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Was anyone at a special eclipse screening on the 5th (or around then) on July?

Rob, Taylor and Kristen as well as Peter and Ashley made special appearences at various cinemas around America.
I was at the one in L.A where Rob and Kristen turned up!

Anyone at any others? if so what happened?
 lauracullen66 posted più di un anno fa
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xxmissyxx said:
er, well unfortunately....NO! coz i dnt live in america i live in england soooo...yea :) :(
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posted più di un anno fa 
i live in the uk too. i was on holiday in l.a and i just got lucky
lauracullen66 posted più di un anno fa
oh cool. that was really lucky init? i mean, fat chance of that happening to me!
xxmissyxx posted più di un anno fa
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