat Gillani 5: Neelam Muneer 6: Ayesha Umer 7: Ayesha Khan 8: Mehwish Hayat 9: Ushan Shah 10: Sajal Ali ok now plz plz plz watch their pics and commento how did they look plz :)
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female characters
Julie Benz
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