And I care why?
By: moolah
Chapter Two
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(By the way, Edward and Bella’s P.O.V’s will be featured)
5 weeks later…
    Whenever I look out the window, it’s opened, and the stench is unbearable. I want to die. I’ve been puking for like, 2 weeks. Every time I run into my bathroom I cry a little più than the first time, I puked. Then, I go into my living room, curl up in a ball, turn on the Hallmark movie channel, and watch sad movies, until Alice o Rosalie finally get off their butts and come take care of me. Rosalie comes sometimes during the giorno and makes me soup, then tells me about her appointments and the baby news. Sometimes she brings Ella with her, but Ella needs support, so she’s usually struggling to carry her, and eventually lets her sit on the floor, trying to regain her breath, even though Ella-Mae doesn’t weigh anymore than Jason does. At 5:30 I’ve almost dato up on Alice. The doorbell rings, but I don’t feel like getting up, so I just yell for her to come in. She comes in and gives a snort. “I could have been a lady with marijuana brownies…you never know.” She has a la minestra, zuppa bottle in hand and put it in the microwave to heat it up then comes and sits down with me. “Can I talk to you…while the la minestra, zuppa is heating up?” I nod, “Where’s James?” She looks up, “At home with Jazzy.” I nod and look at her, telling her within her eyes, tell me more! “You’ve been feeling sick…a lot lately. Like whenever I was pregnant with James…did…y-you and Edward use protection whenever you…you know…” Wake up call. I looked at her, feeling outraged. Then I realized. Maybe she was right. I was NOT on birth control. I was not…I wasn’t…what was he? I didn’t really know him. “Give me his cell phone number!” I scream at her, petrified. She tells me the phone number and I put it in my green blackberry. I call him, and he risposte groggily. There’s background music, like he’s trying to seduce someone…then it hits me. He’s is trying to seduce someone, after I hear the “Eddie!” in the background. I don’t care. There’s something più important than the girl he’s in letto with. “It’s Bella…” He sounds drunk whenever he says clumsily, “My sister’s friend??” “Yeah…umm, remember like a mese ago?” I ask. “Honey, I can’t remember 10 minuti ago.” I crunch my nose. “You’re an idiot.” I say. “A drunk, idiot. Call me when te get sober!” Wake up call number 2. This time for Mr. Perfect. “Bella, what’s wrong?” Alice looks at me, worried as she goes into my small kitchen, and brings the la minestra, zuppa into the living room. I take the spoon in hand and scoop it up, shoveling it into my mouth, neatly, so I don’t get any on the couch. “He’s drunk.” I answer. She sighs. “My stupid brother.” She then pulls out, the other half of her surprise. A pregnancy test. She presses it into my hands. “Go to the bathroom, do it.” I sigh, and go to my bathroom. I take the test.
5 minuti later…
    I come out of the bathroom, my eyes tightly closed, wanting Alice to look at me, and reassure me that I’m not having her stupid brother’s baby. I did NOT want that. If that were true, I would die. “Why are your eyes closed? Face reality, my dear…because you…” She grabbed my hand. She was so calm, because she knew it couldn’t be true. “Pregnant.” She’s shocked, as I open my eyes, and scream at the superiore, in alto of my lungs. Carrie’s going to come back, if I scream any louder. I run over to the hallway where the little divano is and my scrivania, reception with the desktop is setting, and my laptop, on the coffee table. I slam my butt onto the chair, at the scrivania, reception I see my topo, mouse run over to the internet icon. On the internet, it goes directly to Facebook which is set as my home page. I get off and type in; whenever it comes up there’s a Google doodle. It doesn’t matter what it is, all that matters is I need to find out if this is real, o just a simple hallucinating.
How accurate are
“Alice, what is the name of that pregnancy test?” I shout. She’s in the kitchen, with my la minestra, zuppa and crackers. She brings them over, along with the pregnancy test box in her right hand, and the other la minestra, zuppa and crackers in the left hand.
How accurate are Invisible Beauty pregnancy tests?
The Google page pops up with a yahoo risposte response. I click on it.

Question asked by:Ihatemybrotherbutlovehimmore: I took a Invisible Beauty pregnancy tests…are they accurate?
My boyfriend and I did it and I took a Invisible Beauty test…it was a + meaning pregnant. Are they accurate? Please, I need help!!

BEST ANSWER!!: Answered by: BellaxxEdwardxxBedward101: Wow…these tests are very accurate. I got one about a anno ago, after the honeymoon of me and my husband. It came out positive. I went to the doctor to make sure, and I was pregnant. Now I have a beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth. My consigli to te is go to the doctor to make sure. It is very important that te make sure it is real…better sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza than sorry. Congratulations to te and your boyfriend if it is true!

    I look at Alice in shock. I sputter, “Alice, is the clinic still open?” She looks at me and shrugs. She grabs the phone on the coffee tavolo and dials the number, looking at her phone. I check the time, 6:09. She says, “Hello, this is Alice Hale. I was wondering if the clinic is still open.” She says, “Yes…oh, thank te very much.” She nods at me and then hangs up with a quick, “Good-Bye.” I grab my purse, take another bite of the la minestra, zuppa the run out the door, Alice in tow. “Ali, what time do they close?” I close the door, and we run to catch the elevator where old Ms. Higgins was waiting with her 1,000 anno old cat, Boxy. “Dear, I’m going to floor 1…you?” I nod. Whenever the elevator begins to go down, I keep getting fidgety. Whenever we got down to the first floor, I rushed down to the parking lot with Alice. “Oh, dear what’s wrong, Isabella?” I didn’t answer, running as fast as I could. “They close at 8:30.” Alice said, as we raced to my car. Whenever we got to the car I got into the car and turned the key. It sprung to life, and Alice got in the car and said, “GO!!”

    Finally we got to the clinic and Alice and I walked in. I checked my watch, because I left my phone at home on the sofa. 7:12 is the time. We still have time, so we walk in slower, because I’m out of breath. Whenever we get in the lady at the scrivania, reception looks at us and says, “Good evening. Can I help you?” I nod and say, “I took a pregnancy test. I need to know if I’m pregnant.” The lady sighs and immediately points her eyes toward my hand and my ring finger. “Alright hon, are te a regular?” I nod, “Isabella Marie Swan.” She clicks and clacks on her computer, and says, “Yes. OK…well, Dr. DeAvo is on vacation and our doctor here this evening is Dr. Jeannie.” I nod. “I don’t care, please…” Alice looks at me with big eyes and nods. “Alright, she’s down the hall, to the left, secondo door…go on in. She’s in her room, she emailed me about an ora ago, saying she was just waiting…” I nod and walk back the hall into the room. I have the pregnancy test in my back pocket. Whenever we arrive at the door, I knock. A lady in her late 20’s, early 30’s opens the door. She has brown hair tucked under her ear. I look at her; she smiles and says, “How can I help te dear?” I say to her, breathless and pull out the pregnancy test, “I think I’m pregnant.”

Edward’s P.O.V

    I stared at Victoria, in her bra, her lacy, lacy bra. I grin at her and trail my fingers along her flat stomach. Her red hair, plastered up against her skin. She looks uncomfortable, the letto is lumpy, this I know, so it makes sense. I’m sober now, because it’s the successivo morning, the morning after…the incident with the whiskey. I don’t care. Whenever she wakes up, she’ll be gone for sure, and call me later. We’ve been doing this…no strings attached for at least 2 weeks now. It was working well, and I couldn’t be happier. Mainly, because I didn’t have to commit to anything serious.
    After Vicky (I had to call her something…cute…ish…) left I was bored. I ate a little bowl of Cheerios, drank some arancia, arancio juice, then went into my room and checked my e-mails on my gray laptop. No new emails on my e-mail accounts, so I decided I would call my sister. Yeah, I was crazy, but Alice told me to call her and tell me what was going on. I dialed her house number, at 11:42 AM, and she wasn’t their. Then I remembered (vaguely) her saying something about coming home at lunch. So, I wait until 12:00, and call the house again. She answers. “Hello, Hale residence, Alice speaking.” I chuckle. “I know who te are!” I press the phone closer to my ear; I can barely hear the sizzle of the ‘s’ at residence. “Edward? Why are te calling me?” She says. She sounds nervous. She’s hiding something. I know my sister all too well to know that there’s something going on with either her and Jazzy o her and her friends. “What’s wrong Ali?” I ask. She chuckles più nervous than the first time. “N-n-nothing. Err, I just…m-miss y-y-y-y-you.” I sigh, “Ali, tell the truth, what happened?” She sighs. “Nothing…umm…” She pauses. I think a little. What could my sister be thinking? She could be thinking anything from fancy napkins to the successivo day’s outfit. My bet is on tomorrows outfit. I heard whispers from her as well, “Edward, we’re having a cena party tomorrow, Rose and Emmy will be there. Umm…” then she whispered something that I couldn’t hear. I didn’t get a chance to ask her because, she said, “You NEED to come. If te don’t I’m not going to have fun! And it’s my cena party. Just, please come over around 4.” I sigh. “Sure, muffin.” She squeals with delight and says, “Great…don’t forget, my brother…Love you!” After I hang up, I decide to sit down and write on my Blog on the internet.

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Whenever I am logged on, I open a new blog page, and mess with it for about an ora whenever I realize, I haven’t ate lunch yet. After I eat a cheeseburger, from last night’s supper. I warm up some soggy fries, and eat at the table. I look around. My apartment isn’t luxurious, like Bella Swan’s. I can’t stop thinking about her. Even whenever I’m in my happy place with, Victoria.
Whenever I get dressed for cena with Ali, I grab a bottle of wine from my wine factory. I make wine for a living. Sweet wine is my specialty. I get into my silver Volvo, with my cell phone in hand, and plug it into my car charger. When I get to Ali’s house, “Edward! You’re here, great!!” She has James on her hip, and she hands him to me. “Here, take your nephew?” I nod, and walk with him, on my hip, out to the living room where Jasper, Emmett and Ella-Mae are watching, there eyes glued, to the TV which has the Chicago Bears against New Orleans Saints. Emmett looks up, and shoots a look to Jazz. “PAUSE!!!!” He screeches. He pauses it with a simple hit of a blue button on the remote. “You’re here.” I nod looking at him weirdly. “Yeah. Alice invited me.” He nods, “Well, I know that…but I didn’t think te would actually come.” I roll my eyes. “Put the bears back on. They winning?” Emmett pouts, as I sit down beside him, and put James on my lap. “No…they’re baciare the Saints’ laps.” He puts Ella-Mae beside me, so I scoot over James, so he’s on one knee, and then put Ella on my other knee. She snuggles up to my chest, and in about 10 minuti she’s asleep. When Rose waddles down, Emmett signals for Jasper to pause it again. “Babe, te ok?” She nods, struggling to sit down, her hand on her back. She sighs out of air, as she puts her head on Em’s chest. “I’m tired.” She yawns as Jasper turns the game back on. She’s out as soon as I put Ella-Mae carefully against her bump. I look at Emmett, who’s not paying any attention to his tired wife, o baby daughter; he’s rubbing her stomach, propping a handful of popcorn on it. I put James on Jazz’s lap as he shoves popcorn into his mouth. He pulls his son up against his chest as he chews noisily. I roll my eyes and fake cheer so I don’t sound like a idiot who doesn’t like…err…is it baseball? I walk out to the cucina where Ali is squeezing lemons into a pitcher. She flashes a smile, and suddenly I notice how dressed up she is. She’s wearing a blue strapless dress and her lips painted hot pink, with her eyes complimenting a light sky blue color. “You look amazing, Al.” She smiles, “Thanks, Ed.” She finally throws in a handful of sugar and takes a spoon and mixes. I look into her clear cupboards and see wine glasses....Wine glasses!! I forgot the wine. “Alice, I’ll be right back, I brought some wine…it’s in my car.”

I grab my Volvo keys and head outside. I leave my phone on the counter and walk over to the door. I open it and walk out to the Volvo, where I parked in the back. Her neighbors are out, either barbecuing o swimming. The heat isexcruciating. I wipe sweat off my forehead then, focus. Wine. Get the wine. The wine is important. Whenever I get to my car, I see another car. An unfamiliar car, with the lights slowly fading. I look over to see…her. Bella Swan. “Bella?” I call out; then clamp my hand over my mouth. She looks over. She’s beautiful, wearing a skinny black dress, that presses everything tight to the dress. She looks uncomfortable, but is wearing a little shine on her lips, unlike Alice who has gone all beauty queen. She looks at me with a little sigh; like there’s something I did. I shrug, just thinking it’s nothing, and grab the wine and start going in the house. Whenever I get in the house, Alice is still squeezing lemons, with Bella beside her whispering something in her ear.

Girl talk….

Bella’s P.O.V:
    “Should I tell him?” I whisper in Alice’s ear, unsure. She sighs and whispers back, “Wouldn’t this be better, in a better location…or I don’t know during text.” She sighs and whips out her phone.
Fine…wat do I do?---Bella
IDK, wat do u want 2 do? I would tell him…but he’s my bro.---Alice
tell me wat 2 do Alice! I will do it…plz.---Bella
Tell him…---Alice

    I gulp. I don’t know if I can tell him. Should I just say, “How’s your chicken leg? Mine’s good too…how do te feel about kids?”

Oh. My. Hot Tamales.

Thanks for reading!! I hope te enjoyed!! I sure did…lmbo!!

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