This is a small book i am Scrivere about the life of Renesmee cullen after (Breaking Dawn) It is in he rpoint of view for almost the whole time (with a few exceptions) I suggest starting from chapter 1 to get the full impact and information (:

Chapter 19: Night .

It is different, this type of living. Multiple times i have been requested to feed as they do, yet i refuse. I do not want to be a monster, and i intend to stay like that. Chelsea had broughten me up to my chambers in which i was to stay for my time being here.

I looked around the room. The furniture and making reminded me of an old-timey royalty feeling. On the east side sat my letto and a large glass door which led out to a balcony. There was a light and a small side chair. On the opposite side was a small door which led to the bathroom, a divano , a large libreria and a collection of interesting paintings.

The paintings reminded me of those that sat in carlisle's office. Carlisle detto that behind each one held a story, a piece of the volturi's history. I stared wonderesly at the intriguing peices of art which lay ontop of the west wall. One in particular grabbed my attention, it was a small child standing in a snowstorm at night.

It's skin was as white as the snow that twirled around it. The small boy's eyes were crimsion red, standing out from the picture. I wondered about what this story meant.

Looking closer i noticed a title; The Young.

I wondered if this was a child like me, o somthing more? I found myself searching nosely through the room for anything that would explain this interesting piece. I scanned the libreria when the words caught my eyes;


I carefully slid the book out from between the others and sat carefully on the couch. The first few words written on the page made me più courious about this small boy, o what he is.

"Blood drived, untamable, newborn children. These are the young ones. Created in the early 1500's the volturi deemed them uncontrollable and likely to expose and therefore spent years destroying them. Anybody near o the child itself will be murdered if the Volturi is to find out, and that will happen."

That's why the volturi had first been so interested, i was beilived to be an immortal child, a young one. I closed the book abruptly and placed back onto the shelf. I decided to get some sleep. I reached into the drawers, pulling out clothes that had been placed there for me. Changing into a tanktop, i went to sleep in my new life.

I awoke as the morning light shone through the deep clouds which covered the city of volterra. I got up and went into the bathroom to shower. I opened the door and saw he emmence amount of oro that was placed around the room. I snorted, so much when nobody was to occupie this. I grew into comfort with that though, Nobody was occuping it, so maybe they never got around to spending money on remodling. But i could tell that that idea was far out the window with the modern shower, deep bathtub, granite counter tops and countless other lavish things.

It reminded me much of the hotel in which i stayed. The giorno crept back into mine. I saw Jacob's face once more, he was in such pain. I found myself reminceing too much.

I showered and then headed back into the room to change. After doing so, i dried my hair and put it up in a tight bun. I examined the bookshelf once more,hoping that learning più about what was to be would take my mind off of what was.

There was one book i thought would be very good to read upon; The rules. After Leggere for awhile i had come to the conclusion of the main rules that i must follow;

Incapable of self-control, and therefore a threat of exposure, immortal children are not to be created.

Dealing with 'Children of the Moon', except for the purpose of extermination, is prohibited.
False witness, regardless of intent, is forbidden.

Hunting is forbidden in Volterra, the town of residence of the Volturi; their Cibo is brought from outside, sometimes quite far away.
Hunts must be inconspicuous, with victims unlikely to be missed; their remains must be disposed of; and territory must be changed often.

Newborn Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. must be trained before they can be released on their own. Methods have been identified to do so, and they often require più than one mature vampire to be used.

Rebellion against the Volturi is prohibited as a matter of course; it is nearly impossible to succeed.

I suddenly felt a cold tap on my shoulder, i abrubtly turned around to find Alec, one of the guards, standing behind me.

"Did i startle you?" He asked almost sympatheticly "I am sorry, i'm used to being heard easily.."

"It's quite fine" I said, although he seemed to confuse me. Jane's twin brother, who used to look just as intimadating as her was now smiling, his crimsion eyes almost warm..

"I read that too, when i first came. It's probaly better that te understand."

I shrugged "Though most of theese rules don't apply to myself" I detto standing up to put the book away. I looked at him, he was so young. About 12 o 13. I wondered who would change a child so young, and why so close to the of an immortal child. He stared at me, yet kept his distance. I was sure he wasn't used to "important blood" as they called it.

"Alec.. may i ask somthing?"

He hesitated, i could tell he wasn't used to a confrontation. "Y-yes?"

"How did you..I mean who changed you. Your so young, isn't that pushing the rule of immortal child?"

"Well Aro changed my sister and I"

"Aro?" I gasped "But wouldn't he be against breaking his own law?"

"There was too much at risk to lose, and we were going to die anyways.."

"Oh" I detto thoughfully "You were sick"

He laughed halfheartedly, i wasn't used to this from a member of the volturi. "Not quite, Aro was watching us since we were babies. There had always been somthing.. paranormal about us. People who were bad to Jane and I, they got hurt. Aro had grown quite interested in us, but then so did the superstitcious community. Aro had to wait until we were old enough, he was going to wait longer but da 13 we were accused of being witches and were sent to be burnt"

"Would te rather another life then this?"

"My sister hasn't taken it as easily, but it dosn't mean she dosn't like the life. She enjoys it quite too much actualy." He stared at the floor, tracing his eyes over the delecate patternes that covered the carpet.

" But myself, i couldn't imagine another life.."

"Because te have been here for so long.."

"Possibly" he detto aquiring my assumption.

"Your sister, Jane, She dosn't like me much.."

"Don't take it too personaly, she dosn't like outsiders. I think it's più a trust issue then a distaste for someone."

"You came up here for somthing?" I reminded him.

"Oh, yes.." He detto remembering "Your..Assistance is needed."

"May i ask why?"

He half smiled, "Then te wouldn't come."

I followed him out as he descended the stairs. I found his sudden kidness towards me almost suspicious, o maybe he was just curious about me. My kind isn't known well and curiousity would be somthing expected.

Although as hard as it is to admit past those crimsion red eyes i saw a side past his hate, i didn't see him as a member of the volturi, i saw him as Alec. His menceing silence was held no more. He seemed to be monitoring my steps as i walked down the stairs as if i was going to trip, one hand outstreched just incase.

I sighed, almost as bad as Jaocb. Just then a sudden pain ripped through me, the thought of Jacob and my family. What were they to think..I missed Jacob, my mother and father and everyone else yet i still havn't regretted my decision, and i wasn't about to rebel against the Volturi.
`The large mohogany doors were opened once più as Alec and I arrived.

He took his place successivo to Jane who was eyeing him angrily. I turned to look where the comotion seemed to have arrived and the picture was overwhelming, i heard silent sobs of a small child.

Sure enough restricted between Caius's strong hands was a head that belonged that of to a child.
I walked further into the room. Noticing everyody was there once more, this was an important event. I noticed the child was a small girl. She had jet black hair and pale white skin. I walked over to where she was being held, her bright crimsion eyes threw me off guard. She could've been più then seven. It took me only a moment to realise what she was;

An Immortal Child.

"Aro" I whispered taking a step towards him "Is she.."

"A vampire child? Yes."

"I don't understand why te need me?" I asked, my voice still dazed

"We wanted to see if your gifts work the same on somthing like her. We wanted to test this before we.. Destroy her."

"Destroy her?" I gasped. My eyes flashing to the small pair that were held between stone hands.

Demetri spoke "They cannot be trusted, they are too bloodthirsty" His voice hard.
I stared at the child who had stayed perfectly still through the whole comotion, only sobbing tearless cries. I nodded once, not bothering to argue.

I was about 6 feet from where she stood. I knew she wouldn't harm me, bloodthirsty o not. There was somthing about her. "Let her go" I directed caius.

He looked up, bewildered i had even requested such a thing. "Absolutely not! She could-"

"Escape?" I asked "She is too paralized with fear to do so. And no doubt te wouldn't be able to catch her once more" I took a breath "Please release her"

He looked up at the others for assurence then let go. She fell gracefully to the floor with a distinct thump. Everybody watched us both wairily, wondering why i hadn't moved yet. I looked back, I saw Alec ready to contain her once more.

"Just wait" I called back to them.
I felt some sort of distanced connection to this tiny, perfect face. And just as i thought, she hadn't shyed away from me as she did the others. I wasn't sure if it was my blood o somthing special but she took small bounds forward, making her way towards me. I kenlt down to meet her height.

"Now, i'm going to help you. But your going to have to control yourself."

She took a short breath in and spoke in a small angelic voice. "But the blood.." I looked at her once more, trying to make her understand. ".. I can do it"

"Good" i said, "now i need te to think about your life, everything".

She nodded once as i placed my warm hand against her skin. It surprised me at first. The cold hard skin placed on such a young face, but what i saw was even più interesting. In such vivid detail, i saw her whole life. From human to Immortal. What was most interesting is her parents had dato her time to prepare. Somebody changed them, and once she was ready, she was to be next. I thought maybe this small Angel chld would be able to learn, despite thier judgment.

When i pulled my hand back she stared at me confused, she wanted to know what i was.

I placed my hand back once more, yet this time i was mostrare her my life. She instantly became happy, when i asked her why aloud she simply replied.

"Now we don't have to be monsters either.."

I took a step back, examining the small child once more. As soon as i did marcus grabbed a hold of her, i heard her gasp.

"Wait!" I called. "She can learn!"

Jane looked at me "Standing with an immortal child is against the law-" she stated darkly.

"I am not standing with one, i am simpily stating the facts.You all brought me here to use me. Now here is where i come in use"

Everyone was silent, waiting for my answer. "Now, this young one.. She is different. Unlike others she had time to prepare, she was aware of our kind before she was turned. She got to mentally and physicaly prepare herself for what she was going to become."

"Are te suggesting her being prepared is supposed to counteract the fact that her existance is forbidden?" Asked Demetri bitterly

"No, I am suggesting that her being prepared will counteract the reason why she isn't supposed to exsist." I stated. I waited for an objection, yet nobody had one. They all stared at me thoughtfully. Until Caius spoke;

"And what if this is just a theory, and she really is uncontrollable?"

"Cauis, with all do respect, she was able to be in contact with me easily without the slightest intent to harm me. There are many older Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. who cannot even attempt at that yet, she is less harm then any one of you. Now im not saying all Young ones should be exempted, o created. but i do think te should make an exception."

"AN EXCEPTION?" I heard Jane blurt out

"Jane,She might be onto somthing.." Alec detto defensivly. She shot alex a glare, but then looked away.

"Renesmee, the volturi dosn't give exception's o secondo chances, especially not to young ones an-"

"Stop." I heard Aro command holding up one hand, Jane paused as told to. "Renesmee has a point. This child made no attempt to attack o hurt any of us. Even with Renesmee at such a close proximity. I think we should give it a chance"

"And if it doesn't work?" i heard Marcus question

"..Then we learn from that"

"Dont te think they will start to domanda the volturi's effectivness?" demetri stated dryly

"Then we let them. This is no longer a disscusion. Let the young one go"
Marcus stepped back, obeying the command. He brought the small child off into another room, reuinting her with her family. There was scilence as the room stared at me in awe. I turned to Aro

"As long as i am no longer needed, i would like to proceed back up to my chambers"

"Of course" He detto freeing me of any further responsibilites.

I stood on the balcony, staring out into the city of volterra.

"Wow" A voice said, startling me again, I turned around.

"Alec, te really have to stop doing that." I turned back around once more, staring at the city again.

He chuckled "I hope te understand that te have just created Vampire history.."

I sighed, "Great. più attention."

"Well te sure upset my sister. She beilives in rules"

"And i have respect for life."

"Why though? I don't see the point, it's not like your human."

I looked at him curiously

"My mother was, and my father and the rest of my family" I sighed "You were human once, so if every Vampire hated life, then would te ever exsist?"

He watched me for a moment, then broke the gaze staring out into the open. "I never thought of it that way"

I nodded. Maybe this would open his eyes to how monsterous they really were. Though i doubt anything would change. Maybe in his point of view, we would seem as ridiculous as they do to us.

"Do te miss your family?" He asked thoughtfully

"Don't te miss yours?" I thought the answer was blantly obvious though i could never admit that i miss them. That shows a sign of regret. He nodded, i headed back into the solitary room once more, placing myself on the couch. He followed silently after me.

He looked at my arm and brushed his cold hand over the scars "What happened?"

"I ran into an issue with some werewolves.."

He suddenly turned rigid "Children of the moon?" He gasped.

"No no, Shape shifters" I detto rephrasing my term. Children of the moon were real werewolves, changing only when the moon was full. Caius had run into a close encounter with one 2000 years ago, most of them were destroyed while some are still detto to roam the earth.

"The ones from the clearing?" He asked, his eyes tightening.

"You mean Jacob and the quileute's? Oh god no" I started to smile "They would never- they couldn't".. "It was a different Pack"

"You say was..?"

"The've been.. destroyed if te will"

"How did te manage to come across them?"

I shrugged "School. I just happened to be unlucky"

He stared at me for a moment, trying to figure me out. "How come te went to school?"

"To lower suspicion. Mysterious Cullens who live just outside of town. I was social enough to lower any questions."

Alec continued to ask me questions,some pointless others made me ponder. Things like my childhood memories, and my favourite colours. What i eat and dont eat. Things i do, how i avoid exposure. How my family lives and much more.

"Who is Jacob?"

"Excuse me?" I asked wondering where this had come from. I might have mentioned him in a few of my stories..

"Jacob, You've mentioned him quite a bit"

"Oh, Well Jacob is very good friend of ours. He is part of the tribe te met- the shape shifters. Although annoying at times, he's pretty amazing. Maybe over protective, and a smidge insane, but still amazing."

"You speak highly of him"

"Because i respect him"

Alec hesitated at the successivo words "Do te Amore him?"

"Well of course. Even if i didn't at first, it's hard to deny that dedication. But i've always loved him"

"What kind of Dedecation?"

"He has a.. special connection with me. I don't think i'd be able to live without him. And he is probaly quite angry with me now..But più anxious and worried i assume."

Alec nodded his head, taking it in. "You really care for him, dont you"

I thought about it and smiled sheepishly "Probaly più then i'll admit ...Alec, why are te so curious about me all of the sudden?."

"We've never had close contact with your kind." He detto defensivly

"The others aren't like this." I contridicted

"I told you- I find te intriging"

I smiled, " As do I"

I saw a spread of confusion flash across his face. Then it set back "What could be so intriging about myself"

"Well Alec, te portray yourself as menacing as Jane, yet when known te are the lest sadistic version of her and truly the antidote. People would describe te as a desrigard for human life yet others would describe te as nice. te have two sides two you, the hard edge te want people to see, and the other side that let's itself slip through somtimes. And to be honest, i enjoy real Alec's company better"

He smiled "You really are quite observant.."

For serveral hours this continued. I seemed to enjoy his company più and more. Being alone in such a.. cruel place a little bit of sunshine was nice to shine through. Although what an unlikely companion, He had always been portrayed as quiet and pulled back from society, always agreeing and standing da Jane. I had notied her distaste for me grew as Alec and my friendship grew.

Before he left he apologized

"Exactly for what are te apologizing?"

"I know i'll be overprotecting you, now that i have grown close"

I smiled "That's alright, it just means te care."

"But that's the problem.. I care too much. Renesmee when a change happens in a Vampiri#From Dracula to Buffy... and all creatures of the night in between. life, it is pernament."

"Then let it be, Alec. Your not a bad person"

He smiled then left the room. I felt as if there was another meaning behind what he had detto that he knew i hadn't gotten. There wasn't a point of trying to make sense of it. It was already 11o'clock i couldn't beilive time had passed so fast. Although it seemed like i had pretty much explained my whole life to him. Not a minuto passed before he rushed back inside, shutting the door behind him. His eyes were alarmed, his expression almost frightenting.

"Alec!" I detto panicked, i jumped up "What's wrong?!"

He quickly walke over to me. "Listen, I'm going to take te away for a little. We wont come back to Italy and-"

I had heard theese words before; the words of protection.

"Alec! Why? I can't just..leave."

I seemed to be having the same conversations, with different people. Each vowing to get me away from whatever was trying to hurt me.

"Renesmee please!" He said, already carrying me quickly down the stairs. He set me down at the bottom of the staircase. I felt dizzy for a moment, his hand steadied me before i could fall.

"What could be so wrong?!" I look towards the door where the volturi did thier businuess. As soon as i did Alec stiffened. I never though his rock hard skin could become any harder then it already presumed to be. His eyes tightened a tiny bit more.

"What's going on?" I asked once more.

Yet he hadn't answered this time. The boy had became silent once more.