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I took a deep breath. What would happen to her now? What would Aro o Cauis do to her if they found out I’m helping the Cullens? Do they know already? Is that the reason they took Nessie without telling me? Is Nessie’s safety più important than my very own twin’s welfare?

They seemed to be waiting for the rest of my story so I continued.

“Being half-human and half-vampire and having no gifts, Vivienne was useless to them. te know Aro very well. He only has eyes for the gifted. She was treated like a mere servant. My father and Jane ignored her…” I squeezed my eyes tight and balled my hands into fists.

“She was kind, loving and innocent. The screams from the humans being mauled to death was becoming unbearable for her. She couldn’t stand the place anymore. She was also terrified of the people around her. She begged me to run away with her but I knew we would have no peace. We would live our lives like a hunted animal. So, I asked Aro for our freedom.”

“Of course Aro wouldn’t want to lose his most prized possession. What did he ask for in replacement? Renesmee?” Rosalie sneered.

I shook my head. “Renesmee is just the pawn.”

Edward growled.

Emmett looked at him. “What? Did he plan to eliminate us all after he’s done with Nessie?”

“Aro hasn’t forgiven us for what happened last time. They Lost face. Aro thought that killing us is far più merciful. He wanted us bound to him, to serve him, to follow his every command.” Edward detto through gritted teeth.

“So, what’s your role in all these?” Emmett demanded.

“Marry Renesmee.”

Jacob growled viciously. Bella kept him from attacking me.

“Excuse me?” Alice detto indignantly, her eyes wide.

“I have to make Nessie Amore me, ask her to marry me then invite her to unisciti the Volturi.”

“Nessie will never unisciti the Volturi! Never!” Rosalie exclaimed.

“That was only Plan A.”

“What’s Plan B?” Jasper asked.

“It’s in action now.”

“You mean, abduct Nessie?” Bella asked.

Edward nodded. “It seemed that Vincent didn’t know of Plan B either.”

All of them turned to him. “I have a hunch that they already knew te failed.” He told me.

“Failed? I can’t understand, Edward.” Bella asked.

“He has fallen in Amore with our daughter and therefore wouldn’t dare hurt her.”

“Do te actually believe him Edward?” Rosalie asked incredulously.

“He spent months with her in Dartmouth. He didn’t hurt her there.”

“Because he was busy with Plan A.” Rosalie said.

“Would he be standing in front of us if he wanted Nessie hurt?” Carlisle asked.

“Might be a trap o a diversion. The Volturi has plenty of tricks up their sleeves.” Emmett said.

Edward tapped his forehead. “I would know.”

Bella looked me in the eye. “Help us.” She pleaded softly.

I nodded.

“Do te know where she might be?” She asked solemnly.

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