And I Care Why?
By: moolah
Chapter Three
(Edward and Bella’s P.O.V’s)
(Normal Pairings, all HUMAN!!)

Bella’s P.O.V:
    “Bella, could I talk to you?” Alice asks, setting down her glass of limonata on the tavolo beside Rosalie’s. I nod and smile at Rosalie reassuringly. Alice takes me to the bathroom and says, “You need to tell him tonight.” “Why? He hates me.” Alice hits me on the hand. “He doesn’t hate you. Why do te think that?” I shrug. I do not want to have this conversation. “Alice, can we talk about this later?” “No.” She answers. “You either tell him now…or te tell him never. And then your baby doesn’t have a daddy.” I grit my teeth. “Why does it matter?” She looks at me and rolls her eyes. “I’ll tell Rosalie, while te tell him. te ARE telling him.” I screamed. “Bella, shut up!!” I then start to cry. I’m in tears within 60 secondi of screaming. This is too much to handle for me. Especially me. I’m the wimpy girl who goes to work, and worries if she’s a minuto late. I stay after work, not knowing what time it is because, I NEED to get the work down. I couldn’t do that anymore. I was going to be ‘mommy’. I was going to have a baby, with Mr. Perfect. I was going to have to think of the baby più than work. più than myself. Alice leaned down and hugged me to her chest. “Help me….” I whimpered hopelessly. She couldn’t help me, she had a beautiful family. James and Jasper. A perfect business and an amazingly put-together house. My apartment was luxury for me. Alice loved it. Rosalie spent half her time off work for the baby there, because it had her preferito food. Alice stood up and pulled her hand out. “Come on, Bella, te can do this.” She hugged me, as she helped me up. I sniffled as she walked me out. “ALICE!!!” Rosalie screamed from the kitchen. “Yeah?” Ali ran out. I walked back in the bathroom and wiped my nose and eyes. Whenever I was done, I walked out, as collected as I could possibly be.
    “Boys!!” Ali called to her brothers and her husband. Rosalie was stirring the macaroni insalata in the big yellow bowl that sat on the counter. Edward stood up, with Ella in hand. She was laying against his chest, sleeping. He walked swiftly with a wave, his hand on her head, holding it down, gently. Alice looked over at me and grinned. She walked up with a spoon that had a piece of macaroni on it. “Try this…” She whispered in my ear, after it was in my mouth, “He’s great with Mae and James.” I sighed as I took the spoon out. “How’s it taste?” She asked grinning. “Awesome.” I sighed and grabbed the piatto of biscotti, cookie I mixed, and Alice baked. We used her priceless recipe, but there would probably be something wrong with them because I stirred ‘em. “Sit down at the table, Edward, Bella can I have your help with the burgers and the hotdogs?” She asked, taking out her phone, automatically.
Tell him now.---Alice

    I sighed and got off the chair. I put my phone back in my pocket and went into the cucina with Edward. Alice told us what to do. We were supposed to turn the hotdogs on the sticks over the fuoco top, flip the burgers, make the fries, put cheese on half the fries. Salt went on them too. We had to do a lot of stuff, and whenever Alice was safely out of the cucina she sent me a text saying:
Whenever ur done w/ the…umm thing…txt me and I’ll come and help.---Alice
    “So, what’ve te been doing??” Edward asked me as he put a few slices of cheese on the fries, that I had boiled. I poured some salt on them with pepper followed. I didn’t say anything. Was this the time? “Can I talk to you?” I asked him with a lot of seriousness in my voice. “Um, sure. Let me just put this cheese on the fries.” He put cheese on the fries and then grabbed the soap, and washed his hands. “Do te want to go somewhere else to talk?” I nod and take him into the bathroom beside the kitchen. Alice called that bathroom James’ bathroom. It had boy stuff in it, and a training toilet, a real toilet, a bath tub and a doccia separate. This little boy was going to get spoiled. “You sure te want to talk in Captain Stinky’s bathroom?” I roll my eyes and sit on the floor, tiredly. I’m ready to cry. I’m ready to give up. I put my face in my hands and start whimpering. “Are te sure this isn’t a Rosalie, Alice problem?” He asks, sitting beside me, trying to lift my face up. “No.” I shake my head and look up at him, my cheeks with tears rolling down, swiftly. “If I tell you…please…please…don’t hurt me.” He looks at me like I’m crazy. “Ok. I promise.” He says and pinkie swears me. “I’m p-p-pregnant…and it’s…y-y-y-yo-o-o-ours.” He stands up. “W-what?” He backs up, and out the door. “Sorry, I can’t do this.” I look at him. “You promised te wouldn’t hurt me….” I whimper. But he’s gone. I put my face in my hands again, and cry. Loudly I cry. If they hear me, they do. I couldn’t care less.

Edward’s P.O.V:
    When Bella told me I backed away. A scared little child, was what I was. I was a freak. I got an innocent friend of my sister’s pregnant. I screamed inside. I walked out into the cucina and grabbed my iPhone that lay carelessly on the table. I heard her sobs. They were loud. I felt the coldness of tears on my cheeks and then the salty taste of tears on my lips. I ran out the kitchen, into the dining room and then went into my sister’s dining room. I barged through the doors, threw down the piatto of fries and walked out the door, leaving it open. Emmett got up and followed me, but I ran. “Leave me alone!!” I yelled and got in the Volvo. I started it up and went down the house. Whenever I got to my apartment I went inside and cried on my bed. The phone rang a few times, but I didn’t answer. It was probably Jasper, Emmett o Alice telling me how much of a jerk I was. I knew I was a jerk.
    The doorbell rang and I heard Victoria’s voice ring against my head. I sighed and went to the door and snapped, “What do te want?” She looks at me with her eyes full of fury. “What’s wrong with you?” she asked slapping my face. I roll my eyes. “Leave. We’re over.” I don’t know what I was thinking. She was everything. She fit ok with my body and was perfect in bed. I slammed the door in her face and scream into my pillow. I’m in tears again. I cry harder into the pillow.
    Alice barged in my house with the key I gave her whenever she took care of me after my surgery. She never returned it. She slapped me in the face. It didn’t hurt though because of the Victoria slap. “What’s your problem?” she screams in my face. I scream at her, “WHAT? WHAT DO te WANT? LEAVE ME ALONE!!” She slaps me again and digs her nails into a bare patch of skin. “I hate you!” She yells at the superiore, in alto of her lungs. She’s crying now too. “Yeah? Good for you!! I hate te more!” She’s in tears as I say it. “You’re the worst brother ever!!!” She throws a glass at me and it hits me hard. I start bleeding as I curl up on the floor. My actions remind me of Bella on the floor after she told me. I don’t care. My head hurts. She screams at me and cries harder. “Make it better!” She yells sitting successivo to me quietly. “I’m sorry.” She wipes my head where the blood is trickling down. She kisses my cheek like she did whenever she was younger and I was her older brother. “Make it better.” She whimpers and leans her head on my shoulder. “I’ll try, Ali.” I whisper, and baciare her forehead.
    Whenever I wake up, I’m lying on my floor with glass in my forehead. Alice is on the floor with her mora, blackberry torch in hand. She’s asleep, lying in a small puddle of blood. My blood from the forehead. “Alice, what happened?” I asked unsure of what was happening. She woke up, “Where am I?” She asks groggily. I sigh, “At my house.” I answer her. She nods and sniffles. “Wow, change of scenery.” I roll my eyes and walk into my cucina and put a pot of coffee on. When it was done, I flipped eggs. Alice left to go home, where Jasper would be freaking out. After I ate my egg sandwich, I cleaned up my forehead and my floor which had a blood puddle and broken glass. After that, I had nothing to do. I decided to try this again. I got in my car and went over to the 7 Eleven da my house. I bought a box of chocolate. Don’t girls Amore chocolate? After buying the Cioccolato I went and bought myself a red Gatorade. Whenever I was done, I went over to Alice’s house. I knew where Bella lived, but I wanted Alice to go with me. I had texted her after breakfast. She had agreed, and told me she texted Bella saying she was going to bring her some cupcakes over. Bella had apparently agreed. She was going to take me with her, where I was sure there would be a big mushy apology, where we would fall in love, like those Film Emmett and I would watch growing up, that mom had on video just because the women in them were smoking hot. We were kids, don’t judge. I doubt it. My life is way off from those Film where a pregnancy was not a big deal, just a miracle. This was a bump in the road. o a bump on the head. Kept growing…. God what am I thinking???
Bella’s P.O.V:
    Whenever Ali texted me, I hadn’t answered right away. I hadn’t even looked right away. After a while the buzzing just got on my nerves, so I checked it and it said:
B, bringing over cupcakes. U mind, B?? ---Alice
    Comfort cupcakes. Usual. Every time I had a bad data she brought me marble cupcakes with blue icing on it and happy faces on them. I called them comfort cupcakes. Alice called them Beyond Bella’s Beauties. I loved them, but they made me feel fat because I ate about a million of them. Anyways, I needed about a million. I texted her back IDC, which means “I don’t care”. I waited watching reruns of the Biggest Loser, mainly because I felt like the biggest loser on the planet. I must’ve fallen asleep, because when I woke up, the home phone was ringing, my mora, blackberry was buzzing, the laptop on the counter was beeping, the TV was paused where the face of an old, fat contestant was making a weird kind of crossed face. I checked the phone. I had several texts from Jasper, Emmett and Alice.
Coming over soon. cupcakes look very good. Hope u enjoy!! ---Alice 20 minuti ago.
Girlie, Rose wants 2 cum over this weekend and talk 2 u…idk y? can we cum over l8er on?? ---Emmett 17 minuti ago.
Woah. Ali going wacko!! Plz make her feel betta…fell betta!! ---Jasper 14 minuti ago.
I hate u! JK, I’m in the car. B there soon. ---Alice 2 minuti ago.
    Since it took about 20 minuti to get from her house to mine, with good traffic, on a Friday morning, when all the fashion gurus came out of there caves to negozio and hang out with there boyfriends at the mall the traffic would probably be hectic. Roughly 30 minutes, but I didn’t care now. All I wanted to do was lay on the bed, for the successivo 9 months, then give birth on there, right there. I did NOT want to move.

     Whenever I check everything, I have 1 call from Alice saying she’s worried about me because I’m not answering her texts. Mental note: Always answer Alice’s texts. (Or she will freak out & threaten to break down your door, via answering machine) After I plaster that to my brain I cancella the frantic message and answer Alice’s text, call her home phone and when Jasper asks why I’m calling, I say let it go to message. He does the secondo time, so I leave a message, mocking her message, except it’s not funny like it usually is when we do it, but it’s stupid and childish. I don’t know why. It’s not little Edward Cullen particles rubbing off on me. Not morning sickness, and defiantly not hormones, because this morning I woke up sad as the night before, and not 1 ounce of happiness seeped through the sulking. On another note, arachide, arachidi butter, with pickles on it is FANTASTIC. I’m finally tired of sitting around, so I get up of my butt and walk over to the desktop that sits at the little desk. I go onto Facebook and log in.

E-mail address and password are required to login to Facebook
E-mail address:
PASSWORD: **************
I had one private message, which I opened, yawning.

From: Emmett Cullen (
To: Isabella “Bella” cigno ( [/b]
Subject: Hi.
What are u doing 2day? We r having a party. Hope u can make it. No Edward (As far as Rosalie is concerned, he is BANNED from our house) So…come over any time. U can chill with the babies, o u can just hang out with the boys o girls. o u can stay da urself. IDC, please just COME!!
    I read the private message over and over again, but I wasn’t sure how to respond. I closed the message and then decided to close the internet and play a little solitaire. As I closed the internet, that’s when I heard my phone buzz from the living room. I sighed and went over to the divano where the mora, blackberry was lying carelessly upside down. I checked it and saw that it said, ‘One new message’ Whenever I opened it, I heard the doorbell croak. I got up, mora, blackberry in hand and was Leggere the text message.

[i] @ door…answer...ringing in 3…luv u… ---Alice

    I sighed and grabbed the doorknob. Whenever I opened it I wasn’t looking up. “Ali, stop threatening me.” Then I looked up. Alice was there, surely. But then, there he was. He was holding a big red box with a brown polka dotted ribbon. “Surprise.” She whispered.

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