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A few domande about Heidi and the Volturi

1. In New Moon, it's explained how the Volturi don't feed from Volterra's population, because their coven and guard is so large that the number of missing/dead people would be noticeable. They feed off tourists instead. But wouldn't the human population notice large groups of tourists vanishing too? Wouldn't that deter people from going on holiday there?

2. When Heidi appeared she was leading a group of tourists to the Volturi, like she'd pretended to be a tour guide. But the way her outfit was described, it'd make più sense that she'd be luring young men one da one, o pretending to be a prostitute. Why was her outfit like that? An entire tour group wouldn't need to be physically attracted to her to follow her.

3. I also think Heidi's tights were described as fishnet ones (obviously a pun on her being the "fisher"). Fishnet tights have holes in them, which is what gives them their name. Wouldn't those holes expose her skin, which'd shine in the bright Italian sunlight?
 Flickerflame posted più di un anno fa
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Alexiguyer said:
Yes they would and she is probably a vegetarian vampire like this family of vampires
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 Yes they would and she is probably a vegetarian vampire like this family of Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between.
posted più di un anno fa 
I doubt she'd be "vegetarian" living with the Volturi, particularly with her job of luring humans to their deaths.
Flickerflame posted più di un anno fa
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