"Alright Brother." The shape shifters all gather under one roof. "The time has come to put an end to this curse! We have had to deal with this same cycle for centuries and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of being a dog." There was a Roar in the crowd, everyone there felt the same way. "So it is time to take control, we must get rid of the stupid leaches." Gabriel said, "Once and for all!" Everyone erupted, the only people who didn't feel the same were the people in Jacob's Pack. "We must strike them where it hurts most the Volturi Coven! They are the glue that holds all Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. together with out them the Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. will surely fall."
Seth scoff and looked at Leah as if to say "Can te believe this guy? Leah looked at him, and seemed to say yea. what a totally nut job. Gabriel went on "Some of us may not feel the same way, but I guarantee this is what if best for all of us." Gabriel was looking at Seth and Leah when he detto this, they looked away. "Trust me brothers this is the time to finally be human, and not have to worry about...anything." Gabriel trailed off, When Gabriel was younger, he had quite a temper, and his temper cost him his families life, and his good looks. Gabriel is tall dark, blueish gray eyes and a pale face. After the accident this all changed his face was scared, and deformed, he hates talking about it and blames all the Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. for his troubles. He growled, and everyone cheered!
Aro was sitting in his chair looking around the room gazing upon everyone in his coven. Caius was the first to speak, "What are we to do Aro, we can not sit here waiting for a attack! We must take Action now." Aro (as usually) was calm "We must be patient Caius, we will strike deal with these...Shape shifters." Caius Stood up "A deal, Aro?" Marcus was the successivo to speak, "Aro I do not think that is the wise thing to do." Aro smiled, "My Friends do te not trust me? Have I ever led te wrong?" Caius and Marcus looked at each other, "No Aro te have not." Aro nodded, "then trust me, I will not let te down." With a turn Aro whispered to Sulpicia "Non vi preoccupate il gioco è fatto" She nodded, Aro detto this in Italian so the others would not understand.
Its been two weeks since Edward and Jacob left to rescue Bella, and the family was worried sick. "Why aren't they back." Esme detto in that motherly voice of hers, "I don't know honey but if they aren't back in three days I'm going to find them" Carlisle said. "Yea. well I hope they didn't get them self killed" Rosalie said, and even though her words weren't very nice te can here the sadness in her voice. Emmett looked at Rosalie, "Can te just for one stop being so nonchalant about everything and say what te really mean." She looked at him with shocked eyes, everyone was a little on the edge. Alice looked at Jasper, and he nodded needing no words for what Alice wanted done. He put his power to use and instantly everyone calmed down. "Thank te Jazz" Alice said, then trailed of she was having a vision. "I see Aro, Then nothing." "Nothing what do te 'Nothing'" Alice turned her eyes on Rosalie, "I mean exactly what I say nothing, the vision just cut off." The Cullen all looked at each other, They were all worried, for the safety of their family and the other Coven.
Bella was tired, but she be damned if she stopped trying to find her way out. Vladimir set back and watched her, "Don't just sit there help me!" Vladimir nodded, "I will in time, for now we must be patient." Bella looked at him in Bewilderment "Patient! Patient! I don't have time to be Patient! My husband and my best friend are in trouble, so don't tell me to be effn patient!" Bella took ten calming breaths, "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me." Vladimir, put his hand on Bella's' shoulder. "I'm sorry" She said, Bella was begging to lose most of her anger. Vladimir nodded, "We will find are way out, but in time, for now we wait."
Edward, and Jacob were waiting for Aros' return "Man I f**king hate this!" Jacob yelled out, "Whats taking the leach so dang long, and where the hell is Bella?" Edward, who was pasting back and forth and pausing only when he heard small sounds, looked at Jacob, "Don't te think I want to know that she is after all MY WIFE!!" Jacob didn't like Edward all in his face, Jacob puffed out his chess and push Edward back, then Edward pushed him back. "Don't. you. ever. put. your. hands. on. me!" Jacob shoved him, "Gentlemen, Gentlemen let us all be calm now, we mustn't do anything that might get poor little Bella upset." He glanced towards the room Bella was in, Jacob and Edward turned around and didn't see nothing. Edward tried to read his mind, but Aro was completely blank. Aro locked eyes with Edward, Aro didn't even try to hide the fact that he was hiding something. Edward, in a flash was behind Aro, "You Ba*tered where is she? Where is Bella, don't te put a hand on her!" Aro who was a little bit afraid snapped his fingers and Felix and Demetri who are the best in the Volturi Guard stepped in. "Felix, Demetri will te mostra Edward...and his friend to their room." The way he detto room made both Jacob and Edward's skin crawl.
"No, we'll just stay in a hotel Ja-" Felix and Demetri grabbed Edward and Jacob, "No, No my Friends te can not leave, te must stay here." "Like Hell we will" Jacob snarled "well its either that o sweet little Bella's life." Edward temper flared, and he leaped up at Aro, Felix and Demetri blocked his way, "Pain" One word stopped it all. Jane walked in and Edward went crashing down, "Now" Jane detto "I don't think staying here will be a problem, do you?" Edward and Jacob, were shoved in to a hall way and down a couple of flights of stairs, then tossed in to a room, with no windows and only one door that was locked with a key pad. They were stuck, even with Edward and Jacob's combined strength, they couldn't brake threw the copper door, which was made of a special type of copper and mixed with age old magic. They were in for a butt load of trouble if they didn't get out quick fast and in a blink of an eye.

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